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Publication Order of Forgotten Ages Books

Forgotten Ages by Lindsay Buroker
Author Lindsay Buroker pens the “Forgotten Ages” series of adventure thriller novels that have an element of romance thrown in for good measure. The series began publication in the year 2011, when “Encrypted” was released. A sequel, called “Decrypted” was released in the year 2013. There is also a short story as part of the series. All of the books in the series were self-published.

The series is set in the same universe as Lindsay Buroker’s “The Emperor’s Edge” series, and is set about eighteen years prior. That being said, these books do not really need to be read first. All of the major players in these books are different, however, there is a certain hitman that plays a big role in the second half of the book.

The series stars Tikaya Komitopis, a professor as well as the most talented code breaker (or cryptographer) that her people have, and Admiral Rias Starcrest, who is the greatest military leader of his time. They are on opposing sides from the war who wind up having a romance together, after they are required to work together. The pair appears together in a later “Emperor’s Edge” novel, as well.

She wrote “Encrypted”, thinking at the time it would be easier for her to sell since it was a stand-alone read and she had gained more experience as an author by that time. It started out as a high fantasy in a steam-age world that wound up having an odd science-fiction angle to it, and she was unsure how to “sell” it to agents. It did not fit into any genre category, and she wound up deciding to self-publish it after getting her first Kindle.

“Encrypted” is the first novel in the “Forgotten Ages” series of novels and was released in the year 2011. Tikaya Komitopis, who is a professor and cryptologist, is not a fearless warrior, no great beauty, or even able to walk and chewing chicle at the same time. However, her cryptography abilities earned her notoriety during the war. Enemy Marines arrive at her family’s plantation she is expecting the worst to happen.

They do not want to kill her, however. They require her to decode some mysterious runes, and they ask for help the same way any conquering empire would: they abduct her, threaten her entire family, and dump her in the brig of their quickest steamship.

The only ally she has is a fellow prisoner that charms her with a passion for academics that is as great as hers is. Together, they have to decipher some lethal poison rockets, mind-altering alchemical artifacts, and evil technological constructs. And they have to do so while they dodge assassination attempts from the rival power that is determined to see that the expedition fails.

If the situation were not treacherous before, this new “ally” of Tikaya’s might be the last person she should be trusting at the moment. Those runes hide more than mysteries, though, and he is the only one able to help her to unravel them before their secrets succeed in destroying the world.

Fans enjoyed the non stop action and the way Tikaya and Rias have mathematical/archaeological/engineering romantic banter in this. It was very enjoyable, and these two main characters are both equally fantastic and wonderful. This is one of those books that readers did not even know they wanted, as it stars a heroine with pretty impressive linguistic skills and tons more strength than she gives herself any credit for.

“Enigma” is the second novel in the “Forgotten Ages” series of novels and was released in the year 2012. After surviving lethal puzzles, torture-happy imperial marines, and old booby traps, Tikaya cannot wait to get back home, even if she has to explain to her family how she fell in love with Fleet Admiral Rias Starcrest, who is the most notorious commander of the empire and the guy who is responsrealized brible for decimating her people during wartime.

Rias and Tikaya believe that they are going to have many calm weeks at sea to think over the issue of terrified parents and irate citizens, but the ship they get on board is currently on the run. The captain has just acquired a mysterious stolen artifact, which the actual owners of would like back. He learns about Tikaya’s background, he pushes her to decode the artifact’s secrets and implies her life, as well as everybody else’s, may be forfeit should she fail.

Fans found this to be short and sweet with a couple of brilliant heroes, rather witty banter, and believable action in it. Lindsay Buroker delivers a well written story with a great plot. Admiral Starcrest is a humorous and a likable character, and with Tikaya, they are always getting in hot water with rather clever solutions. This book is for those that enjoyed Encrypted, and cannot wait to read “Decrypted”, this will serve as a nice story to tide you over.

“Decrypted” is the third novel in the “Forgotten Ages” series of novels and was released in the year 2013. Tikaya realized that bringing Rias back home to meet her family would not be an easy thing to do, not when he was the leader of the fleet that decimated her nation during the war.

She is not surprised when there are people who think she has been brainwashed, that Rias still is loyal to the empire, and he has some nefarious plans for her homeland. Tikaya is, though, surprised when Rias’ designs for a submarine take them to an ancient secret that is shrouded in lies, mystery, and time.

Should these secrets be revealed, they might mean devastation for Tikaya’s whole entire nation. It might also mean picking between her people, and the guy she loves.

Readers really enjoyed seeing how tender he is with Tikaya. She is fantastic too, and obviously very in love with Rias. The story is wonderful too, and readers devoured every single part of it right up. Buroker tells an incredible story here, one that flows logically and consistently and is a lot of fun and unpredictable. Clearly she knows how to write an entertaining thrill ride, with all kinds of action hiding behind every single corner. Readers even enjoyed learning about the history of each of the major nations within this world.

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