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Publication Order of Four Lindas Books

As Young As We Feel (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hometown Ties (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
All for One (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Here's to Friends! (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Four Lindas series is a popular series of chick lit, Christian fiction, women’s fiction, and contemporary books. It is comprised of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2011. The series is penned by an award winning American novelist named Melody Carlson. Author Carlson has shown the lead characters in all the 4 books as Janie, Abby, Marley, and Caroline. She has set the plots of each book in a coastal town called Clifden, located in Oregon. Each and every book of this exciting series describes the life events of the four women. They share among themselves a sisterhood, which they have named as Four Lindas. The women are childhood friends and as the series begins, they are all in their fifties. Each of them has seen the ups and downs in their personal life and is now looking to explore the options left with them. They wish to give themselves a second chance at living their life on their own terms. After reaching the stage of middle age, the women think that there is not much left for them to do before they do. But, they are proved wrong when life provides them with huge surprises and helps them have a complete changeover. Melody Carlson has described Abby, Caroline, Janie, and Marley as returning to their hometown of Clifden at the ages of fifty something. Janie is a professional lawyer, and lives a widowed life after the tragic death of her husband. She wishes to leave her past life behind and move ahead. Marley is described as an emerging artist. She struggles with something called as painter’s block as she is unable to find work anymore. Abby is an empty nester. She thinks that she is not being taken seriously by anyone around her and this bothers her very much. Caroline is the most beautiful among all the ladies. She struggles to look after her ill mother, who suffers from the Alzheimer’s disease. Because of her patient mother, Caroline is forced to remain at home during most times of the day. The women hope that they can give new beginnings to their lives and each others’ side of the story to one another less sad about whatever they have endured in the past. However, their hopes do not turn out as per expectation as they continually get indulged in new misunderstandings. In addition to that, the women carry their old resentments with them. All these factors begin to put a strain on their old friendship. They wonder how they can overcome the misunderstandings and become stressful in life.

Meldoy Carlson is a renowned author of Christian fiction and chick lit novels. She has penned more than 200 books in her writing career altogether. Carlson’s works are very popular among her fans. She has even won several prestigious awards for her excellent written works. Many of her books are in the form of Christmas novellas. The Christmas Bus is one such book that is very close to her heart and is considered one of her best works. This book also helped author Carlson to achieve the status of a bestselling author. Author Carlson is also known to have written a number of teen books. Several popular ones among them include the Teenage Girl Diary book series, the Carter House Girls novel series, and the TrueColors book series. In addition to the numerous prestigious awards, Melody Carlson has received nominations for the Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market by the Romantic Times. Her book, Finding Alice, is now under production for being adapted into a Lifetime TV film. Carlson is happily married and resides along with her loving husband in Oregon. Both of them are a part of the adult committee called Young Life, which is based in the central Oregon. Author Carlson loves being a writer and looks to spend most of her time in writing interesting stories for her fans. In the future, she is looking to come up with a few more exciting women’s fiction book series.

The debut book of the Four Lindas series written by author Melody Carlson is entitled ‘As Young As We Feel’. It was released in the year 2010 by the David Cook publication. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that once there were 4 Lindas studying together in the first grade of a school in one of Oregon’s coastal town. As all of them had the last name as Linda, they decided that they will use their middle names for reference. Also, the girls formed a club and became friends. They also took the decision of staying as friends forever. But, this thing happened around 47 years ago and a lot of changes have taken place in all these years. The ladies are brought together after so long because of a batch reunion. They discover that one has become a successful lawyer in New York, another an artist, the third one took to being a starlet, while the fourth friend remained jobless for most of the years of her life. As they meet at the crossroad of their hometown, they realize that harsh truth that event the eventful lives can end up having second acts. Also, friendship’s limitations have no statute.

The next installment of the series is called by the title ‘Hometown Ties’. It was also published by David Cook publishing in 2010. Once again, the same female characters are depicted in the primary roles. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that when Caroline, Marley, Janie, and Abby reach their mid-fifties and meet again after a very long time in their ancient hometown, they understand the harsh reality that it can be a very difficult thing to do. The 4 friends get together after decades of staying away. They wonder how old they have become in trying to achieve the success in life. However, the women hope to forget whatever happened in the past and wish to support each other in reinventing their lives. However, they soon realize new beginnings can be a great challenge and feel stretched beyond their limits of what they were trying to attempt. Also, they feel like their old friendship is getting strained because of old resentments & new misunderstandings. All this makes them wonder if they can move forward as they have planned or fail again at making their life cheerful? This storyline of author Melody was well appreciated by numerous critics and also by her fans. They responded with great reviews and boosted her confidence by praising her determined & dedicated efforts.

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