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Publication Order of Forever Faithful Books

Waiting for Morning (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
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“Forever Faithful” is a series of by Karen Kingsbury an American New York Times bestselling novelist who writes Christian fiction and has made her name as one of the foremost inspirational storytellers. Kingsbury was born in Fairfax, Virginia and went to California State University from where she graduated with a degree in journalism. After graduating from college she went on to become a sportswriter for the Los Angeles Daily News and the Los Angeles Times. She published her first novel “Miss Murder” in 1991, which she says was inspired by a homicide she investigated while she was working as a journalist in Los Angeles. She currently has more than twenty-five million of her works in print, of which novels account for more than 100 of the titles. More than 12 of her titles have topped bestselling lists such as the USA Today and the New York Times among several other international bestselling lists. Some of her novels such as the “Baxter Family,” “The Bridge” and “A Time to Dance” are currently being developed into TV series and films by Hallmark Films. Outside her writing, she works as professor at Liberty University where she teaches Creative Writing. She also does some public speaking, where she has reached more than 100,000 people. She currently lives with her husband Don in Tennessee.

The Forever Faithful series by Karen Kingsbury are touching and inspirational novels about family and love issues that need resolution. The major theme is that trust in God will provide the best resolution for any issues that we face. The novels use the scriptures to share insights on how faith works to guide people on the right path of greater faith, love and family life. In the first novel of the series “Waiting for the Morning,” Hannah Ryan is living an admirable life with a husband and two charming daughters in a loving Christian home when one day she gets news that shatters her life. She is filled with anger at the drunken driver who had taken everything from her and also rage at God for letting it happen. She shuts out God from her life vowing never to forgive him until two people bring back her back from the brink of losing her faith. In the second novel of the series “A Moment of Weakness,” Tanner Eastman and Jade Conner are two best friends who had been driven apart by scandal only to find each other again and torn apart again. Over the course of a decade they separately become fighters for religious freedom. But then Jade has to fight for custody of her child from her unfaithful husband in a fight that will shake the people’s and nations understanding of freedom and faith. Only one man can help her in her hour of need. “Halfway to Forever” is the story of two of our favorite couples from the first and second novels Jade and Tanner and Matt and Hannah. Jade has brain cancer and Tanner dreads losing her and the pregnancy she carries as Hannah and Matt are distraught at the risk of losing an adopted daughter. It is once again a novel that emphasizes trust in God in the midst of troubles and trials.

“Waiting for the Morning” the first novel of the Forever Faithful series opens to Hannah waiting for her family to come back home from a weekend camping trip. Tom and the girls had gone for the camp that they usually attend before they head back to school. But it is late and they have not arrived and she is worried. In the meantime, Brian Wesley who has been trying to stay sober gets fired and succumbs to the urge for a drink. He heads to the bar and drinks heavily before taking to the road to go back to his wife and son Carla and Brian. He rams into Dr. Tom who has his two daughters Jenny and Alicia in the car. They never saw it coming and Alicia is killed on impact while Tom and Jenny are seriously injured. The police arrive to tell Hannah the bad news and then drive her to the hospital. She thinks it is a nightmare as they are a family that has lived on Godly principles and she is sure God would never let it happen. She shuts out her daughter Jenny and blames God and Brian for taking away her husband and daughter. Things only get worse when she joins Mothers Against Drunk Driving and becomes obsessed with putting Wesley behind bars.

“A Moment of Weakness” the second novel of the series is the story of Tanner and Jade that have been friends since they were children until a scandal forced Jade’s family to move away. But they find each other after ten years and share their dreams and hopes in a romantic liaison. Their futures are changed forever by a decision they take though they do not know it yet. Tanner goes away yet again with no inkling that Jade is carrying his child. Tanner’s mother has never liked their relationship and makes up a story that leaves Jade heartbroken at being deceived by Tanner. She is inconsolable and devastated that she marries a man who lies, cheats and ignores her. But fate brings her and Tanner back together a decade later and he is shocked at the resemblance he bears to Jade’s son. He is angry that she did not tell him about his child since he does not know yet that it was his mother who was responsible. They sort out their issues and soon she is free from her husband only to find that the man intends to sue for custody. Can they win the custody battle and will Tanner be able to forgive her and his mother for what had transpired?

“Halfway to Forever,” the third novel of the Forever Faithful series continues the story of the characters of the first two novels. Jade cannot conceive and when she finally does they find out that she has a brain tumor. She has to have surgery but needs to give up the baby first, which she refuses to do. Tanner is distraught and does not know what to do as everything he does seems to push them further apart. He takes a leave from work and decides to stay at home to support his wife hoping that they can keep the tumor at bay until the child is born. Meanwhile, Matthew, Jenny, and Hanna are going through an adoption process and have identified a 4-year-old child who is in a foster program. But the grandmother of the child comes out of nowhere to assert her rights over the child. Jenny is particularly devastated as she had formed a bond with the child and cannot bear the thought of calling any other sister. But then they get a chance to adopt a baby boy and then a miracle happens when grandmother of the girl decides to give up the child. They can now have the big family that they had always wanted and Jenny can have her sister and brother.

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