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Publication Order of Forensic Geology Books

Toni Dwiggins
Forensic Geology series is a book series authored by American author Toni Dwiggins. Toni, whose birthplace is Burbank, spent her childhood in North Hollywood; she is a resident of Cupertino, California. Toni has been publishing since February 1993, following the release of her debut book Interrupt that draws from her technical writing experience in the Silicon Valley.

Toni’s literary influences are American novelists Nevada Barr and James Lee Burke. She is a one-time textbook writer whose novels are based on outdoor experiences; her genres are mystery, thrillers, and eco-fiction.

Forensic Geology Series
However, Toni is famed for her Forensic Geology series, which is set in California and whose characters are based on real-life people. An amateur geologist, Toni chanced upon a forensic geology-related book that prompted her to combine her writing and rock collecting hobbies.
The first book in the Forensic Geology series is titled Quicksilver, which was initially released on October 2, 2013. The series is named after the scientific examination of mineral traces for evidence, while the book’s title Quicksilver refers to the mercury poisoning that affects one of the characters. Forensic Geology is all about protagonist Cassie Oldfield who teams up with a fellow forensic geologist named Walter Shaws in their quest for tracing their client Robert Shelburne’s lost brother.

Forensic Geology is set in a real gold-rich Californian location called The Gold Country, which is in the mountainous Sierra Nevada. The twenty-something-year-old Cassie and sixty-something-year-old Walter are looking for Henry Shelburne. Brothers Henry and Robert have conflicting desires: like his failed late father, Henry is prospecting for gold while the materialistic Robert is a corporate man.

The investigating duo realize that the remorseless Robert and his father conspired against the shortchanged, desperate Henry—the investigators finally find him battling mercury poisoning—whose almost suicide mission is to seek and reclaim a gold ore sample that his grandfather willed him.

The second book in the Forensic Geology series is titled Badwater. It was first released on June 8, 2011. Badwater is set in the Eastern Californian desert called Death Valley, wherein Toni once got caught up in an inspiring whirlwind while exploring a canyon. Death Valley’s real-life decommissioned nuclear dumpsite inspired Badwaters’ plot as it is the location that the book’s fictionalized nuclear terrorist wants to dispose nuclear materials; thus, an interagency investigation that includes the FBI gives Cassie and his teammate Walter—through their company, Sierra Geoforensics—a mandate to frustrate the dangerous environmental terrorist who is a rogue nuclear energy worker (at the CTC company) named Roy Jardine. Roy’s retaliation, which is codenamed Strike Day, includes destroying the geologists’ dirt maps so that they would perish in the desert. However, Roy’s fatigue, his misjudgments, fantasizing with Cassie, and wary of FBI’s replacements if he killed the forensic geologists, prompts the terrorist to rescue them instead.

The third book in the Forensic Geology series is Volcano Watch. Its earliest edition was originally released on January 13, 2012. Toni’s writing inspiration for Volcano Watch resulted from her ski crash-related reflections while stuck in stony snow. She imagined being engulfed in a volcanic eruption; if the local residents were evacuated following mayoral orders, she would be forgotten and die therein.

Thus, Volcano Watch’s plot: it is about a Californian town, Mammoth Lakes, whose female mayor’s murder is tied to a regional active volcano. Cassie begins the homicide investigation and its relation to both a prophecy about shut in residents and the motives of volcano scientist Adrian Kom.

Forensic Geology series’ fourth book, titled Skeleton Sea, was first released on May 19, 2015. Morro Bay is the Skeleton Sea’s setting; where lead investigator Doug Tolliver teams up with Cassie and her colleague Walter to trace a mysterious man called Robbie Donie, following the discovery of his unmanned fishing boat. The boat’s stony contents help a forensic retracing to the place it had been moored, where they bust a domestic environmental terrorism that a troubled local family helps tackle.

Forensic Geology series’ fifth book, called River Run, was first released on April 10, 2019. In the River Run, Cassie alongside his workmate Walter conduct a forensic investigation into a suspicious rafting accident along the Colorado River. The four-man rafting team perishes apart from their disoriented organizer, geologist Reid Lassen, whom Walter—his one-time friend—thought long dead. The scene of crime, Grand Canyon—and the rafters’ corpses—are strewn with clues that not only mislead and risk the lives of the search-and-rescue teams but also pinpoint to an ecological terrorism.

Awards won by Toni Dwiggins
In January 2013, Toni’s book Badwater won the “Best Indie Whodunit” category of the GeekDad Golden Bots Award. In 2013, Badwater was among the “Best Audiobook” nominees, according to the Saskatchewan Festival of Words.

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