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Publication Order of Forgotten Princesses Books

Wicked in Your Arms (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lessons from a Scandalous Bride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Earl in My Bed (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Lose a Bride in One Night (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Forgotten Princesses series is a popular series of historical fiction, historical romance, and adult novels. It is comprised of 3 novels and 1 novella in total, which were released between the years 2011 and 2013. The series is penned by a renowned English author named Sophie Jordan. Author Sophie has done the setting of all the books in this series in England. Each and every novel of this series features a different set of chief characters, whose romance lives and the ups and downs in achieving their love are depicted in the plots. Every book of this mind blowing series is special in its own sense. The books consist of excellent set ups, intriguing writing styles, interesting characters, and extraordinary locations. All these factors led the books and eventually the series to become quite successful. One of the books, even succeeded in making it to the bestselling list of the USA Today. The wide range of successes also assisted author Sophie in establishing herself as a reputable author. Sophie Jordan started writing this series in the year 2011, and also published its debut novel in the same year. As of now, the series is considered to be still going on as Sophie is working to develop a new book as a part of this series. She is expected to complete the writing work very soon and make the book available for publishing in the days to come.

Sophie Jordan is listed among the noteworthy authors of her time. She has particular interests in writing historical romance books. She hails from England and developed an interest in romance stories from a very young age. When Sophie reached her adolescent age, she had started daydreaming about the various romantic set ups. In fact, she used to imagine herself at the center of all the romantic stories. As the days went by, Sophie decided to take her interest one step ahead and wrote her first story of historical romance. She was still studying in high school by the time she finished the story. Sophie says that she used to cover major portions of her story in her Spanish classes as she would not pay attention to the subject matter being taught in the class and rather remain dedicated towards finishing her romance stories. As Sophie Jordan had developed the passion for writing from such an early age, it was obvious for her to go for a degree in History and English literature. After obtaining her degree, Sophie had a short stint in a law school. But, very soon she understood that studying case law was not her cup tea. And that it was not as exciting and interesting as the English literature. So, Sophie thought that it would be better for her to take the course of teaching English. Subsequently, she began teaching the students of high school and continued with this profession for several years. At around the same time, Sophie also got married to the love of her life. And when her first child was born, she gave up teaching. While sitting alone caring for her infant child, the idea of giving another chance to her long held passion for writing struck Sophie’s mind. She thought of utilizing the ample amount of spare time in writing romance stories. And what happened eventually became history. Sophie Jordan went on to complete her debut book within the time period of 3 years. This book, Once Upon a Wedding Night, became successful worldwide and achieved the nomination for the Best Debut Historical Award by the RT Reviewer’s Choice in 2006. With her second novel, Sophie was able to get enlisted among the USA Today bestselling writers. Apart from using her original name for writing, Sophie also makes use of the pen name Sharie Kohler for writing some of her books.

The debut book of the Forgotten Princesses series written by Sophie Jordan is entitled ‘Wicked In Your Arms’. This book was released by the Avon Publishing in 2011. The primary characters mentioned in this book include Grier Hadley and Sevastian Maksimi. At the start of the book’s story, Prince Sevastian Maksimi is introduced as the most eligible bachelor in all of Europe. He is notorious for his actions and his affairs. Sevastian decides to marry and settle down, and so, the search starts for a perfect bride for him. Grier Hadley is shown as a fierce lady. She is illegitimately born to an unsavory character in London and wishes to live her life independently. When Grier learns about her illegitimate father, she becomes enormously wealthy overnight. For Sevastian Maksimi, it is very important to find a well bred young woman and marry her. Sevastian wants that the lady should also possess an enormous fortune. Whenever he finds such a lady, Sevastian intends to wed her immediately and produce an heir. However, Grier Hadley does not wish to become the princess of an unattainable prince, who keeps giving smoldering glances, wicked suggestions, and curls her toes repeatedly. When Sevastian meets Grier, he doesn’t think that she possesses the qualities of becoming his princess. But, it seems that fate had made some other plans for the two. Sevastian end up kissing Grier due to some unavoidable situation and it makes him realize that it is impossible for him to think of any other lady as his life partner. And so, he begins to change Grier’s mind and marry her at the first chance he gets.

Another very exciting book of the historical romance series is called ‘Lessons From A Scandalous Bride’. It was also published by Avon in 2012. The lead characters depicted by author Sophie include Cleopatra Hadley and Logan McKinney. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Cleopatra Hadley’s life changes instantly after she discovers that one of the wealthiest men in England is her biological father. And her real father calls her to take all that is rightfully her’s, Cleopatra becomes goes from being poor to being enormously rich. But, her father puts the mandatory condition before her that she will have to marry a high Society lord in order to gain control of his wealth. Cleopatra thinks of it as a huge price to ask from her as her mother has taught her that marriage is a dangerous thing. Scots nobleman Logan McKinney is looking to marry a wealthy lady so that she could bring enormous dowry with her, which will be helpful for him in restoring his estate. With Cleopatra Hadley in his vicinity, Logan finds this task becoming more unpalatable. He finds her tempting him like no one else. But, Cleopatra sees Logan McKinney as an unpredictable, exciting, and fiercely passionate man, like the one she fears very much. In the end, their attract proves too much for them and forces them to have a passionate kiss.

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