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Publication Order of Foreverland Books

The Annihilation of Foreverland (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Foreverland is Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ashes of Foreverland (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeds of Foreverland (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Old Bastards (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The way Bertauski portrays his characters in these books series is amazing. The characters bring out your feelings of anger, joy, laughter, and you can also feel the desperation in the air. Some of the characters you will love and some of them you will love. When you want to start reading this book series be sure to buy the three book series for faster reading. As the first book will leave in a desperate suspense that will make you want to start on the second book right away. The characters and story line are woven in an amazing and mysterious way that will leave you guessing and discovering surprises in store for you, while you open the pages. These are a must read book series.

The first book in the series is called

The Annihilation of Foreverland:

in this book; we are introduced to young and amazing characters who find themselves in a strange land with no memories. Some kids wake from a sleep only to find themselves on a strange island where they are told they had an accident. Before these kids think of going home,they end up visiting forever Land in order to heal their minds. We are also introduced to a character called Reed who keeps dreaming about a girl he knew and loved so much but can’t seem to remember her name. The girl tells Reed to resist forever land which is the same alternate reality that is supposed to heal his mind. In the end, this boy has to survive while enduring great suffering but above all believe that he is not insane and trust what his dream is telling him. Every child that wakes up in this strange land is assigned an old strange man. These men are the ones that tell the kids what to do.

Another character we are introduced to the first time is Danny Boy who has newly arrived on the Island. Danny meets the girl Reed has been dreaming about inside Foreverland. This is a land of fantasy no kid can resist and every desire is fulfilled just at a thought. Nobody cares how this works so long as it works for them. Reed’s dream girl is stuck in this Forever land.

The fun of this book is that it keeps one deep down into mystery and while reading you are also trying to guess and solve what happens next. The scenery in the story is strange in a fantasy way, the setup of the story also brings a lot of imagination to the mind and to top it off the characters are also well motivated to do what they do. The story is full of suspense and the characters don’t know what happened to them or how they came to be on this strange island and there was nothing they could do or change about it so there is that feeling of hopelessness, loss and above all confusion.

The second book is titled

Forever land is dead:

In this book we are introduced to several characters. There are six teenage girls who also wake up in a strange island with no memories just like the first book. One of the girls wakes up a mansion made of bricks. Her hair looks shiny and clean just like her shoes. The five girls wake up in a cabin and to top off their hair has been shaved, they are bald and their names are tagged inside their pants. The cabin wall looks like it was used it to count as there are hundreds of scratches and slashes on the wall.

There is nothing else apart from the cabin. It is all wildernesses. The girl in the brick house meets the other girls in the cabin. The strange thing is that only the girl that woke up in the mansion can enter the mansion if the other girls try to they faint at the door as they are implanted with a device that does not allow them to wander far away from the cabin. These girls keep fighting for food and clothes. In their search of their surroundings,’ they discover a rotting dead body of a woman in the nearby woods of the cabin. As weeks come and go the girls have to learn to trust each other decide to band together to share food and clothes in ratios and survive the cold not knowing and wondering where an how they got here and why they are here.

Then an old strange man appears with a young boy in tow and tells the girls of a far away Forever land where one’s dreams can be made true as anything and everything is possible. What they don’t know is that forever land is dead. And the girls decide to escape and find their way home but in order to do that the first have to discover and know how they got here and where they precisely are. They also have to know and remember who they are.

The character Cyn is a lovable and responsible person. She is the one that wakes up in the mansion and the only one without limitations of moving about. She shares the food and clothes from the mansion with the other girls. The old man is an evil mean person who doesn’t care about anybody but himself. There is also another girl among the five who woke up in the cabin Miranda; she is mean and wasteful as she misuses all the resources they are keeping to survive. All she does is complain if the situation gets worse. The books are amazing and scary at the same time.

The scenes unfold as you read and the characters that are engaging and full of surprises.You will read to the end just to know if these girls and the young boy survive and how they survive. It is an imaginative story with a lot of death and suspense that leaves you opening page after page without even realizing. If you love reading scary sci-fi books with a lot of suspense and mystery then don’t look far.

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