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Publication Order of Frank Behr Books

City of the Sun (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where the Dead Lay (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thirteen Million Dollar Pop / The Contract (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Signature Kill (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Frank Behr is the main character in a series of suspense/detective fiction novels authored by bestselling American author David Levien. Behr is an aging retired police officer weighing 240lbs and standing at 6’5”. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana and working as a Private Investigator, he is still haunted by his loss as he helps his clients find the culprits of theirs.
The author began the publication of Frank Behr in 2008 when City of the Sun, the first novel in the series was published.

City of the Sun

City of the Sun is the first novel in Frank Behr series by David Levien. The book introduces the readers Frank Behr, a man who his life is a total mess. He used to be a cop, but unfortunately, that did not work well for him. Now he is working as a private investigator, and even though his current job is somehow shaky as well, he is good at it- most importantly because he can give a firm give on to something and choke the lies out of it until the pure truth remains.

Then there is Jamie Gabriel, a 12-year-old boy working as a delivery boy. One early morning, the boy vanishes in the thin air while delivering papers. The boy’s parents report about their missing child to the police, but they soon find that the police offer inadequate assistance in search of Jamie. After a year they discover that the police did nothing in finding their son. Carol and Paul find their healthy lives being torn apart and their marriage facing challenges due to the disappearance of their child. With no other place to turn to, they plan to visit Frank Behr to help them out.

One unfortunate truth about kidnappings is the fact that if you do not find a missing person within the first few days, the chances are that the missing person is either dead or even worse. So when a couple visits Frank to report about their little boy who has been missing for over a year, he has to come out clean about the possibilities of the missing child.

However, the missing boy’s father gives Behr hopeful looks which ignites a small bit that convinces Behr that a miracle could still happen.
At first, Behr is unwilling to help as he thinks that the possibilities of finding the boy alive are very minimal. From his experiences, such cases rarely turn out for the better. However, the boy’s father continual insistence finally makes Frank cooperate and help find the missing boy. Paul, though he is unaware that Behr is as well fighting his demons, in that he has also lost his son.

Paul works hand in hand with Behr, and this search provides an interpersonal relationship between the two. Levien does an excellent job of showcasing how the two unite and form a partnership while trying to find Jamie. Moreover, when all hope is almost lost, and out of funds, the two get a lead that takes them to Mexico where they make a bold move that almost puts them in contact with Jamie.

City of the Sun is a brilliant series debut introducing Private Investigator Behr. It is so compelling such that it can make the readers misty-eyed. It is action packed, gruesome and as grim as grim can be. The main character, Behr is a man who has faced serious challenges in his personal and professional lives. Despite these difficulties, he remains robust enough to face even the most villainous evils. Through the detailed descriptions of scenes and places, it is apparent that the author has extensive knowledge about Indianapolis and its environs.

Where the Dead Lay

David Levien’s Where the Dead Lay is the second book features the retired Indianapolis police Frank Behr, who has great investigative sense and loads of emotional baggage.
In this second book, Behr’s Brazilian martial arts instructor is murdered just moments before his scheduled session. The killings hit Behr hard enough, and he is just more than determined to find the man responsible for the killing.

At the same time, a private investigation company approaches Behr to help them find two of their investigators who have gone missing even though the company is keeping much of their information from Behr.

Behr accepts the job and soon discovers a family of thugs who has sparked a turf war to secure superiority on neighborhood crime- and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The second book is a fantastic read, action-packed and full of twists and turns.

In the midst of all personal and career crisis, Behr’s lover Susan reveals to him that she is expecting their baby and that she does not plan on taking care of the unborn child alone. This revelation heightens Behr’s frustration since he had once lost a child and his wife divorced him after their child dies. Is Behr ready to hand another family situation in the midst of these entire crises?

Thirteen Million Dollar Pop

Thirteen Million Dollar Pop is book number two in Frank Behr series. Frank has found a new job at Caro Group- a company of personal security advisors and private investigators and the story opens up; we find him searching for a home with his fiancée, Susan, who is expecting their first child.

At the same time, Frank is doing a favor for his good friend at work and also providing security for Kolodnik. However, a man tries to kill the man Frank is protecting but his fast reactions count as he manages to save Kolodnik. Subsequently, Frank is treated as a hero, and the next day when a senior senator from Indiana quits the job, Kolodnik is appointed as a replacement. Everyone seems satisfied with this move, but for Frank who has served many years as a private investigator only wants answers, but when he requests to conducts an official investigation, he is objected.

The author explores his Frank objective of investigating and solving the crime. We also get to know of his tender moments as he spends with his girlfriend as the delivery date approaches. The pacing of this story is masterful. At first, things are calm, but when an attempt is made on Kolodnik’s life, things speed up like a hurricane. Each character is uniquely crafted and comes alive in the pages of this incredible story.

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