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Publication Order of Forest Kingdom Books

Blue Moon Rising (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood and Honor (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down Among the Dead Men (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once in a Blue Moon (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in Avon, Wiltshire, Simon R. Green is a well-established author, who holds a degree in American Literature and modern English. Green began his writing career in the year 1973, and in the year 1976, published the Manslayer, which was his first story. In the year 1979, Green published his first full-length work, Awake Awake, Ye-Northern Winds in the year 1979. Nine years later, Simon R. Green began to rise in popularity, when he published more than seven bestselling novels. The following year, Simon R Green received a commission to pen down the bestselling novelization of Robin Hood, which sold more than 370,000 copies. Ever since the year 1990, Simon R. Green wrote several short stories and novels, and in turn, placing Simon R. Green among some of the most prolific science fiction writers in the world. Currently, Simon R. Green resides in Bradford on Avon.

The Forest Kingdom Best Books
Blue Moon Rising
Blue Moon Rising is a fast-paced, sidesplitting novel and the first installment in the Blue Moon Rising series. Despite the fact that Blue Moon Rising is so long, the storytelling is quite involving such that the readers will not get bored at any one point. Apart from being a fantasy book, Forest Kingdom, also happens to be a narrative that is centered on the day-to-day hero. Ever since he was young, Rupert has always lived under the shadow of his elder brother, their father’s favorite son. Rupert is also the unwanted child of the Forest King and the royal family. Because their father believed that his elder brother might have to order Rupert’s killing, to avoid a civil war, the king did not encourage them to form a close relationship. Moreover, the cutthroat politics of the court politics encouraged his father to lack trust completely.

The chronicle begins as Rupert embarks on a quest to locate and crush a dragon, under gives the orders of his king. However, to locate the dragon, Rupert must find his way through the Darkwood, a forest that oozes darkness and ancient evil. The expedition eventually sends Rupert down the road to becoming tough and adept, and in the process transforming him into a man that he has always wanted to be. Readers will find themselves falling in love with Rupert, during the early pages of the narrative. When Rupert and Julia meet, none of them realizes how pivotal they are going to be in each other’s life. Just like Rupert, Julia is also a cast-off from her community. As a cast-off, her community selects Julia, as the dragon’s ultimate sacrifice. Nonetheless, once Julia is presented as a gift to the dragon, the dragon does not show any interest in harming Julia. The dragon even suggests that Julia should return with Rupert to the Forest Kingdom.

Instead of being a ruthless creature that many residents of the Forest Kingdom believed, the dragon had a surprising jovial personality. Due to his jovial personality, the dragon ends up befriending Rupert. Due to their new friendship, the dragon ends up accompanying Rupert on his journey back to the Forest Kingdom. Thus, the trio embarks on a journey, which will test their cores in every way. Blue Moon Rising has many bad things happening, and many people are going to pass on. However, Blue Moon Rising is also filled with humor, which in some way will make the readers overlook the seriousness of some of the gruesome killings in the book.

Blood and Honor
Blood and Honor is the second installment in the Forest Kingdom book series. As the second book in the series, author Simon R. Green introduces the readers to another character, Jordan, the greatest actors in the Forest Kingdom. In Blood and Honor, Jordan puts his exceptional skills to the test, when he is asked to act as a stunt double to the local prince who was ailing. Nonetheless, it does not take long before Jordan realizes that both the journey and the destination is more than what he had expected. Is Jordan’s talent going to be enough for his compatriots to find the right heir to the throne? Furthermore, are his compatriots going to be successful in saving his neck? Despite the fact that Blood and Honor are downright different from Blue Moon Rising, Blood and Honor is a complete narrative that is full of interesting characters. The interactions between these characters are equally entertaining as well.

Down among the Dead Men
It is more than ten years ever since ever since the Demon War have passed by. The scars of the Forest people are slowly healing and Darkwood, on the other hand, is silent and still. During this period, very few demons venture the night. However, in a clearing, which is not far from the frontier of the Forest Kingdom, in a locale where the sun has never risen, an antediluvian evil turns in its dreams and patiently waits to wake up from its deep slumber. In Down among the Dead, author Simon R. Green introduces the readers to another character, Duncan McNeil. Duncan and his group of friends serve as the vanguard of the local army. Working with the vanguards, Duncan and his friends are given the dirty jobs that no one else wanted. In the process, the group ultimately finds themselves investigating a border fort, which was apparently abandoned, and in the process left a void in the local power structure.

Upon their arrival, a severe storm starts to kick in, and the group has no option but to take shelter in the fort. As time goes by, Duncan and his friends eventually realize that the elements, which are outside the fort are not as bad as those that are inside the fort. Just like the previous installments, the third book in the Forest Kingdom is an action-packed novel, which serves as an expansion for the Haven Series by Simon R Green. With that said, Down among the Dead Men is a brilliant novel, in which author Simon R Green masterfully blends horror and fantasy into an exceptionally exciting, bone-chilling and exciting novel. Green has also done an exceptional job of delivering yet another chilling installment in the Forest Kingdom book series. All the characters including Duncan are well developed and quite realistic as well.

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