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Publication Order of Forbidden Books

Forbidden is a captivating series written by Melody Anne and “Bound” is the first installment in this collection. One of the main characters is Jewell Weston, who is a desperate 24-year old woman who recently quit her job to care for her ailing mother and young brother. However, the bills kept piling up and to compound her misery, her mother eventually succumbs to the cancer that was afflicting her. Now she’s doesn’t have a roof over her head and she’s also desperate because the medical bills took everything that the family owned. The state also took her brother Justin away and now he’s aged ten, and the only way she can get him back is to find a job and secure a home.

One day, a woman wearing pearls and cashmere approaches her and gives her a card, and on it was written “Relinquish Control”, which was the name of a certain business in town that could change her miserable life. Being down on her luck, Jewell decides to check out the establishment, and she calls the number printed on the business card. Maybe this could be the way out of her desperate situation, and she could finally save her young brother from a bleak future that is life at the foster home where social services placed him. Soon she finds herself working for a high-class escort service, which caters to distinguished customers such as business tycoons and foreign royalty.

Forbidden also stars Blake Knight, who to the outside world is a cold and calculating young man. His brother decides to play a joke on him by making him an exclusive member of Relinquish Control in an effort to make him squirm. However, the plan backfires because unknown to his brother, Blake was just putting on a façade, and his staid demeanor hides a dark yearning that the exclusive club could provide. When Blake and his younger brothers were aged six, eight, and ten, someone tied them up and then forced them to watch as he killed their parents. That image was seared into their young minds, and this is the reason why Blake and his brothers are unwilling to let their guard down and trust anyone.

Blake is a hardened and cold man who is also wealthy and handsome. He likes being in control at all times and likes to dominate in every possible way. He is not a man who likes to get involved in any kind of relationship with women, and he simply uses them for his own selfish pleasures and nothing more. He doesn’t want to become attached to any woman, and his troubled past also haunts him. So when he meets Jewell at Relinquish Control, he offers her a deal in which he would spend an entire week with her, and in return, she would get enough cash to pay her rent for three months and in the process, reunite with her young brother.

The story gets very interesting when Blake discovers just how innocent Jewell is. Her inexperience with men surprises him but then he starts to have strong feelings for her. In one of the most memorable scenes in the story, Blake calls Jewell a dangerous woman who makes him think and do the things that he doesn’t want to. As a reader, you are going to be left in suspense because you don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of the one-week deal between Blake and Jewell. Will Blake be able to let Jewell go? Will Jewell want to stick around with Blake? If you want to find out, you’d better grab a copy of this book.

The second installment in the Forbidden series is called “Broken”, and in this continuation of the story, we finally get to learn what happens next because the first book was a cliffhanger. After reading the first book, many readers were disappointed with Blake and if given the chance, many people would strangle him. However, we find Blake struggling to change and become a better man and he manages to redeem himself by presenting a nicer and calmer side of himself. This book is fast paced and it throws you a curve ball when Justin’s role changes.

When Jewel is auctioned off to Blake for $250,000, he also manages to obtain custody of Justin, albeit temporarily. He then decides to buy a house where their little family could stay, and in order to get the full custody, Blake needs to marry Jewell. They end up getting married and they appear to be a very happy couple. However, this semblance of normal married life takes a brutal hit when Justin finds out that Blake is actually his biological father. Apparently, Justin was conceived using a sperm donor, who happens to be Blake. This means that Jewell has actually married her step father, and this makes her very angry with Blake.

However, when you read between the lines, there’s something intriguing about Blake donating his sperm. For starters, Justin is only ten years, which means that Blake donated his sperm when he was very young. Reading the book, you get the impression that Blake is a young man in his late twenties or early thirties. It means that he donated to a sperm bank when he was in his twenties, or even younger, which only adds to his mystery.

If you’re a fan of hot, steamy love scenes, the book is not going to disappoint you. As the story unfolds, we see Blake losing his hard demeanor and he goes from a complete moron to a prince charming. The relationship between Blake and Jewell is quite intriguing. On one hand we find Blake being mean to Jewell but the moment he touches her, she forgets all about his meanness towards her. Blake doesn’t want Jewel to forget that she is a prostitute, and the fact that he bought her at an auction makes him want to own her. At the end of the day, Forbidden is a great series and you will find yourself engrossed in each book. Thankfully, there are future installments to keep you thoroughly entertained.

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