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The “Forces of Nature” series is a set of novels by Sharon Sala, a historical romance author who also writes some of her novels under the pseudonym, Dinah McCall. As a four-year-old, she was already a voracious reader and she has not stopped even as an adult. She was introduced to romance very early in life when she read the romances of the likes of Emily Loring, Grave Livingstone Hill, and Zane Gray. She has made the shortlist for a RITA award four times, won the Colorado Romance Writer’ Award of Excellence five times, and the National Reader’s Choice Award four times. Her books have been featured on prestigious bestseller lists including Waldenbooks mass market, the New York Times extended list, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today among many others. While she has said that she evolved to learn how to read, learning to become an author was something of a revolution.

Sala is one of the most prolific romance authors in a generation as she has dozens of novels to her name and continues to entertain fans with new offerings. The Oklahoma native embarked on her writing career during the 1980s. However, she never had the confidence to submit her work to an agent or publisher until the death of both her sister and father in quick succession. She knew that she had to start writing then and there and taking her destiny into her hands, she started writing a manuscript for her debut piece of fiction “Sara’s Angel” that was published in 1991. She was lucky enough to find a publisher who accepted her work on the first try. Since then she has become a prolific author with more than eighty novels to her name. She typically publishes several novels a year under the name Dinah McCall her pseudonym and her real name. She has stuck to romantic suspense novels throughout though she has often incorporated aspects of the paranormal in some of her works. Sala has been known for her knack of creating believable and intricate characterizations and the ability to set a dynamic pace right from the opening of her novels.

“The Forces of Nature” series by Sharon Sala is a dark romantic suspense novel that tells the story of a man that feels wronged by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He believes they were responsible for the death of his wife and now wants to exact revenge to send the message that they should help people when they can. The man named Hershel becomes the villain of all three stories in the trilogy as he targets the love interests of the federal agents trying to catch him. He had been nicknamed the “Stormchaser Killer,” since he started engaging in the nefarious activities soon after a devastating storm swept through the city. Each novel is thus about Hershel’s plans and attacks on the federal agents’ love interests with the subsequent novel continuing from the resolution of the previous one. He has an unusual obsession with the three FBI agents and he often sees it as an affront that they devote their energies and affection to their women which is why he goes after them. The couples have heartwarming and sweet stories even though the Stormchaser makes for a dark and morbid parallel plot.

“Going Once” the debut novel of the “Forces of Nature” series is a tale of reignited passion that sets off at a time when a city is dealing with the after-effects of a natural disaster. It is at this time that a brutal killer decides to terrorize the residents. At the opening of the novel, Nola Landry is stranded on a spit of land in her hometown in Louisiana that has been devastated by floodwaters. Once the storm subsides, the police come to her rescue and while she is happy to be rescued, she tells a horrific story to the FBI agents that had arrived on the scene. One of the agents is Tate Benton who has been on the trail of the serial killer nicknamed the Stormchaser for months. He never expected that the trail he found would lead him home or towards the woman he had always loved. What he had once called home is now a wasteland that he finds full of memories of past mistakes and disappointments. Tate and Nola had once had a romantic relationship and the new investigation brings them back together as long-buried feelings are reawakened. They are both trying to make something good from the disaster but the killer lurks in the shadows determined to kill Nola and silence her forever.

“Going Twice” the second novel of the “Forces of Nature” series is a novel that continues to follow an obsessive madman who lurks in the shadows even in the aftermath of disaster and death. In the wake of the worst storm in decades, bodies are turning up grimly posed, tortured, and stripped that forces the authorities to start thinking of the unthinkable. He had been terrorizing the town before the tornado struck and now, he is back and is killing even more people as he believes more people should have died in the storm. Wade Luckett, the FBI investigator is in charge of the case. Neither the tragedy nor the time which had torn them apart can blunt the ache Wade feels for the beautiful and brave Jo. While Jo often denies feeling anything for Wade it is clear to all that she is not the same whenever she in his presence. But with the hunt for a killer renewed, romance may have to take a back burner. But the killer is not going to let them catch him that easy, as he is now targeting Jo. While Jo has fantasies of a future with Wade, the killer is determined to ensure that she does not live to see another day.

“Going Gone” the second novel of the series is the story of Laura Doyle. She had barely escaped death after she was in a plane crash in the Rocky Mountains during a fierce tornado. She is now dealing with intense fear for her life though Cameron Winger, the FBI agent who is also her lover tells her that she is safe now that he found her. But her fears are founded as immediately they announce their engagement, a mad man feels affronted and believes it is time to go on a killing spree. The Stormchaser’s plans had been frustrated by Winger and his partners in recent time but he is not one to give up. He is a deranged man who pairs his acts of evil with random acts of God to bring ultimate devastation. The Stormchaser intends to kill Laura and rob Cameron of the woman he loves in a final act of twisted revenge. Law enforcement is struggling to resolve the murders he had committed before the tornado but now he is back with a vengeance. Laura and Cameron do not realize they are in the crosshairs and may be caught unawares in an onslaught that could prove disastrous.

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