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Frederick Ramsay is one of the prominent authors from The United States, who is well known for writing mystery, thriller, and historical novels. He has written a total of 3 novel series so far and several standalone novels as well. The three mystery series written by author Ramsay include the Botswana Mystery series, the Jerusalem Mysteries series, and the Ike Scwartz Mystery series. He has set the mystery plots of his books in Botswana and Virginia. Dr. Frederick Ramsay’s birth took place in Baltimore. His father was a respected scientist, while his mother used to work as a teacher and researcher. He spent most of his time growing up near the east coast and studied at a graduate school located in Chicago. Author Ramsay completed his graduation from the Lee University and the Washington University in Virginia. Later, he joined the Illinois University and earned his doctorate. Following this, Ramsay went on to join the Army for a short stint. After leaving the army, he joined as a faculty member at the School of Medicine in the Maryland University. There, author Ramsay was associated with teaching Histology, Embryology, and Anatomy. In the later years, autho br Ramsay got involved in the research works and then eventually became the Associate Dean of the Medical School. At around the same time, author Ramsay also pursued higher studies in the subject of theology. In the year 1971, he was ordained Episcopal priest. After this, Ramsay left academia and attempted to work for various vocations. In between, he also got the chance to serve as the Public Affairs’ Vice President.

Ramsay also engaged himself in working as a tow man, line supervisor at the BWI airport of Baltimore, and insurance salesman. He even worked as an instructor at a community college and as a substitute. The last job that he worked for, before his retirement, was for the post of a clergyman. He had acquired a full-time position for this job and spent the rest of his life working as a dedicated clergyman, until his retirement. Following his retirement, author Ramsay decided to try his hand at writing fiction and mystery books. He gained pretty much success in this field too, and now works as a full time author. His list of writings includes several general and scientific articles, theses, tracts, books, stories, and co-authored works. His book, ‘The Baltimore Declaration’, was written in collaboration with another noteworthy author. In addition to being a noteworthy writer, Ramsay is also a renowned public speaker, an accomplished iconographer, and television host. For the latter, he was given the opportunity of hosting the news show known as Prognosis, which was an evening news program for the WMAR TV in Baltimore. As of today, author Ramsay resides in Surprise, Arizona, along with his lovely wife named Susan. His wife has always supported Ramsay throughout the course of his writing career. According to him, she has proved to be the perfect partner and the reason behind his success as a novelist. Whatever path Ramsay chose in his life, Susan was always there to help him with equal enthusiasm and dedication. Author Ramsay proudly dedicated a number of his accomplishments to his beautiful wife. The two have been happily married for more than 30 years and have supported each other in all walks of life.

One of the popular novel series written by Frederick Ramsay is called as the Jerusalem Mystery series. It is comprised of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2007 and 2014. An initial book of this series is entitled ‘The Eighth Veil’. It was released in 2012 by the Perfect Niche publication. Author Ramsay has described the central characters in this story as Pontius Pilate, Herod Antipas, Gamaliel, Loukas, Cleopatra, Menahem, Augustus Caesar, Julius Caesar, Anthony Caesar, Caiaphas, and Jesus. The story is written in the form of a mystery which takes place in 28 CE at the time of the Tabernacles feast in Jerusalem. At the start of the novel, it is shown that a servant girl is discovered murdered in King Herod’s palace. The discovery of the servant girl’s dead body is also attended by Pontius Pilate, The Perfect. People are already buzzing due to the brutal death of Prophet John, who was popular as the ‘Baptizer’. There were scandals spread all over because of these deaths. As Pilate does not want to have any trouble, he orders an independent and clean investigation. King Herod refuses to let any investigating man into his palace. This raises Pilate’s suspicion over him. Pilate appoints Gamaliel as the detective for both the murders. As Gamaliel does not know sleuthing he struggles a little bit initially. But, after learning about the background of the dead girl and the involvement of other people like Herod’s foster brother Menahem, Gamaliel starts getting a hold over the proceedings. He begins to get a Sherlock Holmes like feeling and effectively moves ahead in solving the puzzle. Gamaliel gets help from Loukas in solving the mystery behind the murder. In the end, it is revealed that the girl was not just a servant that everyone assumed. Despite the impatience regarding the direction and pace of the investigation, Pilate gets rewarded. In the meantime, the narrations of other prominent figures like Jesus, rabbi of Nazareth, and others’ continue to run in the background.

The series’ next book was published as ‘Holy Smoke’. It was released by Poisoned Press in 2013. Once again, author Ramsay has set the book in Jerusalem during the year 29 CE. In the opening sequence of the novel, it is mentioned that Jerusalem continues to chafe under the oppressive rule and continued presence of the Roman Empire. In spite of the recurring unpleasantness, the lives of people go on. However, not everyone possesses the strength to bear the extreme pain of life on a daily basis. Many people lose their lives due to various reasons, misadventure being one of them. But, when one particular death takes place, the whole city takes a halt. A man’s body is found in a badly scorched condition behind the inner sanctum’s veil in the Temple, which was the most sacred place for Jews on the earth. Later, it is learned that only the High Priest had the authority to enter the inner sanctum and that too once every year. Due to the religious violation, the authorities become restless. Gamaliel is once again asked to investigate and bring down the uproar as soon as possible. He discovers that there are people having unholy interests and want to control the trade of the profitable imports in the eastern and western regions. With the assistance of Loukas, Gamaliel goes on to unravel the tangled web of murder and intrigue. In the process, Gamaliel comes across a few more dead bodies before he could solve the case once and for all.

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