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Freakn’ Shifters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Freakn' Shifters Books

Delicate Freakn' Flower (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jealous and Freakn' (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Already Freakn' Mated (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Human and Freakn' (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jungle Freakn' Bride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Freakn' Cougar (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Freakn' Out (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Freakn’ Shifters Series

Freakn’ Shifters is a series of paranormal romance novels by Eve Langlais. Each book can be read as a standalone novel and features shapeshifter male characters trying to win the heart of the woman they love. It’s a series full of drama and mischiefs when these sexy heroines meet a set of handsome shapeshifters who’ve seduction in mind.

Eve Langlais began her Freakn’ Shifters series in 2011 when Delicate Freakn’ Flower the first book in the series was published. The series lasted seven novels concluding in 2016 with Freakn’ Out.

Delicate Freakn Flower

Delicate Freakn Flower is the first book in Freakin’ Shifters series. We are introduced to Naomi a wolf shifter whose family is comprised of well-built brothers and a dad who engaged in tough contests since she was a little girl and to be honest nothing survived their regular shenanigans.

Growing up in the midst of all these chaos was something that she really hated and vowed that she would never be involved with a shifter herself when grown up. But little did Naomi know that fate had something else prepared for her and in a funny, ironic twist, she finds herself at a Lacrosse match with her good friend Francine, and to her dismay she also finds two shifter mates playing.

Ethan is a bear shifter, a man who doesn’t talk much but he’s of strong passions. Then there’s Javier a handsome cat shifter with a sexy and smooth line guaranteed to make a woman fall in love. Together Javier and Ethan make a sweet sight, and soon Naomi finds herself thinking about nothing else but the two.
If you want an erotic paranormal romance novel that doesn’t follow the standard plot but instead steps outside the box, you only need to grab a copy of Delicate Freakn Flower. It is imbued with steamy scenes between Naomi and her mates and also takes time to give the reader a depth glimpse into Naomi’s family. There’s irony in how Naomi swore never to live a life of turmoil because she herself was the type of person to “act first and think later.” Overall this is a beautiful romance book, an insightful look at much a family means and how they all unite in a crisis. It’s a story that will keep you turning pages following along to see how Naomi and her determined mates end up.

Eve Langlais does a fantastic job in crafting her main character and her two suitors. Javier and Ethan are two best friends with a friendship dating back in the college days when they started playing Lacrosse. Now they are famous lacrosse players.

Javier is tanned, hot as sin, a man whore. When his sexy looks and cute body are not enough to make ladies panties drop, he just melts them with his sweet words. But meeting Naomi leaves him speechless and to make it worse, the fact that she doesn’t want him messes with head pretty bad. On the other hand, there’s Ethan is a quiet Kodiak bear. He hopes that he’ll fall in love with a woman who loves him back someday. Unfortunately for him, lacrosse he fails to catch knocks a woman unconscious. Fate has some weird sense of humor because that woman happens to be his mate.

Naomi, the heroine of this story has sworn to live a peaceful life after spending her childhood in a house with five troublemaking brothers. Broken furniture and unmatched dishes characterized her childhood. She has vowed to marry a nerdy and boring man. But fate has something different prepared for her, will she handle the surprise?

Jealous and Freakn

Francine has well known that Mitchell was supposed to be a mate since her childhood. However, Mitchell has always avoided and told her that he wasn’t her mate.

Now that Naomi has settled down with her mates, Francine decides to stop playing around and wait for Mitchell. But waiting could take forever especially how Mitchell always avoids her.

One day, heading to Naomi’s baby part, Francine car breaks down. Now with a dead mobile phone, uncomfortable heels, and a huge present, she has no other choice but to walk to Naomi’s house. But a few steps from her car, she gets tired and decides to rest on the side of the road. Luckily bad body Alejandro comes to rescue on a motorcycle and gives her ride to the party. But before Mitchell could flee the scene upon sighting Francine as usual, he spots Francine with the sexy stranger, freaks out and confronts him by punching him in the face. But Francine can’t believe that what she’s witnessed, she and Mitchell have never been in the same room in 5 years, why is he so protective?

Alejandro is Javier’s brother, and he’s no stranger at all. Francine has feelings for both Mitchell and Alejandro. What could that mean? Alejandro wants Francine for himself, but she is genuinely in love. Hoping to make her realize that she is meant to be with him, Alejandro devises a plan.

With two potential suitors, Francine is torn between an old flame she has known all her life and a handsome newcomer. Will the wolf and jaguar make peace and mate with a woman or will Mitchell’s jealousy hurt the three ways relationship. Giving up into his fears, Mitchell decides that he’ll let go of his traditional thoughts on relationships and sex and open himself for some special and more non-conventional.

Eve Langlais has done a fantastic job in crafting the second book in Freakin Shifters series. There’s plenty of unparalleled snarky, humor and mind-blowing erotica. Readers are given more time with Naomi and her two mates and also get to witness another relationship spark between Francine and her two potential mates. The world building is fantastic; the characters both primary and secondary are beautifully crafted to suit their specific roles. And just like the first book in the series Delicate Freakn’ Flower, there are plenty of steamy romance and sex scenes throughout the novel.

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