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Publication Order of Freedom Books

Freedom's Landing (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Freedom's Choice (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Freedom's Challenge (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Freedom's Ransom (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Freedom series also called The Catteni series is a series of science fiction novels written by an American author of science fiction and fantasy books Anne McCaffrey. In the Freedom universe, humans are enslaved by aliens- the humanoid Catteni. Carefully described through all the four novels are the details of the relationship between Zainal, a renegade Catteni and Kristin Bjornson, a former slave.

Anne McCaffrey began the publication of The Freedom series in 1995 when Freedom’s Landing the first book in the series was published. The series lasted four books concluding in 2002 with Freedom Ransom. The original story about Catteni first appeared The Thorns of Barevi (1970) many years before the first book in this series was published. It was a story of a human lady named Kristin Bjornsen who escapes enslavement and unlike those runners before her successfully evades capture for several months. However, her fugitive existence is betrayed when she decides to help an injured Catteni. It was this story Anne McCaffrey modified and included as a prequel to Freedom Landing.

Freedom’s Landing

In the first book in the Freedom series, Anne McCarthy introduces us to her protagonist Kris Bjornsen abducted from Earth and now used as a slave for the brutal Catteni, an alien species that are only interested in vanquishing everyone under their rule. Abused and maltreated, Kris stood by her principles at being a bedmate for her master, so she flees- escaping by airship and hiding deep in the jungles of an alien planet, far away from the metal whips of her masters and starvation.

Kris spends more than six months minding her business, learning how to survive in the jungles and drinking fresh water from the jungle streams that split the valley into the half. All this time she’s alone, free until when a spacecraft chased by Catteni crashes into her jungle and blows her solitary life into bits.
She decides to investigate and finds a survivor of the attack- a Catteni- the people who once held her as a slave. Her sense of doing good doesn’t allow her to let the man die in her jungle or let him get captured by those who were hunting him. Kris takes the man, cares for his wounds as best as she could, but when she decides it time for her to leave, the man demands more than she’s willing to offer.

Catteni or not, Kris didn’t want to let the man in her jungle, and so she dumps him in a city they had escaped from. This seems a good plan for her until they get caught in the midst of a riot, get arrested and transported on an interstellar ship with nothing more than the clothes on their back.

Now standard in the middle of a corrective planet, dumped along with hundreds of other aliens and human prisoners, Kris decides she’d better keep an eye for the Catteni named Zainal for he’s likely to get killed by the human and alien alike who disliked his Catteni guts.

As the survivors unite together, they soon learn that the planet that their masters once thought was empty is full of dangers, including mechanical farmers that harvest planets for an alien species technically advanced than any other species in the galaxy.

Freedom’s Landing is the first part of an interspace adventure where human beings learn that they are not alone in space and that their weapons are not effective in fighting against creatures that have decided that humans are the new species to convert to slavery.

Presenting this premise and our two main protagonists Kristin and Zainal the reader already knows that this story is not mainly about a romance between two cultures from different worlds, but about survival, ingenuity and opening our minds to new possibilities. In these modern times when intolerance is the new fashionable black dress, this novel presents interesting concepts with a very particular angle. It is the fact that human beings have to put the shoe on the other foot and survive everything despite the difficulties, without closing the mind and heart to new possibilities.

Freedom’s Choice

In the first book in The Freedom series, after Kris, Chuck Mitford, Zainal and thousands other had been left on a distant plane to colonize it for their masters; they discovered that machines farming the land inhabited it. Taking these machines apart to create a usable technology for themselves, they’ve since made significant progress.

However, they want more for themselves and need to liberate themselves from Catteni’s thumb. With the help of Zanal, they plan to strike back at Catteni and the Eosi who have controlled Catteni for hundreds of years. With a well-crafted plan and plenty of luck, they intend to free Earth and Catteni from Eosi domination.

The second book in The Freedom series by Anne McCaffrey picks up right where the first book in the series left off. An enquiry has been sent to the person who farms Botany while Zainal makes it clear to the Emmasi who came to pick him up that he will stay and will not leave.

However, since he’s refused to return to his duties, his brother is forced to take his place. The raging hatred that Lenvec feels for Zainal interest an Eosi named Ix and soon IX curiosity make him want to know more about planet Botany and find Zanal.

On the other hand, the Botanists citizens are planning to free themselves from Eosi while the farmers are willing to protect them from attacks shielding the planet with a protective bubble after they’ve acquired a cargo and scout ship. The Botantists are allowed to enter and leave the bubble but nothing else is allowed, and since the farmers live a life of doing no harm, the bubble is the only help they can provide.

The second book in Freedom series by Anne McCaffrey is an exciting read. Plenty is going on in the book- Lenvec ’s subsumption, Zainal refuses to leave, visit by the farmers, exploring Botany, raids, building homes, having children, building a ship and so much more. The story is nicely paced, well-detailed setting and character you will love, and others love to hate.

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