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Publication Order of Francesca Cahill/Deadly Books

Brenda Joyce is a United States Today and New York bestselling author. She has written more than 49 books. Some of her outstanding works include the Master of Time and the De Warenne Dynasty. Her very first novel managed to scope an award, the Western Romance Award. Additionally, she has also won several highly coveted awards; Historical Romance Award and Lifetime Achievements. Brenda Joyce is a New York native, though she currently lives in Arizona. Apart from writing she also loves riding horses.

The Conqueror

The conqueror is the first book in the Francesca Hill series. It introduces the reader to a young woman, Francesca Hill who is from an exceedingly well connected and well-known New York family. Her family wants to give her out for marriage but Francesca is not yet ready for marriage. Unknown to her Family, Francesca has secretly enrolled to the Bernard College. In addition, she also works tirelessly to reform the ills within the New York society. During one of her mothers, meetings, Francesca meets with Rick Bragg, the newly posted Police commissioner and immediately she becomes attracted to him. Unfortunately, she finds herself behaving awkwardly. Later on in the same night, Francesca discovers a mysterious unsigned missive that she happens to dismiss as a prank. She ignores the letter and tries to figure out why she responded to Briggs the way she did.

On the subsequent morning, the Cahill’s find out that as the party was going on someone had managed to break into their neighbor’s house and kidnap their child. At that moment, Francesca realizes the importance of the missive and runs off to notify Bragg. Upon meeting with Bragg, Bragg warns Francesca from getting involved with the case and instead leave the issue with the police officers. Out of her stubbornness and inquisitive nature, Francesca cannot just leave the matter to the police officers. Searching for the little boy and finding out the truth about the kidnapping is far too important for Francesca. It does not take long before she becomes deeply involved with the case. She discovers that the boy is in the hands of an unstable man who is keen on having revenge instead of asking for a ransom.

The investigations lead Francesca to the dangerous parts of New York. Her quest eventually leads her to uncover some uncomfortable truth about her family, truths that she might have preferred not to know. All in all, Brenda Joyce has managed to create a wonderful protagonist; a protagonist who is not only brave but also passionate and overflowing with energy. Additionally, it is also exceedingly obvious that the character is naïve and young since she goes into danger several times. The plot is also very clever and the sequence of the events is rather flawless.

Deadly Desire

Deadly desire is the fourth book in the Francesca Cahill series. Francesca lives in a mansion together with her brother and family. In this book we are introduced to one Sarah Channing who happens to be a brilliant artist and also Francesca’s sister in law. Sarah discovers that her studio has been destroyed. One of her portraits has been smashed brutally and smeared with red paint. Sarah asks Francesca to assist her in finding the individual who had committed the act. Francesca agrees to assist Sarah and she begins her investigation by interviewing one Calder Hart. Calder Hart is Rick’s half brother and also an extremely rich art specialist and womanizer. Since Calder knows almost the entire artist within the area, he could have very valuable information. But the more time that they spend together, the more they delay the case because Calder is attracted to Francesca.

As Francesca was working on the case, Rick’s family was having a reunion in New York. Francesca is able to meet with the entire family, Rathe Bragg, Patriarch, Lucy Savage and her adolescent stepson and twin children. While Francesca was having lunch with Lucy, she discovers that her friend was being stalked by a very ruthless criminal who had followed her all the way from Texas. When the criminal kidnaps Chrissy, one of Lucy’s twins, Bragg and Francesca decide to come together and find the missing girl. As time goes by things get more complicates as Ann Brigg, who is Brigg’s wife is introduced into the picture. Ann confronts Francesca. Apart from that, Francesca’s brother Evan is having problems with his forthcoming marriage. Her sister Constance’s marriage is also very rocky.

Deadly Affairs

A deadly affair is the third installment in the Francesca Cahill series. The events in this novels, happens a few days after the final events in the Deadly desire. In this book, Francesca’s career as a police detective is finally paying off. Mrs. Lincoln Stuart, hires Francesca to confirm her fears that her husband is having an affair. Despite the fact that she has promised her family that she is going to give up on her detective work, she still takes on the case. This is because, Francesca believes that there could be very little danger in this case. But unfortunately, Francesca stumbles upon the dead body of a woman. According to the marks and cuttings on her body, Francesca concludes that the woman had been ritualistically murdered. The woman, who she found dead, happens to be a friend of the seamstress that she was dealing with, Maggie Kennedy. Maggie Kennedy begs Francesca to look into the case. Francesca decides to take the case.

While working with Bragg on the case, Maggie discovers that the most recent murder, was somehow related to a murder that occurred several months ago. Could there be a serial killer in town? Despite of the impending danger, Francesca is more than determined to find the person who committed the murder and put all the killings to an end. As one of the main character, Francesca is extremely intelligent. But despite the fact that she is intelligent, many at times she tends to behave foolishly. Nonetheless, Francesca has proven to be a very compassionate, brave and gallant heroine. If you are a reader and you are looking for an excellent read then make a point of reading this series.

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