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Freya North is one of the highly popular novelist from the UK, who is famous for writing romance, chick lit, and fiction novels. She is one among the bestselling authors of Britain. Author Freya was born on November 21, 1967, in London, England. She has been actively involved in writing romance novels since the year 1996 and is listed in the list of the precursors of the chick lit genre. The novels written by her have received financial and critical successes all across the world. Most of them are centered around the strong female protagonists and their exploits of life. Author Freya’s writing career involves a number of popular standalone books and an interesting romance novel series called McCabe Sisters. Prior to the start of her writing career, author Freya completed her graduation and was pursuing Ph.D in the subject of Art History. In the year 1991, when she was still pursuing her PhD, Freya came up with the idea of her debut novel. Therefore, her focus was mainly in developing her first book and not in writing the PhD thesis. Eventually, her priorities too over and Freya had to give up her PhD. The first book the author Freya wrote is called Sally. It is based on the life of a woman, who indulges in an erotic affair with no strings attached. Freya was lucky to get in touch with the top publishing agent named Jonathan Llyod for the release of this book. Jonathan was associated with the Curtis Brown company at that time and he put the book in a bidding war involving five top publishing houses. This helped author Freya to get a 3 book contract from one of the companies for a huge sum. Sally went on to be published in the 1996 and it was followed by another interesting novel called Chloe. This book tells the story of a woman who travels across 4 different countries of The United Kingdom, each during a different season, During the course of her journey, she goes through numerous sensual exploits, which Freya has described in the plot. Freya’s next novel, Polly, deals with a trip of teacher exchange that takes place between England and America. It was released in 1998.

Following the success of this novel, author Freya started writing the McCabe Sisters novels. Cat, the first book of the series, was released in the year 2000. It describes the story of a sports journalist who covers the Tour de France. After this, author Freya penned a few more books, each dealing with one or the other topics related to women and their love affairs. In the year 2008, author Freya received the Romantic Book of the Year prize for the 9th book of her career, Pillow Talk. In this book, Freya has shown the reunion of childhood lovers named Arlo and Petra. One of the grows into an insomniac and the other becomes a sleepwalker. Author Freya set the story of this book in North East England, typically in the Teeside region. In her next book, titled Secrets, author Freya has done the setting of the plot in a tiny Victorian resort of the Saltburn. She has also featured the popular Transporter Bridge located in Middlesbrough. Because of these descriptions, author Freya was invited to become the Ambassador for the area. The books written by Freya have been translated into many foreign languages and sold in different countries of the world. Currently, she lives in Hertfordshire and writes her books by sitting in a stable located in the back garden of her house. Freya says that she has always been passionate about reading, since her childhood days. She received inspiration to write her own books from the popular fiction works and original and strong characters created by Rose Tremain, Barbara Trapido, and Mary Wesley. Freya lives as a single mother and takes care of her children, Georgia and Felix. Because of her love for horses and dogs, she has kept a couple of dogs and a horse in her house. Whenever she gets some time off from her writing schedules, Freya likes to indulge in doing ceramics, baking, and tinkering around her small farm. After the release of each of her novels, author Freya likes to hear the reviews from the readers directly. For this reason, she has created her personal website where they post their reviews and suggestions.

An initially written book by Freya North is entitled ‘Chances’. It was released in 2011 by the Harper publishers. In this book, Freya has described a poignant, wise, and sparkling tale of marriage, love, and friendship. Typically, the story shows the love triangle that people end up getting involved in, accidentally. At the start of the story, it is depicted that Vita and Tim’s relationship come to end after which they decide to move on in life. But, Vita is now able to get over the fact that Tim has already found another girlfriend. Soon, she meets Oliver and thinks of him as the perfect man. But, Oliver struggles to get over with the sweet memories of his dead wife. So, Vita wonders whether she will find any place in Oliver’s heart or not. In the meantime, Tim struggles with his feelings for 2 women at the same time. He is unable to forget Vita and also wishes to keep his new lady. The events enable Vita to realize that people come into someone’s life for a specific reason and when things don’t workout, second chances come up in the times of least expectation.

Another interesting book in Freya’s writing career is called ‘The Turning Point’. The Harper Collins released it in 2015. In the opening sequence of this book, Scott Emerson is introduced as a Canadian musician, while Frankie Shaw is shown as an author of children’s books from Britain. They meet each other accidentally and soon develop a profound connection within a period of 1 week. In spite of the huge distance and vast difference, the two decide to give a chance to their relationship. Scott and Frankie go on to take a few risks, make several sacrifices, and discover new truths related to each other’s family and love as their relationship progresses. They begin to see life in a different and feels very good to both of them. However, fate had planned something else for them, which comes in the form of a tragic twist and destroy all their hopes. On the whole, the story describes the importance of capturing happiness and having the belief that love can always find its way. The characters and storyline seem to be very engrossing, moving, and poignant.

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