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Publication Order of Freedom's Rangers Books

Freedom's Rangers (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Raiders of the Revolution (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Search and Destroy (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Treason in Time (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sink the Armada! (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snow Kill (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon

William Keith spent the majority of his childhood years in Western Pennsylvania. He, later on, joined the Army and served during the Vietnam era as a corpsman. After some time, he joined the field of civil medicine. Despite the fact that he began his career as an illustrator, Bill, later on, became a full-time writer with more than seventy novels under his name, twenty short stories and ten non-fiction books. He also has more books on the way, ranging from military technothrillers, action adventure, and science fiction. The author’s very first love is science fiction, specifically military science fiction with an exceedingly realistic hard science edge.

Many years in the past, before Keith discovered that he could make money from writing about spaceships instead of coloring the spaceships, Bill worked as a game designer and illustrator as well. He has more than forty game modules and game to his professional credit. The author’s science fiction work has managed to win the best of show awards and fan awards as well at numerous science fiction conventions such as the Petersburg’s conference and the Chicago WindyCon. Keith’s World War II role-playing game, Behind the Enemy Lines was awarded the 1982 HG Wells Award in the category Best Role Playing Game. Keith’s Going Home Module for the Twilight was awarded an Origins Award, in the category Best Game of the Year. From time to time Keith still does artwork, and some of his paintings have been displayed at Confluence Pittsburgh science-fiction conference.

William Keith has also applied the experience that he got from his work as an illustrator to develop computer-manipulated images, thus venturing into a new field of space and artistic exploration. Keith uses this to mainly present publishers with photorealistic images and sketches of ships, aliens, and equipment, which will be featured, in his novels. Since the year 1984, Keith has been penning down books as a full-time writer. Ever since he became a full-time writer, William Keith has penned down numerous books in a psychotic effort of catching up with the late renowned author, Isaac Asimov. William Keith’s military science fiction books are written under a number of pen names such as H. Jay Riker and Keith Douglas. A majority of Keith’s science fiction books have been written using his real names. However, the military science fiction books, Galactic Marine series, which includes the Legacy Trilogy, Inheritance Trilogy, and the Heritage Trilogy. Other book series include the Star Corpsman series and the Star Carrier Trilogy. The Star Corpsman series will be written under the pen name Ian Douglas.

William Keith has continued his writing work with fresh and exciting books and series yet to be released. Recently, Keith has branched into ghostwriting, non-fiction writing and also co-authoring with some of the biggest names in military thrillers and science fiction world. When Keith is not writing, a strange and twilight dimension of reality dimly experience between novels, Keith can be found on a hike in some of the mountains found in his hometown, killing defenseless paper targets with various weapons or participating in the town’s local chapter of the Mensa. Keith has also been featured as a guest tutor at numerous local universities and Mensa events. During this sessions, Keith loves to talk on various topics which range from future space propulsion systems, the future of humankind in space and writing the fiction genre.

Keith also not only practices but also teaches Reiki and also researches on the metaphysics phenomenon while planning to write another non-fiction book. Furthermore, Keith can be found soaking in his bathtub. Currently, Keith resides in an exceedingly small town which is located in the Laurel Mountains. He lives with a bearded dragon and a human partner who is known as Brea, numerous aquatic critters, and three cats.

Freedom Rangers Series

Freedom Rangers book series is a set of action and science fiction novels authored by William H. Keith. The series have been set in the year 2008, which is in the future due to the date that the book was published. This right after Russia had managed to conquer the United States. The main character in the Freedom’s Rangers book series is Hunter, who must be able to lead a team into the past so as to prevent Russians from winning the cold war. Keith Williams began writing the Freedom’s Rangers book series in the year 1989 with the first novel in the series being Freedom’s Rangers. This book series has a total of 6 novels with the last novel in the series being the Snow Kill.

Freedom Rangers is the very first series by the author to be commissioned by a New York-based publisher and was also co-written by J. Andrew, his brother. Despite the fact that the books in the Freedoms Rangers series were set in the future after the Russians had managed to conquer the entire United States. And also though the book involved the efforts by America’s surviving forces to make use of time travel and go back and change the history so that the Soviet’s did not emerge victorious during the cold war, the publishers insisted that this novel was not science fiction. The books in this series were mainly marketed as a men’s action adventure. Keith never got the opportunity to pen down the final book in the Freedom Rangers book series Snow Kill. The premise of Snow Kill revolves around a group of United States commandos who travel all the way back to the 1980’s so that they could save a Soviet apparatchik who was known as Gorbachev from being assassinated and also ensuring that the United States emerged victorious during the cold war.

The first book in the Freedom Rangers book series is Freedom Rangers. As a science fiction book, a group of United States commandoes makes use of time travel, so that they can save the United States, which has been captured by an army allied with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Army are roaming the streets of the United States, and are more than determined to kill millions of people. However, a top secret project initiated by the United States government must be able to achieve the impossible and initiate the time travel warfare.

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