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Frost Easton by Brian Freeman
The “Frost Easton” series of mystery psychological thriller novels are written by bestselling and award winning author Brian Freeman. The series began publication in the year 2017, when “The Night Bird” was released.

“The Night Bird” was nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award for Mystery and Thriller in the year 2017.

Frost Easton lives in the city of San Francisco, where the series is set, and is a Homicide Inspector. He has a sexy shock of brown hair that he sweeps back, a neat beard, is young, and has laser blue eyes. He has no attachments, except to Shack, his cat, with whom he patrols the city with. Frost is a lot like Justin Timberlake with a badge and a gun.

For these novels, Brian Freeman does extensive research on the city of San Francisco to allow the reader to actually feel the weather of. Because of the extensive research Freeman does for this series as well as the rest of his work, some feel that he is able to write about weather in a way that no one else is able to.

Freeman also likes to make his characters live in the real world, where morality is made up of some tough choices and all kinds of shades of gray. He writes stories about hidden intimate motives that push people to cross some dark lines.

“The Night Bird” is the first novel in the “Frost Easton” series, which was released in the year 2017. Frost Easton hates coincidences. Some bizarre deaths are rocking San Francisco, while apparently random women are suffering violent psychotic breaks. Frost tries to find a connection that will lead him to Francesca Stein, a psychiatrist. Frankie’s controversial therapy helps people to erase all of their most terrifying memories. All of the victims were patients of hers.

Frankie and Frost start doing investigations of their own, the case starts becoming more and more personal, not to mention dangerous. Long buried secrets are starting to surface while someone called the Night Bird taunts the pair with some cryptic messages that pertain to the deaths. Quickly, Frankie has to confront odd gaps in her memory, and Frost is confronting a murderer who knows the worst fears of the detective.

The body count rises and the Night Bird gets closer all the time. A brilliant doctor and a dedicated detective are racing to figure out the puzzle before a clever killer can claim one more victim.

This novel has some great characterization and plot. The plot changes things up from usual murder investigations. This will hook you right from the start and keep you entertained the entire way through. Freeman has written a novel that makes you think about certain topics being discussed, something that is rare in reading books. Freeman delivers to readers a unique main character that is far from the typical detective.

“The Voice Inside” is the second novel in the “Frost Easton” series, which was released in the year 2018. A cop’s lie just set a killer free. Four years ago, Rudy Cutter, a serial killer, was sent away for life in prison. Frost finds out a horrible lie: his best friend planted fake evidence to get Cutter behind bars. When he must reveal the truth, it allows his sister’s murderer to be allowed back on the streets.

Frost finds himself desperate to take Cutter down once again, and he finds a new ally in a woman named Eden Shay. She penned a book on Rudy Cutter and knows a lot more about him than anybody else does. She is horrified, too. Because for the past four years, Cutter has been yearning for revenge each and every stolen day.

It will not be easy, keeping ahead of a murderer who is bound to kill again. Not when Frost is fighting against his own demons. And not when this game is starting to be so personal. Especially not when the murderer’s next move is not at all like what Frost expected.

Brian Freeman wrote an excellent novel that stars a superb character, in Frost Easton. He is a flawed and haunted character that some readers hope to read many more books about him. All of these characters are well developed, and they come to life under the manipulations of the author. The book has a premise that is excellent, and leads to an ending that is totally unexpected and explosive. Here is a great follow up that is just as captivating as the first one was. Freeman is an author that never lets the reader down.

“The Crooked Street” is the third novel in the “Frost Easton” series, which was released in the year 2019. Frost Easton has not seen Denny, an estranged friend, in many years. Not until he dies in Easton’s arms saying a last inexplicable word. Lombard. Denny seems to be the latest in a series of killings that are linked by one distinctive clue: a painting of a spiraled snake that is near each of the crime scenes. Could it be a serial killer’s work? Or is Denny’s death much more personal and twisted?

To figure things out, Frost sticks his hand into a vipers’ nest, the shady elite of San Francisco, where Lombard being whispered is just a single secret. Pulled into a cat and mouse game with a foe that knows every move he makes. Frost knows there is nobody he is able to trust. Somewhere down the city’s crooked streets, Frost’s cunning opponent is coiled up and ready to strike once more.

Brian Freeman always does a great job of delivering a stellar novel, no matter what the series is, and this novel is another example of that. This author gives you an up close and personal view of Frost’s personal and professional lives. The book is a true page turner as it is hard to put down for very long. It is tough to see the ending coming, and there is a lot of suspense. Freeman is great at creating great characters and story lines that are well written, credible, and exciting.

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