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Publication Order of Fortress Security Books

Fortress Security Series

The series Fortress Security’s author is Rebecca Deel: a Tennessee-based karate practitioner, lecturer, and freelancer who has a doctoral degree in economics. Rebecca’s mother inspired her; she schooled, and has lectured business students, at Welch College.

Books in the Fortress Security Series

Rebecca’s other works include Otter Creek series and Maple Valley series. First dated January 16, 2015; Midnight Escape is the first book in the Fortress Security series—named after a security agency where the operatives work. The protagonists: Brenna Mason, a remorseful crime author; and Eli Wolfe, a haunted ex-Navy SEAL—currently a private detective—who is avenging his mentor Jon Smith’s death. Eli and the slain Jon worked at the Nashville-based Fortress Security. Conflict: an infamous organized crime syndicate abducts Brenna’s sister Dana who was his colleague Jon’s girlfriend. Eli, who is Brenna’s boyfriend, assists her trace Dana after her week-long disappearance. Brenna’s ensuing abduction prompts Eli’s timed search-and-rescue exploit.

First dated January 23, 2015; Midnight Reckoning is book two in the Fortress Security series. Protagonist Sophie Valero is a law-abiding herbal clinic owner whom gangs blackmails into tracing—within three days—jewels stolen by her younger sister, an infamous criminal like their shady family. Protagonist Micah Winter is a secret service operative who is recovering from an assassination attempt at the hands of retaliating gangs—he also eliminates them—for his role in protecting Sophie.

Initially released on August 19, 2015; Midnight Rendezvous is third in the Fortress Security series. Protagonists: ex-army operative Lily Stanton who was fostered; and Remy Doucet, an ex-NYPD investigator. Conflict: the disappearance of Remy’s one-time girlfriend Christine whom he broke up with after her infidelity. Lily helps Remy—both act as lovers—to trace Christine whom they realize somehow relates with Lily’s hitherto unknown biological mother who is on her deathbed.

First dated June 14, 2016; the fourth book in her Fortress Security series is Wheels of Justice. Protagonists: Claire Walker, a flood victim whose profession is photography; and Zane Murphy, a wheelchair-bound ex-Navy SEAL veteran, is an anti-cyber terrorism operative at Fortress Security—the agency’s other field operative, ex-military man Adam, is Claire’s brother.

Conflict: Claire’s nightly abduction, where the kidnappers’ motive is blackmailing Adam—captured during on a mission—into revealing confidential information. Claire is Zane’s romantic interest so he heeds her plea and dispatches Delta Forces operatives for the siblings’ search-and-rescue mission.
First dated January 31, 2017; Deadly Game is the serialized Fortress Security’s fifth book. Protagonists: Rowan Scott, a coffeehouse owner; and Brent Maddox, an ex-Navy Seal, who is the Fortress Security agency’s leader. Conflict: Brent’s murderous enemy abducts and wounds—shortly after their date—his romantic interest Rowan’s two family members, a sister and niece Alexa, whom he is rescuing.

The Fortress Security’s sixth book Resurgence is originally dated August 1, 2017. The protagonists are ex-military man Adam Walker who is rescuing her one-time savior and romantic interest Veronica Miles—an undercover anti-narcotics agent whom he also comforts after her work suspension—after her abduction by a vengeful drug trafficker.

Book seven in the Fortress Security series is Obsession whose earliest edition is dated December 10, 2017. Conflict and protagonists: Ex-military man Jake Davenport helps his romantic interest barista Lacey Coleman trace her mother Yvonne who has since disappeared. Jake’s motive is wooing Lacey after her fallout with a violent boyfriend, but the authorities frustrate the duo searching for Yvonne whom Jake has barely seen in six years since she relocated from Winston to Nashville.

Initially dated April 30, 2018; Shadow Guardian is book eight in the Fortress Security series. The protagonists are American diplomat Mercy Powers and ex-soldier Nico Rivera. Nico falls for Mercy—a presidential niece—after saving her from Mexican terrorists called Scorpions and protecting her from domestic bounty hunters associated with leadership wrangles.

First dated October 4, 2018; Shadow Rescue is ninth in the Fortress Security series. Protagonists: fostered ex-military woman Samantha Coleman whose romantic interest is another trustworthy ex-military man named Joe Gray. Joe and Samantha bonded during a suicide mission, prompting Joe’s recompense: a dangerous search-and-rescue quest for Samantha after her kidnapping while pursuing a vengeful killer.

First dated February 20, 2019; the tenth book in Rebecca’s Fortress Security series is Shadow Undercover. Its protagonists are ex-soldier Trace Young who is on a Chilean mission; and Bridget Monihan whose quest for her sibling Ruth Monihan is a bride abduction victim. While making a tactical retreat after an assault on warlord Hugo Torino—he is, coincidentally, Ruth’s kidnapper; Trace chances on, and defends, the gravely wounded Bridget—now his romantic interest and future husband—who is also fleeing from Hugo’s stronghold during their suicide missions requiring teamwork.

Initially released on August 29, 2019; the eleventh book in the Fortress Security series is Shadow Redemption. The traumatized protagonists are: Ruth “Roxanne” Monihan, a rescued famous model (she is Bridget’s sister and about to retire from modeling) whom the now imprisoned warlord Hugo had kidnapped; and ex-soldier Ben Martin whose romantic interest—and self-defense student—Ruth needs his protection after her one-time kidnapper Hugo (from prison) seemingly sends her a threatening picture in an envelope found on her car’s windshield.

First dated February 14, 2020; SEAL’s Promise is twelfth in the Fortress Security series. Protagonists: terrorism survivor Rachelle Carter whose protective colleague-and-rescuer is ex-soldier Cal Taylor. Conflict: Anti-American terrorists entrap—and kill their bodyguard Tim and wound their other bodyguard Eric Hoss—Rachelle while vacationing in Mexico alongside an ambassador’s daughter-and-former schoolmate Amy Morales. Hesitant lover Cal—alongside his Wolf Pack fighting unit—flies in to rescue them.

Initially released on July 27, 2020; SEAL’s Resolve is thirteenth in the Fortress Security series. Protagonists: yet-to-be-married stylist Kristi Stewart; and recovering ex-soldier Rafe Torres. Rafe’s protective instinct kicks in after Fortress Security’s client Kristi’s abduction for ransom, especially to appease the abductee’s killed friend Callie whom he loved. The abductors are demanding $5 million from Kristi’s father Alan Stewart who once tried to force her into a marriage of convenience to Hugh Ward.

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