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Fortune Hunters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Fortune Hunter Books

Trouble in High Heels (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tongue In Chic (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thigh High (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger in a Red Dress (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christina Dodd is an author and the youngest in a family of three girls. Dodd’s father passed away before Christina Dodd was born and thus she did not have the opportunity of interacting with her father. Despite Dodd’s mother served as a homemaker, however, after the death of her husband, she had to look for a job, to take care of her family. Though Dodd’s mother worked extremely hard, she still created time to read stories for her children. Once Dodd completed her high school education, she attended a local college in Boise, Idaho, where she had the opportunity of meeting with her future husband. After graduating from college, Christina Dodd served as a drafter in a firm that specialized in designing sawmills. During Dodd’s lunch breaks, she would read romance novels. While Christina Dodd returned to work, she created her endings to the stories that she read, and eventually came to the realization that her endings were much better than the ones in the novels.

In the year 1980, Dodd’s daughter and first child were born. After some brainstorming, Christina Dodd decided to stay at home and take care of her daughter, while working on a book. In the next ten years that followed, Christina Dodd wrote three books. Five out of the ten years that she stayed at home, Christina Dodd worked at a local independent bookstore. By watching what customers purchased and interacted with them, Christina Dodd was able to learn a lot about the type of narratives that people liked to read about. The first two manuscripts that Christian Dodd penned were rejected. Nonetheless, the third manuscript, Candle in the Window, won the Golden Heart Award, which was created for unpublished authors. Apart from the Golden Heart Award, Candle in the Window won so many other awards. Author Christian Dodd is popularly known as the Fortune Hunters book series. The Fortune Hunter book series is a romantic suspense series of wounded souls, lost brothers and a fortune that is worth fighting for.

Fortune Hunter Best Books
Trouble in High Heels
Trouble in High Heels introduces the readers to an independent and strong heroine, Brandi Michaels, who makes use of her physical and mental strengths to find a way through life. When her cheating fiancée decides to flee to Las Vegas, with another woman, Brandi decides to sell her engagement ring. She also decides to treat herself and eventually ends up in the arms of a good-looking stranger, one Roberto Bartolini. Apart from the mutual attraction between Roberto and Brandi, their relationship is not quite believable. Despite the fact that Brandi is intelligent, rational and organized, she is still looking for a sense of security in her life. Roberto, on the other hand, is debonair and charming but does not provide the sense of security that Brandi is looking for, considering the number of secrets that he is hiding. Though their first sexual encounter was quite reasonable depending on the circumstances, the remainder of the romance plot does not make much sense.

After spending a sensational night with a stranger, Brandi eventually returns home only to find that her apartment was ransacked. Furthermore, it also turns out that Roberto is a suspected thief and Brandi is the lawyer assigned his case. With that said, Trouble in Heels is a fun book. Furthermore, it is also quite entertaining and offers a break from the darker and suspenseful books, which are quite common these days.

Tongue in Chic
Tongue in Chic is the second installment in the Fortune Hunter series. In Tongue in Chic, one Natalia Meadow has been caught red-handed breaking and entering; in what she had initially, thought was her grandfather’s South Carolina estate. The main reason why Natalia broke into the estate was to look for a panting that she believed was rightfully hers. While in the house, Natalia runs into the owner of the house, one Delvin Fitzwilliam who immediately demands to know who Natalia is and what exactly she is doing on his property. Being a fast thinker, Natalia informs Delvin that she suffers from amnesia, and she does not know what exactly she is doing inside the living room. Delvin instantaneously decides to outwit Natalia, by informing her that she is his long-lost wife, and he is more than happy that she is now back into his arms.

Natalia becomes horrified by everything that is happening. She knows that she cannot tell the Delvin the truth because she will be blowing her cover and the man will know that it was all an act. From time to time, Delvin tries to remind Natalia of their first encounter in Majorca. Both Natalia and Delvin continue with their cat and mouse games, with each of them refusing to tell each other of their ulterior motives. Natalia has her reasons for trying to locate the paintings, while Delvin has his reasons for telling everyone that Natalia is his long-lost wife. Nonetheless, despite all the games that were taking place, there was also another person who was determined to locate the painting and was becoming quite aggressive.

It is at this point that Delvin realizes that despite the fact that he was more than determined to discover Natalia’s secrets, he still had to guarantee her safety. Natalia is forced to play the dutiful wife, while continuing to look for the painting at the same time, unaware that what she was looking for was worth killing for. With that said, Delvin is one of the funniest characters that the readers will ever come across. Her effervescence and her charm brings every one of their knees including her stuffy mother in law, her grandfather, and his friends as well. Despite the fact that Meadow may at some point, come out as flighty and flaky due to her temperamental nature, she still does not let anyone including Delvin walk over her. Tongue in Chick is a fan romp through the stuffy and hallowed halls of Southern Carolina. It has some of the funniest and most eclectic group of characters.

Thigh High
Thigh High is the third installment in the Fortune Hunter book series. In Thigh High, author Christina Dodd introduces the readers to Nessa, who just like Brandi is a heroine to enjoy. Throughout her life, Nessa has tried to always do the right thing; however, her heart has let her down on several occasions. Ever since her parents passed away, Nessa has lived with her eccentric aunts in one of the renowned Garden District houses in Florida.

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