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Francesca May is a bestselling author of fantasy fiction who also writes under the pseudonym Fran Dorricott.

She was brought up in Middle England and for most of her childhood, she would often be found brewing potions in the back garden and reading all manner of fantasy novels.

May published her debut novel “Wild and Wicked Things” in 2022, which would make her name as one of the most promising authors in the genre.

Francesca May has asserted that there was more to her writing than self-discovery as she realized that her time as a bookseller had made her feel things.

Selling books is an occupation but it is also a passion as she got to develop a passion for books and in the process, she changed and grew to reflect the needs and wants of her customers.
By day, she can usually be found working as a bookseller, a job she has held for many years. Francesca usually spends her nights writing novels about witchcraft, gothic mansions, and queer love, while trying not to kill every house plant she comes in contact with.

She currently makes her home in Derby, where she lives with her husband and children and three cats, and three giant dogs.

Francesa always desired to be a bestseller ever since she learned that Waterstones had a local branch in her town. It was a beautiful spot and to May it was perfect and just what a bookshop needs to look like.

It is open and bright, with a mezzanine and spiral staircase, walls lined with book-laden shelves, and all manner of crannies and nooks that one could get lost in.

Even as a thirteen-year-old kid, she found the place very special, and even though Waterstones never posted any vacancies, she applied for a job there anyway. Her new post was a branch with a reputation for not letting go of its staff.

She has now spent more than half a dozen years working for the Bookshop and it has come to feel like home.

May feels lucky to work at Waterstones and her experience working at a bookshop has taught her that bookshops can be a safe space for many people looking for an escape just like her.

For many of her customers, the bookshop can feel a little like home and for the regular reader, there is nothing like the smell of a bookshop and the promise of all manner of stories to titillate the imagination.

Francesca May’s theory is that it is not only about the books and their comforting presence but also about the people who read them and the booksellers who provide them to people that need them.

The autumn that Francesca May began working for Waterstones, she befriended a temp that had also recently been hired. While they came from very different backgrounds they enjoyed working together a lot.

They would soon become fast friends even though they had wildly different hobbies, read different books, and loved different shows and films. However, they shared a passion for books which brought them together.

She believes this was very important as books bridge gaps between people, make one open-minded and empathetic, in addition to making one smarter.
It was around this time that Francesca began thinking about writing the manuscript for her debut work, filled with morality and mortality and themes of found family and belonging.

The queer gothic narrative felt very close to her heart, even though she had only gotten the idea from Twitter.

She had been aimlessly scrolling through Twitter when someone asked what book people wished they had written. With no hesitation, she had answered “The Great Gatsby.”

It was a novel that she first read in her teens and probably the reason why when she went to college she studied American Literature.

However, it would take several weeks after that momentous moment on Twitter before Francesca May committed to writing her novel.

Reminiscing on her college days, she started asking what “The Great Gatsby” would have looked like. She started thinking he must have been Sapphic and most probably queer.

May decided that the work she was going to write would have to contain some elements of magic, having been a huge fan of “Charmed,” the TV show when she was in her teenage years.

As she played with the idea, it turned out to be something unexpected as she threw herself into writing. For Francesca, it was a fun project as she did not want to take it too seriously. She included her favorite tropes and penned pretty sentences just for fun.

However, during the drafting, she lost one of her colleagues who died of cancer. She then decided to use the project as an exploration of the grief she experienced. Writing that novel helped her overcome a difficult time and proved a lifeline.

In Francesca May’s novel “Wild and Wicked Things,” we have a story of Practical Magic meeting “The Great Gatsby” in sapphic gothic fantasy.
It combines the decadence and glamour of the Jazz age with haunting prose to make for an atmospherically dark and immersive tale of blood magic, scandals, romance, and secrets.

Following the end of World War I, Annie a young woman finds herself in a sparkling world of murder, magic, blood debts, and romance. She has recently moved to Crow Island to collect her inheritance and take charge of her deceased father’s estate.

However, while she has heard whispers of magic she did not imagine that she would be living next door to a witch.

She witnessed a confrontation between Bea her best friend and Emmeline Delacroix the infamous woman at an illicit and extravagant party thrown by Emmeline which results in some interesting happenings.

She soon finds herself in a world where magic is more powerful than money where forbidden blood bargain may cost one their life.

It is a brilliant work with exceptional world-building with wickedly dark magical lore, wild beauty, and a gothic-like atmosphere. Readers will enjoy the lush details and the gothic and creepy witchy vibe.

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