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Publication Order of Monica Kennedy Books

From the Shadows (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Under the Marsh (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

G R Halliday is a mystery author known for his debut novel From the Shadows. The Scotland born author worked as an aerospace engineer and libertine sound engineer for many years before he decided to go full time into writing. Halliday currently lives in the rural Highlands right outside Inverness, where he enjoys swimming in the sea and mountain climbing whenever he feels like. He is often exploring the outdoors with his wife, who also happens to be his best friend.

From the Shadows

From the Shadows is the first book in the Monica Kennedy series. The book introduces DI Monica Kennedy, a beautiful woman whose detective skills are unmatched. Away from work, Monica is a single mum to a four-year-old girl named Lucy. Even though Monica’s job keeps her away from her daughter, the young girl is always on her mind. This book opens with the death of sixteen-year-old Robert. The boy gets home and goes straight to his bedroom without saying a word to his father. Unfortunately, that is the last time Robert is seen alive. Days after he goes missing, Robert’s mutilated body is discovered on the Scottish Highlands coast. It is clear that Robert was tortured before being killed, and there was a stone pushed down his throat. Standing over the body, DI Monica instinctively knows this is not the last body she will be dealing with.

Michael Bach is a social worker with a colorful past. One of Michael’s clients is missing, and he approaches the police to request them to look for him. With enough already on her plate, Monica knows that there will be no one looking for 17-year-old Nichol Morgan. Going against police procedure, Monica tells Michael to go ahead and find Nichol and even goes to the extent of handing the boy’s laptop to the social worker.

Things get thick quickly when another young boy is found dead. Now, Monica has to work with Superintendent Hately and an arrogant criminal psychologist. At the center of this story is The Watcher, an intelligent presence who is always steps ahead of the law enforcement officers. As the investigation intensifies, the police will discover that similar deaths had been recorded in the past. Monica brings her A-game to this case, and when her boss only focuses on one suspect, she is forced to go under the radar to uncover the whole truth. Michael is hoping to find Nichol alive while Monica is working hard to ensure that no other person loses their life to the ruthless serial killer.

From the Shadows is a blood-soaked and thrilling story packed with tension and suspense. The characters are all wonderful, and the inclusion of the IT geek plus the cat adds a lot to the story. Set in the stunning Scottish highland, this book is a perfect introduction to this intriguing series.

Dark Waters

Dark Waters is the second book in the Monica Kennedy series. This book tells the story of Annabelle, a young woman who enjoys taking long drives to help escape her world and traumatic past. Annabelle is speeding on a mountain road when a little girl steps out of nowhere. When she swerves to avoid hitting the girl, Annabelle loses control, and the next thing she remembers is finding herself in a dark room when a voice tells her that the Doctor is ready to see her.
Scott goes camping up the Scottish Highlands woodlands. He hears some noise outside his tent, and when he goes to check it out, Scott sees a little girl staring at him from behind the trees. That is the last time Scott is seen. Just like Annabelle, Scott finds himself in the hands of the doctor from hell. Just how many people have gone through this horrifying nightmare?

The police discover a dismembered body, and DI Monica Kennedy is called to handle the case. It has been six months since she worked with the Serious Crimes team, and with this case, it is time to work with this team again. It is hard to tell whether Monica and her team have recovered from the horrors of the last case, but with murder this serious, she has no choice but to get back to work. Monica immediately launches an investigation as she tries to identify the victim. The team narrows down the victim to two men who were reported missing. One of them was Sebastian Sinclair, the 53-year-old owner of Sinclair Enterprises. The other man is Theo Gall, a petty criminal. Even before Monica can find any worthy leads, another body turns up. The detective already knows the signs, and it is becoming clear that they are dealing with a serial killer.

Just like in the first book, Monica’s mum Angie is really interested in the current case. Mother and daughter enjoy a beautiful relationship, and Angie takes good care of Monica’s daughter when she is busy chasing the bad guys. Monica’s prowess shines more in this intriguing story, and her character is developed further. We get to know a little more about Monica’s prison officer father and the relationship they enjoyed as a family. Annabel is another intriguing character in the story. Despite the horrors she goes through, she never gives up. Will Annabel manage to survive and escape from her nightmare? Pick a copy of this book to find out.

If you like your novels dark and mysterious, you are going to love Dark Waters. The tension here starts from the first page, and you get to meet the characters, you will be desperately hoping they survive whatever awaits them. Despite all the darkness, Scotland is a beautiful setting for the story. Join Monica and her team as they search for a serial killer who has perhaps killed more people than they initially thought. Things get messy quickly here, and the rising tension will leave you at the edge of your seat. This book is a perfect blend of crime and horror, making it ideal for fans of these genres.

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