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Fred Carver series denotes a novel series penned by John Lutz. For beginners, John Lutz is an American penman. Lutz, who is a septuagenarian, was born in September 1939. The scribbler’s place of birth is Dallas upon Texas, in the United States. Lutz grew up and is presently domiciled in St. Louis upon Missouri; at times, Lutz stays in Sarasota upon Florida. For his secondary school, Lutz attended schools located in Dewy and Southwest.

John Lutz’s niche is particularly thriller and mysteries (ranging from espionage to police procedural to futuristic sub-genres) despite the fact that he has also authored short stories. Did you know that Lutz once presided over the Mystery Writers of America? Lutz’s bibliography comprises of three series of books (three 10-book series and a sextet), over ten standalone books, many articles, collections, and hundreds of short stories. Lutz has coauthored literary work with American penman Bill Pronzini and David August too.

John Lutz: Formative Writing Career, Setting, and Inspiration
John Lutz has been authoring books since he debuted in the mid-1960s. Before he made his mark on the literary scene, Lutz wrote stories that graced the pages of various mystery magazines such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Some of Lutz’s literary work is set in his homeland St. Louis and residential area Florida. Lutz has had a stint in the St. Louis Police Department, albeit as a civilian worker, something that provided him with knowledge on how enforcement agencies work which he ultimately used in his work.

There are many literary figures that influenced Lutz including British penman Hector Hugh Munro, Englishman Graham Greene, American novelist-cum-journalist Ernest Hemingway, American psychological thriller writer Patricia Highsmith, American scribbler Cornell Woolrich, and American essayist Flannery O’Connor. However, Lutz particularly singles out the late American scribbler Ray Bradbury for greatly influencing him with his 1952 mystery short story titled A Sound of Thunder; Lutz read the story while aged thirteen and instantly realized that words transcend conveying information.

John Lutz: Section on Books
Fred Carver series is among John Lutz’s most notable literary series. Basically, there are ten major books in the Fred Carver series that were published in a span of ten years starting from 1986 up to 1996. There are around seventeen editions of the first book contained therein. The first edition of the first book was initially published in January 1986, entitled Tropical Heat. This book is classified under the mystery (especially detective sub-genres), fiction, and thriller genres.

Obviously, the novel series is named after the central character. As such, the protagonist is called Fred Carver. Carver, who is a divorcee, is a tough and strong private detective based in Del Moray upon Florida. He is handicapped after injuring his leg in the line of duty. A balding smoker, Carver is cynical and broody. The turning point is the moment when a female client employs Fred Carver trace a man who is reportedly dead. Unbeknownst to Carver, the uncounted for man is not grateful that Carver is searching for him. And thus Carver embarks on a life-threatening mission amid a blossoming romantic affair between him and the client in this award-nominated novel.

Fred Carver Awards
Author John Lutz has bagged many literary prizes over the Years. In 1987, John Lutz was nominated for the Anthony Award, in the Best Novel category, thanks to his 1986 book named Tropical Heat. In 2003, Lutz was among the finalists in the context of the Edgar Award, in the Best Paperback Original category. Lutz was nominated for the award in virtue of his 2002 book entitled The Night Watcher. By the way, this is the second book in the quintet named Night series.

In 1986, John Lutz was nominated for the glamorous Anthony Award, in the Best Short Story section, courtesy of his 1985 short story entitled Ride the Lighting. The story was originally published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. In 1995, Lutz was a recipient of Shamus Lifetime Achievement Award. Also in 1995, the author was nominated for the Shamus Awards, in the Best P.I. Short Story category, thanks to his story named The Romantics; and in 1998 was nominated for the same award and category for his 1997 story Nightcrawlers. In 1982, he clinched the award for a 1982 story. In 1989, his 1988 book named Kiss bagged the Shamus Awards, in Best P.I. Hardcover section.

Fred Carver Books into Movies
There is a 1992 film titled Single White Female which is based on author John Lutz’s 1990 standalone book originally entitled SWF Seeks Same but has since been renamed Single White Female. In the said film, Bridget Fonda starred wherein she appears as Allison “Allie” Jones while co-star Steven Weber plays Sam Rawson’s role. There is a 1997 film named The Ex. The aforementioned film is based on a similarly titled standalone book that John Lutz published in 1996. In the film adaptation, the Yancy Butler starred whereby she acts as Deidre Kenyon while Nick Mancuso who portrays David Kenyon.

Best Fred Carver Books
These are the three best books authored by John Lutz. The first one, which has just been mentioned, is named Tropical Heat. The second one is titled The Night Watcher. This is about a serial killer on the prowl and whose victims are well-off Manhattan-based elite; the victims’ gory murders have shaken New York Police Department to the core. The third is titled Kiss. This is the third installment in the Fred Carver series. Hereby, Carver is sleuthing the death of a bosom friend’s kin while warding off an ill-willed thug and grappling with his past.

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Edna Buchanan’s 10-book series named Britt Montero features protagonist Britt Montero, a Miami-based print journalist whose niche is crime reporting. Lawrence Block’s octalogy entitled Evan Tanner series features protagonist Evan Michael Tanner; Tanner is an insomniac Korean War veteran and an operative of a discreet state agency wherein he is assigned demanding tasks.

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