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Publication Order of Forced to Serve Books

The Demon of Synar (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Demon Master's Wife (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Siren's Call (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Healer's Kiss (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Demon's Change (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tracker's Quest (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Siren's Surrender (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Forced To Serve is the title of a literary series authored by American novelist Donna McDonald. For starters, author Donna McDonald, who is a septuagenarian, was born in 1942 in Vanceburg upon Kentucky, in the US. She formerly served as an information architect at Lexmark International, Inc. McDonald debuted relatively recently–in March 2011. A voracious writer, she has published more than thirty books since then. McDonald held other occupations prior to venturing into book publishing. McDonald, who has been referred to as a literary alchemist by various book reviewers, describes herself as a lucid dreamer and uses creative writing as an avenue for self-satisfaction. She writes full-time. The bibliography of McDonald comprises of especially contemporary and romantic comedy, science fiction romance, paranormal, romantic suspense, humor, space opera, and fantasy.

Forced To Serve Series: Background
Donna McDonald, who is a self-acclaimed trekkie (or a fan of the Star Trek series), acknowledges the fictitious and futuristic universes in Star Trek and Firefly for giving her the inspiration to write Forced To Serve Series. The said series is based on the fact that demons need hosts for them to be sentient. However, the title of the series is inspired by the opinion that all creatures are compelled to serve someone somewhere at one time during the course of their lives. The fictitious characters in Force To Serve Series, especially Malachi, were created in a colorful and misty dream that author Donna McDonald had. The rest of the protagonists and contagonists in the series are rooted in Malachi.

Forced To Serve Series: Basics
As mentioned in the previous section, Malachi is the basis of the rest of the heroes and heroines in Forced To Serve Series penned by Donna McDonald. Even then the featured protagonists in the said series are Captain Liam Synar and Malachi who is the Demon of Synar; similarly, the contagonist is called Ania. There are seven editions in the first book in Forced To Serve Series. The first edition featuring the aforementioned central characters was originally published in February 2012 and is named after Malachi–titled The Demon of Synar. This series is filed away under the science fiction, romance, fantasy, and paranormal genres.

Another early book in Forced To Serve Series authored by Donna McDonald is titled The Demon Master’s Wife. This is the second book in aforementioned series, chronologically. There are four editions of the book. The first edition was initially published in early 2012.

Forced To Serve Series: Central Characters’ Profiles
The following is a quick glimpse into the central characters in Forced To Serve series: Captain Liam Synar, Malachi, and Ania Looren.

Malachi, a dark male spirit, has all the hallmarks of a demon with lots of power. Malachi can neither be praised nor vilified, but according to Donna McDonald, it is an entity that has an opportunity for redemption. This demon is presently serving the Synar family members. Captain Liam Synar, who is tad bit annoying, inherited Malachi from his father; as such, he owns and commands the spirit. Liam has an exiled older brother and escapee, called Connor, who is intent on killing him; the hostility between Liam and Connor is rooted in a family wrangle. Liam’s father appointed Liam as Malachi’s master, bypassing Connor. His chagrined brother thinks that it is his birth right and is angling for reclaiming Malachi at all costs, even if it means killing Liam. Despite being chosen as Malachi’s master, it was against Liam’s will, and, consequently, he is ill-placed to command the spirit. Liam is a captain of his spaceship which is named Liberator.

Ania Loreen, a woman, is a peacekeeper or, better still, a peace ambassador from the land of Pleiades. She does not know that she is the host of the demon called Malachi; she started hosting it after a fateful event. The dainty Loreen is a warrior and healer. These aspects make her Liam’s mate; their bonding was destined to transcend centuries. Her bosom friend doubles up as a spiritual advisor.

In the first book in the Forced To Serve series, The Demon of Synar, the turning point is a surprise attack that left Ania with fatal wounds. To cushion Ania against death, Liam orders Malachi to enter her, albeit without Loreen’s knowledge; and thus Malachi becomes Loreen’s lifeline without which she would die. If she was consulted, Loreen would have preferred to die instead. Malachi has had to kill to save his mate’s life; Liam did not know about the murder but is being prosecuted for it. Connor is tracking spaceship Liberator, intent on reclaiming Malachi. Captain Liam opts to tell Ania Loreen the truth, the backlash notwithstanding.

In the second book, The Demon Master’s Wife, Ania Loreen is attempting to reconcile with the past. She wishes she died instead of hosting Malachi. Her mate Liam is angling for her love but she is at crossroads: wondering whether to accept him back to her life on the wake of what he did to her but reasoning that he did it for own welfare.

Forced to Serve series: Best Books
The first book (The Demon of Synar), second book (The Demon Master’s Wife), and third book (The Siren’s Call) are the best in the Forced to Serve series. The Siren’s Call is Donna McDonald’s third book in the Forced To Serve series. Hereby, Commander Gwen, one of Captain Liam’s high-profile crews in the spaceship, is in a dilemma; Gwen’s mate and parent, alongside Ania Loreen, have been captured by slavers. Gwen is ready to do anything to secure their freedom; when she finally saves her mate, Gwen realizes that the mate’s memory has been affected by drugging and torture.

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