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Made You Up (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eliza and Her Monsters (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Now Entering Addamsville (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Katzenjammer (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Greymist Fair (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Francesca Zappia’s love for writing began when she was only eight years old. However, it was until two years later that she developed her draft for her very first story. In all of her books, Zappia deals with some exceedingly heavy topics such as mental illnesses and abuse. Because she served at the inpatient at one of the local hospitals, she gathered some crucial information about people struggling with paranoid schizophrenic. In one of her best performing books, the author’s main character resides in a world that is, exceedingly fascinating since what is unreal for each an every person is a reality for the main character. Many times, when reading the book, you are not going to distinguish what is real and what is made up because the amount of research and effort that went into the book is exceptional.

Made You Up is a novel about a high school girl who has been battling with paranoid schizophrenia. As she tries to get through her high school years, the girl tries as hard as she can to keep the illnesses hidden from each and every person within the school. However as all this is happening, she is also dealing with therapy and medication and also coping with her own survival methods. However, upon joining her school, she discovers that there is something which is going on within the school, and she wonders as to whether she should tell anyone since everyone thinks that the girl is hallucinating. There are several scary and dark parts in this book, since someone who possess this disease can be exceedingly dangerous and dark. Unknown too many people, Francesca began working on this book ever since she was young. However, it took her several years before she found an agent. After finding an agent who was willing to work with her, she sent over a copy and a contract from Harper Collins was sent back to her.

Made You Up

At the age of seven years, Alexandria set free the lobsters, which were being sold at a local supermarket. Alexandria claimed that she was assisted by a boy who possessed blue eyes and also smelled of pond water. After assisting her free the lobsters, the boy had agreed to be her best friend. However, it did not take long before the boy disappeared completely. For more than 10 years, Alexandria had been struggling immensely with differentiating reality from fiction. Alex has always struggled with paranoid schizophrenia, and many of the times, she has had to rely on constant and obsessive perimeter check, medication and her digital camera to survive. Alexandria has joined her new school and on the very first days, she began painting the word communist in exceedingly large letters on the gymnasium floor of her old school.

She is exceedingly hopeful, that she is going to fit perfectly in her brand new school and also in the process be able to find true happiness in her new school. For the entire summer, Alex has been working in a restaurant for the entire summer and also has managed to make friends with one character, Tucker. Tucker has been providing her with information about her new school, East Shoal High School. One day, as Miles came to the restaurant for his usual fries and cheeseburger, Tucker manages to hint imprecisely, that he is not normal and asks Alex to wait up on him. The enigmatic boy does not talk to the girl, however, when he finally manages to look up, his exceedingly dark blue eyes manages to pull back Alex to that day, more than 10 years ago, when it was filled with lots of emotions.

Could it be that the boy, she remembered from her childhood be real, irrespective of the fact that her mother used to tell her that the boy was imaginary? When Alex finally begins her high school education, she finds out that Miles is in-charge of the club, which brings together all the children that have been involved in community service. Alex has been asked to participate, because of the paint job that she did on her former school. Alex is not only scared but also exceedingly fascinated by Miles who is very smart, possess a slight German accent and also does exceedingly strange things for all the other students. Alex, Tucker and the teacher become suspicious of the gymnasium scoreboard, which had been donated in the honor of a young girl, several years ago. However, when the girl returned, the scoreboard fell on the girl and instantly killed her.

The trio suspect that there is a link between Celia, the scoreboard, and the cheerleader, who has been somehow obsessed with the gym teacher. Furthermore, the girl was also in the same class with the girl who had been hit with the scoreboard. There is a very high chance that this novel may have turned into a usual teen romance novel, however, the author did manage to make a little bit more interesting. You are definitely going to love how the author has managed to construct the main character’s personality, especially with her battles as she tries to distinguish illusion from reality. The great thing is that the author has worked for the inpatient for approximately 25 years, thus she has managed to nail this aspect perfectly. Furthermore, there are several gut wrenching instances in the third book, which have been directed to the illnesses of the main character.

Another character who has also been well crafted is Miles and also has some fascinating personal issues. He is not only brilliant but also exceedingly vulnerable. However, he manages to keep the vulnerability aspect away from each and every person, until Alexandria manages to enter inside his shell. Made You Up is not only a mystery but also a love story and an exceedingly interesting books for young boys and girls who are trying to get a view of this world from their defective lenses. While the book contains some fair amount of violence and profanity, each of this aspect shoul not prevent you, the reader from adding this book to your library. This book can be a great addition, to individuals who may be keen on giving out insights into mental issues especially those that affect teenagers.

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