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Frank Quinn is a fictional character in John Lutz’s book series. The main protagonist, Quinn’s character hinges on ruthlessness, aggression and sheer skill. By profession he was a detective who was tasked to track down homicide suspects and murders just as coldblooded as he is.

Quinn’s professional background is well documented and revered all across town. A former homicide cop, Quinn has a knack of solving the most terrifying problems that plague New York City. However, the end of his career left a lot to be desired, and he is stopping at nothing to gain back his lost reputation and glory.

His adversaries are never to be taken easily. Some of his most bitter rivals include a serial killer, a mass murderer, and a rapist turned madman. Quinn’s exploits take him deep into the busy and dangerous streets of one of America’s busiest cities. At the very onset, his adventures reveal a man who is torn between taming his dark side and unleashing his true self.

With the help of his expert, albeit odd teammates, Frank turns each murder case into a frenzy where twists and turns, betrayal and utter loss, and even the most morbid ways of killing suspects are nothing but the norm.

Quinn is now on the verge of coming out from retirement, which is absolutely understandable given the sheer dedication he showed while still on duty. The more his name gets thrown around among murderers and psychopaths, the more he himself becomes the target of these chilling deaths.

John Lutz certainly outdoes himself as he reveals more and more the unique yet relatable personality of his main character Quinn. In his 11 part story, Quinn takes on elements from realistic criminal scenarios, adding more flashes of life into his persona. The books portray Quinn to be cunning, but his lighter side gives the books the necessary break from all that action.

Notable Frank Quinn Books

Darker Than Night (2004)
John Lutz’s brilliance comes in full bloom right from his first book, Darker Than Night. Taking stage at the busy metropolis of New York, this master class begins with a killer cleverly named “The Night Prowler” threatening to wreak some havoc into the relatively peaceful yet buzzing city.

The killer’s style is unprecedented – he eerily visits homes of his victims late at night when they least expect, leaving “gifts” before he mercilessly takes their lives away.

This is where Quinn’s previous glory as an ex homicide cop comes in. Just recently relieved of his duties in a very unfavorable manner, Quinn eyes redemption and wants nothing else. The looming danger of The Night Prowler, for Quinn, is not only a threat to the city’s safety and security; it is also his ticket to the redemption he has long searched for.

Quinn’s persistent trailing of The Night Prowler leads him to the knowledge of the criminal’s next victims – a loan professional and her wealthy husband. The list of victims continues to grow, with a stock market couple, a well known celebrity and her life partner as part of his to-kill list.

The Night Prowler has mastered timing his kills to the point that he leaves almost no clue of his wrongdoings. His threat grows stronger and stronger as each day – and death – passes.

Quinn realizes that in order to be a step ahead of the murderer, he has to learn the murderer’s past and what has led him to his vile actions. He realizes that he has lost a little bit of touch in the crime fighting craft, but he is hell bent on finishing what he started.

Quinn’s exploits all take place in the beautiful city of New York, although the alluring charm of this city may soon be gone if he does not put an end to the Night Prowler’s wrongdoings.

The Urge to Kill (2009)
John Lutz’s fourth novel revealing the ever evolving character of Frank Quinn takes criminal fiction to another level. Blinded by strong passion and lust, women are one by one falling victim to a crime that is horrifying as it is irresistible.

A psychopath is on the loose, seducing women from all walks of life. The murderer attacks the most vulnerable women with his devilish charm and succeeds in claiming his first set of victims. Passion soon turns into horror and terror as the psychopath, now in total control of his victims, finally engages on what he does best – creating a bloodbath.

Frank Quinn naturally gets word of the horrific crimes being committed by the passionate murder, and he quickly prances on the chance to finally put an end to it. Quinn soon understands that following the tracks of his target simply won’t suffice, since he’ll always be one step behind and one victim too late.

The list of victims keeps growing, and Quinn has decided to take a different approach. Struggling to get over the thought of innocent lives being seduced into their unfortunate death, Quinn pushes on and pushes for the kill. The ex veteran cop has always known that criminals turn their focus on cops when they feel that their tracks are being followed, so he has to do so with a cloak and dagger.

Determined to regain his old, glorious form, Quinn thus takes on the monumental task of learning how to think like his criminal target; guessing his next steps before he actually takes them. Quinn finds out, however, that knowing where the killer strikes next is only half the battle, and that the real danger begins when he comes face to face with the killer himself. He might have anticipated it but these are moments that are never to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Frank Quinn: The Final Word

Frank Quinn’s overall character is one that readers will not fail to love easily. His exploits bring him to death defying situations, filled with antagonists inspired by similar real life elements. Detective stories have always caught the imagination of readers, and Frank Quinn takes advantage of this niche by taking it up a few notches. In fact, John Lutz has a spinoff series named Night, further proof that readers simply can’t get enough of his pulsating storytelling.

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