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Publication Order of Four Bears Construction Books

The Four Bears Construction series is a set of novels by KM Neuhold, a thirty year old author of contemporary romance and romance fiction. The author has an animal science degree from UW Madison since becoming a veterinarian was always a dream of hers. She would later on practice as a veterinarian assistant for seven years. While she initially loved her job, she soon lost interest and decided to try fiction writing and achieve her dream of becoming an author. As a child, she was a very contemplative child that would spend hours constructing stories in her head. She believes her knack for telling stories was developed during this time. After years of nothing muc,h she realized that she had to write something down if she was not to go insane. She first believed she was an author when she started writing stories over hours spent in the study hall while she was in middle school. She got inspiration for her debut manuscript from a Lord of the Rings storyline and as a high school student wrote her first serious manuscript. Even though the book she wrote it in is still gathering dust in one of her drawers, it inspired her to continue writing.

KM Neuhold loves to call herself a romance junkie as she reads and writes a lot in the genre. Even though writing is something that she has done for years, it would not be until 2015 that she started writing seriously. As a person with an obsession for nerd culture, sensual and hot male leads often find their way into her stories. Neuhold has also made a name for herself writing sassy and tough characters that do not crumble in the face of challenges or conflict. Neuhold has asserted that she loves to write about sassy women who do not demure to men even if they love them to bits. She believes that such characters epitomize the modern woman such as herself. According to the author, her husband once told her that only a real man can handle a strong woman. When Neuhold is not writing or reading romance, she can be found spending time with her family and dog. From time to time, he can be found working at the veterinary clinic as her love for animals is yet to be diminished.

“The Four Bears Construction” series of novels tell the stories of Everett, Cole, Stone, and Ollie. They are four best friends who decide to go into the construction business together and end up very successful in the endeavor. The first story is about Cole who is not looking for a serious relationship and decides to meet Ren. Ren is also a man out of a bad relationship and wants a no strings attached rebound fling for which Cole seems perfect for. But then they start getting feelings for each other even though they had agreed that what they had was just casual. “Nailed” the second novel of the series is the story of Stone who moves into a neighborhood and immediately clashes with his neighbor Dare. He drives Dare crazy walking around half naked with his rippling muscles on full display. Dare gives as good as it gets with noisy mowing of the lawn and destruction of Stone’s property. But then they inexplicably hookup and it is fireworks. “Hardwood” is the story of Everett, a married gay man who has spent years in the closet. Not even his three best friends know that he is gay but then he starts getting close to one of them after his wife cheated and things start getting very interesting.

“Caulky,” the debut novel of the “Four Bears Construction” series, opens to Ren recovering from a devastating breakup. The man he wanted to marry just left him and having had all of his previous relationships come to nought, he is almost giving up on love. In recent times, all he has been doing is hooking up with random strangers and living the single life. But then he meets Cole, a handsome stranger who is part owner of a construction company. He hires the man to remodel his bathroom only for their chemistry to result in a casual hookup. Cole is a forty two year old man that has been living a sex filled single life but who had sworn off relationships. The two are soon hooking up on the regular even though they agree to keep things casual. Unknown to both Ren and Cole, they have profiles on the same gay dating app and had connected online with faceless profiles. They had become online friends over several chats without knowing who the other was. But now that they intend to meet, things promise to get a lot more interesting.

“Nailed” the second novel of the series is the story of Stone who has just moved to a new neighborhood. Ever since he moved, he had epitomized the neighbor from Hell trope to Dare the guy next door. This is not how he usually is, as he has been known to be an easy going and really nice guy. Dare has always been a grumpy guy and there is no way he is going to let the homophobic jerk that moved into the neighborhood walk all over him. But Stone is quite a handful and to make matters worse, Rudy who is Dare’s dog seems to have developed a liking for him. He wants to confront the man which would be the most sensible thing to do but he does not. But then their anger results in some hate sex and it is clear that things are about to become very interesting. Watching the two navigate their newfound relationship/friendship is fascinating, even if there was some angst.

KM Neuhold’s “Hardwood” is a steamy novel with tons of delicious angst and tension. It is the story of Everett who has spent years pretending to be straight when all along he has been gay. It took the man more than thirty five years to acknowledge his gayness to himself and another seven before he proclaimed it to the people around him. But it would take about thirty seconds for him to fall hard for his daughter’s music teacher. He blames the cute bowties the man is always wearing as the reason for the massive crush. After everything he has done to become what he is, he lacks the nerve to come out to his best friends and his wife. He does not think he is ready to shake up his simple and comfortable life to pursue a relationship with Watson. But he also knows that this could be his last chance for a happily ever after.

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