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Publication Order of Francis Tucket Books

Mr. Tucket / Chance for Escape (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Call Me Francis Tucket (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tucket's Ride (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tucket's Home (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tucket's Gold (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Francis Tucket series is a series of young adult and western novels written by the popular American novelist Gary Paulsen. The series is comprised of a total of 5 books published between the years 1969 and 2000. All the novels of the series feature the character of Francis Tucket as the main protagonist. Each of the novels of the series revolves around the life of Francis Tucket, who goes on to meet a mountain man called as Mr. Grimes. He teaches Francis Tucket the art of surviving, living and thriving in the wild world. Author Gary Paulsen began writing the series in the year 1968 and published the first novel of the series under the title Mr. Tucket. He completed the series after writing and publishing five novels in total till the year 2000. The novels of the Francis Tucket series have also been collected into the collection of Tucket’s Travels : Francis Tucket’s Adventures in the West between the years 1847 and 1849. In the initial novel of the series, Francis Tucket is introduced as a 14 year old boy who heads to the west on this trail to Oregon.

During his journey, he receives a rifle on his birth anniversary, which makes him thrilled as it makes him feel like an adult. Later, when he indulges in some practice shooting with his rifle all alone, he gets captured by the Pawnees. In the next novel of the series, Francis Tucket is described as lonely. He thinks that he has grown old enough to deal with any situation that comes in his way. But, he does not realize the fact that he is just a teenager and has a lot to learn in his life. When he gets involved in one such incapable situation, the mountain man named Mr. Grimes comes to his rescue, who not only saves him, but also makes him learn the tricks and skills necessary for surviving and thriving in the wilderness. Francis Tucket goes on to improve his skills under the guidance of Mr. Grimes. After a little while, he used the skills that he had learned from the mountain man to rescue a little girl and her small brother. But, this act seems to make him believe that he might have bitten off a lot more than he could chew. Now, in order to prevent himself from getting involved in another difficulty, he is required to act accordingly and as soon as possible. The Francis Tucket series is also famous by the name ‘The Tucket Adventures’.

The first novel of the Francis Tucket series written by author Gary Paulsen was published under the title ‘Mr. Tucket’. This novel was published in the year 1969 by the Funk & Wagnalls publishing house. The plot of the novel deals with the main character Francis Tucket, who introduced for the first time as a 14 year old boy. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Francis gets strayed from the wagon of his family during the Oregon Trail and eventually he gets captured by the Pawnees. The time frame when Francis Tucket was travelling west on his Oregon Trail is set during the year 1848. The Pawnees find him doing shooting practice alone on his own with the new rifle that he had received as a gift on his birthday. The presence of the rifle had made him think that he had grown into an adult and could face any situation on his own. This belief caused him to be captured by the Pawness. In order to get rescued from the capture of the Pawnees, Francis Tucket is required to face some wild horses and wild tribes, as well as a mysterious handicapped mountain man, who would help him to come of age and educate him to survive the wilderness. The mysterious mountain man is known by the name Mr. Grimes, who saves Francis Tucket and guides him throughout the rest of his journey. During the course of his journey, Mr. Grimes teaches him the important lessons that will help him for thriving in the gritty frontier.

The second novel of the Francis Tucket series written by author Gary Paulsen was published in the year 1995 by the Random House publishing house. It was titled ‘Call Me Francis Tucket’ and continued to feature the main protagonist in the form of the 14 year old boy named Francis Tucket, set in the mid nineteenth century. In the opening sequence of the plot of this novel, Francis is depicted as having grown 15 years old and seems to be determined to return back to his civilization. A year before, he was captured by the Pawnees while travelling to the west Oregon by the wagon train along with his family. He was saved by a savvy mountain man named Mr. Grimes, who has now prepared him well to face all types of situations as a grown up man. Hence, he is now desperate to return to his civilization. Even though he is still alone, Francis seems to be more confident than before and very well knows that he can handle any situation on his own. After escaping from the clutches of a Pawnee hunting party during his journey with his family through the wagon train almost one year ago, Francis has acquired more knowledge about the happenings in the wilderness and skills required to face them like a man. He gets guided by Mr. Grimes in doing so. Now that Francis Tucket has parted his ways with him in order to get back to his civilization, he heads to the west riding on his Indian pony and by crossing the never-ending prairie. He seems desperate to meet with his family. After having spent almost a year under the guidance of Mr. Grimes, Francis Tucket has learnt to live according to the harsh codes of the gritty frontier. He is now able to survive from his own mistakes, cause the stampedes, and very well cope with the desperadoes. However, after saving a young girl and her little brother, Francis Tucket seems to have landed in a far more dangerous circle than he had ever imagined.

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