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Publication Order of Forever Books

Forever is a series of romance books by USA Today bestselling author of fiction, eBooks and romance Priscilla West. The series follows three different couples with each one of them dealing with a single couple’s romantic life. Jax and Riley, Hunter and Lorrie and Vincent and Kristen are the pairs that are depicted by Priscilla West.

The Forever series can either be read as a whole or as a separate for every couple. ‘Forbidden Surrender,’ was the Forever series debut book was released in 2013 as a Kindle edition with Kristen Daley and Vincent Sorensen as the main characters.

Priscilla West is among the top American Writers and the bestselling author who is well known for writing contemporary, romance, erotica, young adult, new adult, and fiction novels. West has been very popular for her Forever series novels. She also enjoys men wearing suits, drinking coffee, Eskimo kisses, cuddles, large eggs, and big size teddy bears. She likes reading romance stories and gets glued to her reading desk every time she comes across an interesting thing to read. Her contemporary and romance novels have managed to reach out to a large pool of readers worldwide. In the past few years, Priscilla West has managed to get a huge following. Most of the readers appreciated and were pleased with her work adding her to the must-read authors list.

Priscilla West also takes great pride in knowing that most readers have listed him in their must-read authors list. However, Priscilla also managed to get into numerous authors good books and critics. Several authors have praised her works and written excellent reviews concerning her novels and her characters in different literary magazines. Other authors have been motivating her and admiring her books leaving great comments when reviewing them. Most of West books do feature in the top ten lists of several popular magazines like Library Journal, USA Today, and NY Times.

Forbidden Surrender

It is the debut book of ‘Forever series.’ Released back in 2013 as a Kindle edition, the books’ main characters include Kristen Daley and Vincent Sorensen. When the book starts, Kristen Daley has just graduated from Harvard University and gets a job as a wealth manager of a reputable company. Kristen travels to South Africa together with her workmates to pitch Vincent Sorenson firm with the aim of investing his fortune on their wealth management firm.

However, they begin to fall for each other from their first encounter. The story then proceeds with Vincent and Kristen romance. However, Kristen tries brushing off Vincent who tries making her fall for him so that they can take part in a love-lust affair. Kristen denies being attracted to Vincent, instead of seeing him as a future client and fears that any involvement with him on a personal level will jeopardize their interest. The case proceeds down from South Africa to New York as they try not to give in on their forbidden feelings.

However, Vincent learns some of Kristen pasts and begins to wonder if Kristen will be able to stick around or run away like previous lovers he has encountered.

Before Vincent used to be a hustler and it’s all through the hard work that he became a billionaire. Most people consider Vincent to be a bad boy due to his countless number of relationships. He is seen as relentless, sophisticated, thrill seeker, reasonable, charming, driven, noble and complex while Kristen is considered to as indecisive, insecure stubborn, ambitious, smart and endearing lady. Although the book seems to be fast paced, exciting and interesting, it comes to an abrupt end.

Secret Surrender

Secret Surrender is the second book in forever series published in 2013. The book picks up from where the first book in the series Forbidden Surrender left off and proceeded with describing Vincent Sorenson and Kristen Daley ever growing relationship. When the story of the book starts, it is seen that Kristen is after giving herself to l Vincent Sorenson loves although she sees it as a high risk to herself and works.

She, however, appears to be satisfied and confident with the fact that she is prepared and willing to take the risk. Kristen has managed to keep her heart closed for a long time, and no man managed to open it up for a long time. However, when Kristen came across Vincent, her hearts’ walls were broken down, and she started developing a feeling inside her although she would easily give in to his love.

Vincent after that invites Kristen to visit his private island with him after some time into their friendship. The two managed to have an exciting trip on the island. It is here when Kristen manages to know the real Vincent Sorenson which he had been keeping the secret under the nonchalance layers. At first, all the things seem to be going on well that she starts thinking about her relationship with Vincent being taken to an entirely new level of mutual trust and understanding. However, Kristen gets to learn about Vincent secret that Vincent had wished not to let out to any person. It makes Kristen consider Vincent as a dishonest person and starts having second thought concerning their affair with the idea of losing her job when their secret relationship with Vincent reaches her company still ringing in her mind.

Kristen begins thinking if she is taking a higher risk than she had previously thought. She rethinks of her initial take on Vincent as trouble, billionaire and a bad boy who had everything she had dreamt of but a dangerously sexy guy whom she couldn’t avoid since the higher up people at her company was in need of his business, and she was among the team tasked to bring him on board. The ‘Secret Surrender’ is also fast-paced and contains all the excellent romance story elements. It successfully manages to catch romance lovers attention and the book manages to rank well regarding business overall.

If you enjoy romance books with some bits of erotic scenes to spice up the pace, then Forever series by Priscilla West is a recommended read.

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