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Publication Order of Fusion Books

The Fusion series is a wonderful series of romance, new adult, contemporary, young adult, and fiction novels. It is written by a bestselling American writer named Kristen Proby. The series is comprised 5 novels and 1 novella in total, which were released between the years 2016 and 2018. Author Proby has done the setting of the books’ plots basically in Portland, Oregon. She has mentioned a different set of the primary characters in each of the books. The pair of lead characters are shown coming across one another in different circumstances and then falling deeply in love. Their love carries along the entire plot of a particular book. The romance depicted by author Proby is of exquisite and sensual nature. Throughout the course of the series, it is seen that the lead pairs overcome a number of hurdles in their path of love and finally go on to cherish a passionate romance.

Among the prominent characters that Kristen Proby has mentioned in the entire series, there are the likes of Addison Wade, Jake Keller, Camilla LaRue, Landon Palazzo, Ryan MacKenzie, Katrina Meyers, Riley Gibson, Mia Palazzo, Trevor Cooper, Chase MacKenzie, Maura Jenkins, Camden Sawyer, and a few others as well. The books managed to attract a large number of readers from all across the globe. They fulfilled all the expectations of the readers having a particular interest in romance stories. In turn, the readers and critics gave exciting reviews and praised all the elements of each novel. This helped the books to reach out to far and wide places and entertain numerous readers. The success benefitted author Proby greatly as it helped to add more popularity to her already popular writing career.

Author Kristen is a USA Today and NY Times bestselling writer from Montana. She has written and published many successful novels in her literary career. Krisen Proby was born and brought up in a small resort-town located in Montana. She says that she is madly in love with Montana. During her twenties, author Proby decided to go out to experience the outside world and face the various challenges of life. Subsequently, she moved to the Pacific Northwest and lived there for over 12 years. During the time Kristen Proby stayed in the Pacific Northwest, she penned numerous romance novels. She even became a member of the RWA and also of several other small writers’ groups. Kristen spent many hours attending workshops and several mornings too in order to get a grip on the art of creative writing. She used to do all this so that she could maintain a balance between her writing passion and her work.

Before her first novel came out, author Proby faced a lot of rejections from many editors and agents for her earlier manuscripts. Finally, when she learned the act of self-publishing being in demand in 2012, she thought of giving it a try as her utmost goal was to publish one book with her name on the cover. And it proved to a major step in Kristen’ career, and both her life and career took a giant leap forward after her first self-published became enormously successful. Since then, Kristen has published around 31 titles and many of them have appeared in the best selling lists of New York Times, Wall Stree Journal, USA Today, etc. As of today, Kristen Proby continues to publish her novels of her own. Her first collaboration with a publishing company happened with William Morrow for her Fusion book series. Currently, author Proby resides in Whitefish, Montana along with her beloved husband named John and several pet cats and dogs.

The debut book of the Fusion series written by author Kristen Proby is entitled ‘Listen to Me’. It was released by the William Morrow publication in the year 2016. The book consists of the main characters as Jake Keller and Addison Wade. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Portland gets a hot new restaurant by the name of Seduction. Addison Wade feels proud to have opened the restaurant with her 4 friends. She looks highly determined to make her new restaurant a big success. She thinks of attracting new customers by organizing live music. A former rock star named Jake Keller comes in to apply for the restaurant’s weekend gig. And by having a first look at him, Addison knows that she is in trouble.

When she was studying in high school, she was a huge fan of Jake Keller and had his posters all over her the walls of her bedroom. Addison Wade sees Jake as the man of her type. Around 5 years ago, Jake Keller had backed off from the limelight and now he wishes to make a comeback. The gig at Addison’s restaurant looks to be a perfect opportunity for him to have a kick start. But, the problem arises when the two get attracted towards each other. Just when Jake makes it clear to Addison that he expects more than just a casual relationship, his past comes back to haunt him. Jake doesn’t wish to break Addison’s heart, but he does not know how to convince her to keep faith in him. He wishes that she just listen to what her heart says and take a decision accordingly.

Another exciting book of this series is called ‘Close to You’. This book was also published by the William Morrow publishers in 2016. It features the central characters in the roles of Camilla ‘Cami’ LaRue and Landon Palazzo. Once again, the plot takes place in Portland. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Camilla LaRue had fallen in love with the handsome Landon Palazzo at the age of 5. She was told by everyone that her love has been just momentary and would start to fade as time goes by. When the they completed graduation, Landon Palazzo left the town without telling Camilla anything. This left her heartbroken. She moved on in life and went on to open the popular restaurant, Seduction, in partnership with her close friend Addison Wade. And when things begin to take place in life as per expectation, Camilla LaRue begins to think that she has achieved all that she could probably want. Shortly after, Landon Palazzo comes back to Portland after spending 12 years in the Navy as a fighter pilot. He intends to continue with his family business in the construction field. When he sees Camilla LaRue after such a long time, he realizes she is no more the little girl she used to be. Landon feels that a soft feeling is taking shape in his heart for Camilla. He wishes to make this gorgeous restaurateur, his own. Camilla too becomes very happy with Landon’s return and hopes he sees how much love she has in her heart for him.

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