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Publication Order of Frieda Klein Books

Blue Monday (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tuesday's Gone (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waiting for Wednesday (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thursday's Children / Thursday's Child (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Friday on My Mind (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Saturday / Saturday Requiem (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunday Silence / Sunday Morning Coming Down (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Day of the Dead (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Frieda Klein a mysterious psychotherapist, who is in her mid-30’s, suffers from insomnia, walks around the streets within London when she can’t sleep where it is calm, quiet and empty. Living a private life, out of reach from people even her relatives, she does not allow anybody to set foot in her home; and the only family member she is attached to is Chloe, the 16 year old daughter of her brother. What makes Frieda’s character interesting is that she’s immediately established from being quite solitary to this person who is willing to solve a mystery.

Nicci Gerrard together with Sean French, which happens to be a couple, used the pseudonym Nicci French, wrote Frieda Klein series of eight novels. Nicci French is well known for a slew of excellent stand-alone suspense novels that keeps its readers the urge of finishing the book as soon as possible. Nicci French knows how to create that perfect transition of a story from one novel to another in a series in a smooth manner, and how to let the protagonists nlock their personality and history. Blue Monday (published on 2011) and Tuesday’s Gone (published on 2012) were the first two books in Frieda Klein series.

In Blue Monday, the first of eight novels in the series, started when Frieda met the patient that her former boss has recommended her. Allan who is grieving due to the reason that he cannot have his own son because his wife was not able to conceive a child, experiences an extreme level of anxiety and frequent panic attacks because of this reason. With this level of stress, Allan begins to dream of a red head little boy that plays soccer, which happens to be the perfect description of the reported 5 year old boy, Matthew Farraday who is nowhere to be found. This triggered Frieda to go to detective Chief Inspector Karlsson.

DCI Karlsson does not take any concern seriously not until a link emerged of an unsolved abduction of a 5 year old little girl who went missing twenty years ago that is similar to Matthew’s case. When Karlsson was told by Frieda that Allan first dreamed of it before the child was reported missing, he began to make suspicions and looks at the case more seriously as he don’t want for the same thing would happened to him to the retired investigator of the little girl’s case.

The case was chilling enough even with the first novel in Frieda Klein series. Plotting a story with an abducted child is something that will keep the emotion of the readers in peak; and with the “linkage” of the young girl who went missing 22 years ago draws us to even more emotion that makes us ask if is it the same abductor? What have been they been doing for the last 22 years? As hidden memories are being stirred with the little girl’s older sister; the darkest paths of a psychopaths mind are being chased to answer the whereabouts of Matthew Farraday.

In the second novel of Frieda Klein series; Tuesday’s Gone starts when a social worker visited Michelled Doyce, one of Frieda’s client who was released from the psychiatric unit without any final diagnosis of her mental condition. The social worker found the woman taking her dining with a dead naked man who already smells terrible and rotten. Karlsson is assigned to investigate; and because Michelle cannot speak coherently about the dead body, he called Frieda to give her some help in solving the mystery. Since it was impossible to know who was the dead man; the case was dismissed but this did not stop Frieda from investigating. When the police identified and contacted the dead man’s relative, Frieda begin to unravel the past that is a greater mystery than they have ever expected for they started to have clues and names of who might have killed the man.

In the second novel, Karlsson asks Frieda’s help to solve the mystery. As reluctant as Frieda was to get involved; she cannot resist helping as she also has some other intentions with working with Karlsson. Frieda cannot lay her hands off the case irrespective of how minor the matter of the initial involvement; she can’t help herself but to look further until it gets solved. Withrevelations arising from Frieda’s psychological insights about various associates of the dead man; Frieda’s history of relationships with an odd crew of family and friends fleshes out her austere, driven personality. Frieda has become more dedicated other than being just a psychologist, but also advocating herself to these kinds of people who has nobody to help them especially to Michelle Doyce, who is mentally incapable to have such an awe-full experience.

The character build-up and story of Frieda Klein series is unique and different than the others (e.g. Hungry birds series, Divergent series, Twilight Sag, etc.). it starts its story immediately with the climax, with the mystery which makes the reader hyped up when reading the book because it gives the urge of wanting to find out the mystery and the who’s, and of how will they solve the mystery and open another. Although it would not yet be in movies or in the television, the novel is a good franchise.

With Blue Monday as the perfect novel to start a series, it creates interesting characters while in Tuesday’s Gone, it does not only make the characters any better, but also make the story, the mystery more creepy and mysterious with a little bit of an action. There’s something concerning Frieda together with Karlsson that has never been tackled especially that in the first two books, where it just depicts how a relationship was just only starting to build up. Frieda Klein series makes the readers wanting to look forward for the deepening and strengthening of Fried and Karlsson’s relationship. Would they end up falling each other? Or would they just be that perfect pairs that you would end up calling if you want to solve a mystery? There is just one way to find out but to keep track to the latest addition in Frieda Klein Series.

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