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Publication Order of Forgotten Files Books

The Forgotten Files series is a popular book series of thriller, romantic suspense, mystery, crime fiction, and suspense novels. It is written by a noteworthy Amerian writer named Mary Burton. The series is comprised of 3 books in total, which were released between the years 2016 and 2017. Author Burton has done the setting of the plots of this series in Virginia. Each of the books feature a different set of main characters, who are shown as landing themselves in dangerous situations and then overcoming them with each other’s support. Along with the elements of mystery and suspense, Mary Burton has also added a touch of romance in the stories. The interesting mixture of all these elements takes the series forward and keeps the readers intrigued till the very end. The novels are shown dealing with murders, serial killers, mysterious killings, FBI detectives, and final chasing and hunting down of the culprits at the hands of the investigating authorities. The books managed to grab the attention of a large number of readers across all the continents. This helped the books to become widely successful and popular.

Mary Burton is a renowned American novelist. She likes to write stories based on various subjects like forensic procedures, law enforcement, investigation procedures, etc. Author Burton enjoys taking morning walks, reading books, baking, cooking, and many other activities. Over the last few years she has successfully established herself as one of the prominent writers of romance and suspense books. Her books have featured in the bestselling lists of the USA Today. The Library Journal has compared Burton’s books to the ones written by Lisa Gardner and Lisa Jackson. Several other literary journals have liked her books to James Patterson’s popular novels. Author Burton routinely features in the list by Amazon of top 20 romantic suspense writers.

Mary Burton says that the most favorite part of her day is the research work that she indulges herself into. She never gets tired of learning about the processes of evidence collection, evidence analysis, forensics, and police work. Burton is known for taking up hands-on approaches in her work. Very often, she takes up interviews of professionals, attends forensic seminars, and takes lessons at shooting ranges. Author Burton is the native of Richmond. She has spent all her life in her hometown. Mary Burton graduated from the Hollins University in Virginia. She used to work in the marketing field before giving up everything else and focusing on writing full time.

In 2000, she wrote and published her first novel. Today, she has 34 successfully published novels, 5 novellas, and 4 contemporary works on women’s fiction to her name. She has penned the women’s fiction stories under the pseudonym of Mary Ellen Taylor. The wide popularity of Mary Burton allowed her to become the member of the ITW, the RWA, the MWA, the Sisters in Crime, and Novelists, Inc. A typical style of author Burton’s writing is developing multiple stories of suspense and connecting them with the characters. Whenever author Burton is not busy with her writing or research work or interacting with readers at the bookstores, conferences, and book festival, she likes to stay in the calm and peace of her home. Burton spends all her free time in the company of her loving husband and cute pets, Bella, Tiki, and Buddy.

The debut book of the Forgotten Files series written by author Mary Burton is entitled ‘The Shark’. It was released by the Montlake Romance publishers in the year 2016. The book consists of the central characters in the form of Clay Bowman and Riley Tatum. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a teen prostitute is found brutally murdered. This grisly scene makes state trooper from Virginia, Riley Tatum, remember her haunting past. As a teenager, she was abducted, drugged, and then left in a state of unconsciousness on the streets. Now, she does not have any memory of that fateful night, but she keeps getting recurring strange dreams about a couple of men playing the game of cards.

Clay Bowman is introduced into the plot as an ex-FBI agent. He is the old flame of Riley Tatum and now works for the Shield Security. Clay Bowman seems plagued by not having been able to solve the case of serial murders by a deadly serial killer known as the Shark. This dangerous killer is notorious for killing teenage girls in a sadistic game of poker. And the only to survive the deadly game is Riley Tatum. Later, it is learned that the Shark has decided to even the score and look to victimize the girl, who had managed to escape from his clutch. Clay Bowman suspects that Riley Tatum is that girl and is now the next target of the Shark. He informs Riley about his suspicion and teams up with her to beat the Shark in his own deadly amusement game. The Shark knows that it is going to be a difficult job for him to kidnap and state trooper, but he seems determined to do it. Clay and Riley look much more determined to catch and make him pay for all his past crimes.

Another chilling suspense book of this series is called ‘The Dollmaker’. It was also published by Montlake Romance in 2016. The lead characters of this book include Tessa McGowan and Dakota Sharp. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Tessa McGowan is a doctor, who comes across some of the most difficult cases of profession. The brutally mutilated bodies of the victims on her operation table reveal that a psycho killer is roaming freely in the town, and kidnapping young women and making alterations on their faces to make them look like life-size, real dolls. Being a forensic pathologist, Tessa McGowan considers it her duty to help the investigating agent, even of the agent in her own estranged husband, Dakota Sharp.

Around 12 years ago, Dakota Sharp experienced a tragedy that changed his world completely. Now, he is haunted by that incident every day. In order to bring himself some relief, Dakota has decided to hunt down the killers. However, he knows no matter how hard he tries to right the wrongs, he cannot get Tessa McGowan back in his life. With this new case of the Dollmaker, Dakota and Tessa have come together, and Dakota sees it is a second chance at getting his wife to start loving him again. This takes a shocking turn when it is learned that the Dollmaker has decided to take on Tessa McGowan as his next victim. And as Tessa is determined to stop the brutal murderer from taking any other innocent girl’s life, he chooses to forget his history with Dakota Sharp and joins him to stop the catch the Dollmaker.

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