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Publication Order of Forever Evermore Books

Scarlet Dawn is a New York bestselling and an award-winning author. She is best known for the Forever Evermore book series, a new adult fantasy series, the Lion Security series and the Mark, a new adult science fiction series. Currently, Scarlet Dawn resides in the Midwest.

Forever Evermore Series

King Hall is the first book in the Forever Evermore book series. In this installment, we are introduced to the protagonist Lilly. Lily is the elected Queen of the Weres. She is elected after the sudden death of her spouse, Dominic. Since this is the first time she is rulling, she is still learning how to govern together with three other prodigies. Each of the witches elected is going to rule her own people; Jack and Pearl are going to lead the elementals while Ezra is going to lead the vampires. From the very beginning, everything is a little bit predictable, however as the story begins and the action begins to kick in, and everything changes all of a sudden. The entire story has been penned down from Lily’s Point of View.

Lily is a character that you are really going to love. She was not only interesting but also exceedingly strong. The other three characters were also exceedingly interesting and you are definitely going to love the chemistry that is between the four characters. Furthermore, unlike other adult fiction, the four lead characters were not romantically involved. Instead, the author chose to focus on the friendship that was present between these characters. However, there were some romantic relationship between Ezra and Lily, though nothing happened between the two.

The great thing about this novel is that none of these characters were involved in the decision that they become rulers. Nonetheless, they are still going to not only find understanding but they are also going to support each other, in the best way possible. At King Hall, these four prodigies are going to be trained on how to strengthen their abilities. The four eventually end up becoming an exceedingly close and strong unit. The closeness between these four characters eventually raises suspicion in the mystical world, a place where inter-species physical relationship is not only illegal but also outlawed. Each of these prodigies is given a king/queen mentor, who happen to be former prodigies to not only assist them but also guide them.

With that said, you are definitely going to love the Kings. They all worked extremely hard to ensure that they put the prodigies through some exceedingly complicated tasks. From time to time, they enjoyed to see the prodigies struggling with the difficult tasks that they had been given. They were all firm believers of personal experience. The mentors loved to leave the prodigies high and dry and even went on to bet the outcome of an event. Revenge is usually a dish served cold and the four prodigies’ wreaked havoc with great pleasure. The punishment that they were given was not only hilarious but also diabolical.

This is an excellent read that focuses mainly on friendship instead of romance. You will definitely love the four main characters especially with the unbreakable bonds that is characteristic of University students. King Hall is not only filled with intrigue, but also action, humorous dialogue and cool powers. However, there is also heartbreak in the novel. The author changes the tone of the after the conclusion of the second act and instead brings forth a new reality. Apart from growing into rulers, the four prodigies also have to worry about various enemies. Their kind is not only constantly hunted, but also murdered and attacked by human extremists. King Cave is the second installment, but it also picks from where the first book had left off from. Lily and her pack have to ensure that they save as many Mys from human who are constantly hunting them down.

The first installment focused more on the four prodigies and also on how each of the prodigies coped with loss and love, friends and family and any kind of attachments, the second book lays its focus on the blooming of real love and the impending war. A war that is going to be exceedingly brutal between humans and the Mys, together with love that is not bound by magic but rather one that is build by true love. The political implications of the war, the conflict between humans and the Mys is more dominant in the second installment, King Cave that in the first book, King Hall. However, it is not in the fore front of the story. However, it still leaves the reader wondering the main reasons behind the attacks and who exactly was responsible for the attacks.

The building love between Lily and Ezra moves the story forth and also ensures that we get treated to several emotional scenes between these two. The emotion between Lily and Ezra will definitely keep you glued to the book. King Tomb is the third installment in the Forever Evermore book series. King Tomb is a book which offers closure for the all the crazy things which happened in the previous installment. The closure was not only needed but also highly appreciated. In King Tomb, we get to see completely different Ezra and Lily. Loss and War have made these two characters quite emotionless and cold. However, this in turn allows them to be exceedingly emotionless rulers. Lily has finally found solace in war. Her bared fangs and bloodied fists, finally fit the holes that were left in her memory, the empty spaces which leave her soul both empty and aching.

Her only desire is blood while her only salvation is the relationship that she has with her child; a baby of origins that unknown. When Harcourt finally summons Lily together with her protector, Antonio back to the United States, Lily does not sense anything unusual about the sudden change of the location. However, a standard reconnaissance mission suddenly leaves her trapped inside the private quarters of King Zeller and also at his mercy. A surprise attraction eventually turns into the battles of wills and an exceedingly intense power struggle which eventually leaves no clear winner but rather plenty of resentment.

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