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Publication Order of Aerian Feuds: Kingdom of Rebels and Thorns Books

Kingdom of Rebels and Thorns (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reign of Blood and Poison (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of Monsters and Madness (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Aliens and Alchemists Books

Pirates, Princes, and Payback (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alphas, Airships, and Assassins (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Court of Dragons (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of Legends (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Throne of Serpents (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Frost Kay

Frost Kay is an American Young Adult fantasy and romance novelist who has captivated readers with her enthralling stories and engaging protagonists. A certified book dragon and masterful storyteller, Frost has written several bestselling series, including the immensely popular Aermian Feuds.

Developing stories that are nothing less than magical and poetic, Frost is celebrated for her unique ability to capture the essence of each character with an unrivaled finesse. She possesses a remarkable talent for creating extraordinary and complex protagonists and blends this with her gift for crafting compelling narratives. Her books contain a delicious mix of fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, secrets, betrayal and, of course, romance.

Frost’s knowledge of the fantasy genre is deep and diverse, allowing readers to experience vivid stories full of unexpected twists and turns. Her writing speaks volumes and strives to tell a story with depth and emotion tugging the heartstrings of countless fans. Whether readers are a fan of the dark promises of antiheroes or the slow burning romance between complex and dynamic characters, Frost Kay offers something for everyone. Unputdownable and endlessly entertaining, her books prove time and time again that when it comes to fiction, her imagination is truly limitless.

Her story-building process is deceptively simple, using creative techniques to create imaginary people and worlds with remarkable depth and vivid detail. Frost’s penchant for the unexpected keeps readers hooked, as there is no telling just who the characters will become or what surprises they may discover along the way. With each page, readers find themselves pulled into a fantasy-filled adventure, yearning for more.

When it comes to the Young Adult fantasy and romance genre, Frost Kay is a master storyteller extraordinaire. She combines unique characters and exciting plots that explore the depths of imagination, all while weaving in elements of the real world. From the very first page, Frost promises a wild ride filled with juicy secrets and shocking revelations, ensuring her readers will be left on the edge of their seats.

Early and Personal Life

Frost Kay, an American young adult fantasy author, was born into a world filled with stories and fascinating tales, and she was always inspired by them. From a young age she expressed a deep interest in reading, exploring different books and dreaming up her own stories in her mind. In her teenage years, her passion for writing grew and she began to pen her own books, eventually leading her to pursue writing professionally.

Inspiration for her work seemed to come from all around her, and Frost was particularly passionate about creating stories that highlighted strong, courageous characters. She strove to create stories that featured diverse cultures, epic fantasy worlds full of relatable stories, and a romantic love that kept readers engaged.

When she isn’t writing her latest book, Frost loves to get outdoors and explore the world. Her hobbies include free diving in a mermaid tail, camping, rock climbing, and soaking up the sun with her beloved pet cat. With her inquisitive nature and dedication to story-telling, Frost Kay is quickly becoming a well-known author in the young adult genre, a fact of which she is incredibly proud.

Writing Career

Frost Kay is an established and lauded writer, having written a number of series. Her first work, the Aermian Feuds series, consists of seven books, ranging from Rebel’s Blade to Prince’s Poison. She has also written the Dominion of Ash trilogy, the Mixologists and Pirates sextet, and the Twisted Kingdoms series. Additionally, she authored the Alien and Alchemists duology and is currently writing the first book in the Dragon Isle Wars trilogy.

In total, Frost Kay has written over eighteen novels, as well as several short stories, and this continues to grow. She has widely been praised for her well-crafted and exciting stories, as well as her vivid world building. Her writing style has also been likened to many of the fantasy genre greats, using complicated storylines told from multiple perspectives. She continues to write with numerous projects in the works.

King’s Warrior

Frost Kay’s fantasy romance, ‘King’s Warrior,’ was published on October 2, 2018, by Renegade Publishing, LLC. This thrilling young adult novel is part of The Aermian Feuds series, and it’s best enjoyed when read starting with the first book. Full of fantasy and romance, this fourth installment promises to bring excitement to any reader.

Sage’s return to Aermia is not the joyful reunion she anticipated, for deadly forces are at work in her home. As a war between her kingdom and a menacing warlord looms, Sage finds herself caught in a game of manipulation with the one man who seems to have taken hold of her heart. Determined to protect her kingdom and the people she loves, Sage must decide who to trust and what risks to.

With every move, the warlord’s devious schemes draw closer, threatening to destroy not only her, but those she loves if she missteps. Sage and Tehl must work together to save their people, even if it means overthrowing a powerful enemy.

The Heir

‘The Heir,’ published on the 12th of March 2021, is the third installment of the popular Young Adult series, The Twisted Kingdoms. It’s available on the Kindle platform, and readers are once again encouraged to read the series in its original order to get the full hair-raising experience. This newest installment will take readers on a wild ride full of romance, fantasy, and adventure.

Tempest was never expected to become the consort to a wicked king, yet she was adept at handling unexpected occurrences. But being betrothed to the monarch did not prove to be a safety net. When she was confronted with danger that she never anticipated, she went to the one person who was even more cunning than her beloved – the Jester.

With a war on the horizon, she was swiftly absorbed into the Jester’s devious Dark Court. She had no time to hesitate: she had to choose a side before the king could obliterate all she cherished, including her wise fox. As she succumbed to the seductions of the enemy, she was reminded that loving someone treacherous is risky. However, surviving without her soulmate was much worse.

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