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Publication Order of Odd Thomas Graphic Novels Series (with Dean Koontz) Books

Odd Is on Our Side (2010) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Ten Dead Comedians (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Con Artist (2018) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Fred Van Lente is an American author from Ohio that writes comic books. Lente is best known for works like ‘Action Philosophers’ and ‘Incredible Hercules’, not to mention the contributions he has made to some notable Marvel Comics titles.

Fred Van Lente was born in Tacoma, Ohio in 1972. The co-founder of Evil Twin Comics alongside Ryan Dunlavey, Lente’s love for comics was ignited at a young age.

The author remembers stumbling upon ‘The Great Comic Book Heroes’, a volume written by Jules Feiffer which his father owned. Contained within its pages was an exploration of the greatest superheroes to ever come out of the Golden Age.

And even though the stories hailed from the 1930s and 40s, they made an impression on Lente, opening his eyes to the wonder of superheroes. Lente knows that he drove his mother mad because he compelled her to read and re-read the book to him so frequently that she eventually threw her hands up in protest.

She eventually changed her tune when Lente entered high school and his teachers remarked that he had such an impressive grasp on the English Language, not to mention reading and writing.

She suddenly had a whole new appreciation for comics which, in turn, encouraged her to support the author’s comic book reading habit. Indeed, it was quite the awe-inspiring surprise for the both of them when Fred Van Lente landed writing gigs with the likes of DC and Marvel.

Of course, Lente’s reading existence wasn’t wholly consumed by comics. The author also took an interest in the likes of Philip Marlowe and Raymond Chandler. And his work manifests those influences starkly.

Fred Van Lente’s journey to publishing success wasn’t an easy one. He initially had his sights set on film school. And when he enrolled at Syracuse University, it was with the intention of marrying the skills he intended to pick up with his passion for comic books.

But then Lente met Ryan Dunlavey, his current writing, and illustrating partner. Together, they spent a lot of time engaging a crowd of students who were studying to be comic book artists.

And after experimenting with the process of script writing and comic book creation, and after Lente realized how much easier it was for comic books to manifest the ideas churning in his mind, the author’s purposes changed.

He dropped out of Film School and became an English major, the idea being to strengthen his skills as a writer. And once school ended, Fred Van Lente joined his friends who decided to move to New York City where they believed they would have the best chance of breaking into the comic book industry.

It took years of bitter struggle for Lente and Ryan to garner the attention and the financial rewards they deserved. While they initially started out as freelancers contributing their skills to other people’s projects, they eventually found time outside their work to pursue their own stories.

Lente spent years pouring his blood, sweat, and tears into his comics before finally branching out into the novel writing business in 2017 with ‘Ten Dead Comedians’. Though, Lente’s experimentation with novels hasn’t stopped him from working on his comic books.

Fred Van Lente has been largely optimistic about the digital age. He believes that it has encouraged diversity because platforms like Amazon give people from all corners of the world opportunities to have their content seen.

That being said, Lente also believes that the digital age has succeeded in stifling smaller voices. While strong brands like DC and Marvel have the financial strength to capitalize on the benefits of the digital arena, augmenting their voices in the process, the internet has increased the competition on the market to such heights that Lente is actually worried about future aspiring artists.

He believes that current market trends have made the comic book landscape very unpredictable. But Lente also believes there is hope for those who choose to persevere. As a burgeoning comic book writer, Fred Van Lente remembers being told that he had to start small if he wanted to succeed.

Before launching into multi-volume mega-stories, he had to first whet the appetites of his potential fans with smaller works; easily digestible projects that could better showcase his abilities.

And that is what Lente did. He learned to pace himself, to dedicate his mind to the labor-intensive process of comic book writing. His first paying gig came from Malibu Comics which hired him to write simple 8-page stories set in their Ultraverse.

Lente’s work was never published because Malibu Comics went out of business soon after. But the author learned from the experience. And he encourages aspiring comic book artists and writers to do the same, to cut their teeth on smaller, more manageable projects that can teach them how to make the most effective use of limited story space.

Lente also encourages them to engage with fans. The author spends a significant portion of his time at conventions. While it is true that he enjoys talking to his fans because they often teach him so much through their feedback, he also believes that it is necessary to nurture a loyal following.

Fred Van Lente is quite outspoken about the dangers of the attitude of toxic male entitlement which he believes has pervaded the comic book fandom.

+Halo Blood Line
The United Nations Space Command Office of Naval Intelligence has a secret warfare unit of an unconventional nature. It is typically tasked with missions situated deep inside Covenant Space. And they do everything from Sabotage to Assassinations.

An alarm is raised when this unit of super soldiers is shot down. Old grudges must be cast aside as humans and aliens join forces in an uneasy alliance that will benefit both sides.

+Ten Dead Comedians
Dustin Walker is a legendary Hollywood comedian who raises some suspicion when he invites nine comedians to an Island retreat. They include a so-called blue-collar comic of considerable wealth and an improv instructor that has fallen on hard times.

When all nine comedians arrive, they immediately notice that the island is largely deserted and that their phones have no service. And then someone starts picking them off one by one.


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