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Publication Order of Paris Homicide Books

The 7th Woman (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crossing the Line (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The City of Blood (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looking to the Woods (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Frédérique Molay is the author of several fictional books and an accomplished writer. Her first novel was an international bestseller. She has always been passionate about writing, however, she didn’t go to college for that. Molay graduated from Science Po in France and after started pursuing a career in politics.

She also was a Chief of Staff working for the Deputy Mayor in a French region. From there Molay was elected to local government. She spent nights writing. Molay wrote her first novel at a young age and decided to follow her passion for writing as an adult. When her debut novel was a huge hit in her home country, she decided to pursue it full-time.

Since then, Molay has been dedicated to writing and her children. She is the author of many fictional series and has sold over 150,000 copies of her debut novel worldwide and is an internationally-recognized author.

Nico Sirsky is the main character in The 7th Woman. He is the youngest-ever Chief of Police at a seemingly youthful thirty-eight years of age. While he excels in his position, he cannot deny that the pressure of the job is getting to him as he has to go to the doctor to get his ulcers checked out. He is a cop that is very good at his job but not so fantastic in his personal life; he has a young son named Dmitry in addition to a dramatic ex-wife who is struggling with her bouts of depression.

Even though he is divorced, Nico is excited at the prospect of a new romance on the horizon. He has developed strong feelings for his doctor Caroline, and it’s almost worth having potential ulcers to get to see her. After years of loneliness and even depression, he has a reason to get up in the morning (besides tracking down criminals).

Sirsky balances his parental duties with his dedication to the safety of the people living in this area. La Crim is the best division of criminal investigation in the city. The people that work there are dedicated to taking down the bad guys. The department becomes aware of a killer that is murdering women in the capital, and the first victim is a young woman. When the autopsy is done on her, they discover that she was actually four weeks pregnant.

The killer strikes again and this time the woman is found to be also one month pregnant. Six women are killed over the course of six days– the murders are happening at a breathtakingly fast pace.

Even though the killer is striking many different women down, they somehow manage to never leave any clues as to who they are. He or she is now a serial killer, and as they claim their victims one by one through bloody ritual, the police and the criminal division are called upon to stop this brutal murderer. Not only is the killer targeting women who are pregnant, but now they seem to be targeting the Chief of Police, too.

Nico Sirsky is determined to find out who the murderer is, and it seems that the killer becomes interested in him as well. When he begins threatening Nico’s family and even the doctor that he is beginning to have feelings for, he and his department have little time to spare before the killer strikes again. With every murder being a woman that is ever closer to being connected to Nico, they are all racing as quickyl as they can to find clues that will allow them to track down the killer. Slowly but surely, they edge closer to finding out who this person is. It may just turn out that Nico is being targeted by someone that he knows very well.

Struggling wtih his doubts and fear and running on very little sleep, Nico is doing everything that he can do to find the killer and stop this crazy person for good. But will the killer ever be discovered or make their identity known? Can he make good on this pattern and will the seventh woman be someone that Nico knows and cares about? You’ll have to pick up The 7th Woman to find out.

Check out this thrilling mystery and crime novel and you won’t be able to put it down. From the romantic, if not dark, side of Paris to the French police offices and the coroner’s, readers will get to see a version of France they have never seen before.

Crossing the Line is the second novel in this mystery series. Nico Sirsky is back at work as the Chief of Police and is trying to stay busy as he recovers from a deep gunshot wound. However, things also couldn’t be better for the young cop. He is in love with a beautiful woman named Caroline, the gastroenterologist at the hospital, and things are going well. After his last case, Nico is back to work and feels renewed and ready to take on the demands of his job.

On his first day back, there is no break from the action. The Chief of Police oversees a sting on a jewel heist as well as a somewhat strange investigation. This time, dental students and a severed head are involved. The students tell Nico that they have found a message in the tooth that belongs to a gruesome severed head. At first thinking it might be a prank, it soon turns out that there is nothing that is a joke about this.

It’s Christmas time in Paris, and Nico Sirsky has the gut feeling that something is off in this case. He works with other cops in the homicide division to investigate the clues from what appears to be at first a suicide– then an accident– and finally, murder. This investigation takes the detectives all over the place, and everyone is forced to confront the line between good and evil and how easily it can be crossed.

But when his ex-wife disappears while he has sole custody of their son together, Nico doesn’t know what to think. All in all, Nico’s holiday is shaping up to be an intensely stressful one. But will he be able to track down his ex and find a killer at the same time?Check out Crossing the Line for yourself to see how this enthralling mystery novel turns out!

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