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Publication Order of The Voices Books

G.X. Todd is an upcoming English author of horror, thriller, and science fiction novels. She started her writing career in 2017 with her successful novel called Defender. Recently, she published her second book called Hunted. Both the books are a part of The Voices book series. Author Todd has planned to add two more titles to this series before moving on to a different novel series. Todd’s first name is Gemma, but she answers to all sorts of nicknames like GX, GXT, Gem, Toddy, GT, etc. Before deciding to enter the field of writing, Todd used to work as a librarian in the West Midlands, The United Kingdom. Todd believes that she has been sent on earth for eating Mint Chocolate and writing stuff from her imagination. The things that excite her quite often include book-reading and writing, playing PS4, book editing, visiting libraries, watching movies, listening to music, blogging, pursuing healthy diet, and going on road trips.

Todd is represented by the literary agent Camilla Wray from Darley Anderson Literary, Television, and Film Agency. This agency has helped her in publishing the hardback and paperback editions of her first two books. Todd is looking forward to publishing her next couple of books also with the same publishing agency. Currently, she is a resident of the West Midlands and carries out her literary projects from the comfort of her home. In 2002, Todd earned a degree in history from Birmingham University. After that, she got employed in public library work. Todd used to drive a library van in and around the region of Black Country. Even today, she likes to indulge in exciting activities during her spare times.

Usually, Todd loves to ride motorbikes on sunny afternoons or playing with Lego sets. Her debut novel has been reviewed as an impressive debut that makes the readers question their own thoughts. Its story is set in a distant future where most of the population has become insane by hearing strange voices in their heads. The story is described by critics as thought-provoking, scary, and exciting. A number of readers from different parts of the world felt intrigued by the story as they continued to read it. The success of the novel gave Todd a much-required boost at the start of her literary career. She gained a lot of confidence from the worldwide praise of her book and went on to complete another exciting book having the same setting. Todd hopes that the readers and critics will like all her future books just like they have appreciated her first book.

Todd says that she first realized to become a writer when she was 14 years old. Her father had brought a laptop from work for her to spent time with during her 6-week long summer holiday. Inside of just passing the time by playing games, Todd decided to use it productively. The first thought that came to her mind in this regard was writing a fantasy story. When Todd got this idea, she felt like she was heading in the right direction. In her own words, Todd describes Defender’s premise as a road trip across a land ruled by fear and paranoia. People in this strange land hear voices that had lead to murder, mayhem, and suicide of a major part of the population 7 years earlier. Todd came up with the idea of this novel when she was thinking about what ways would people adopt to deal with intense loneliness. This thought was followed by her discovery of the theory of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. After this, the various events of the story began to fall in place one after the other.

Todd has created the central characters for her books in the roles of Lacey and Pilgrim. She has described Pilgrim as a loner, while Lacey is seen as a cheerful and naive teen. Pilgrim and Lacey are total opposites of each other in every sense. Even though Todd is a British citizen, she has chosen to set the events of her books in America saying that it is a matter of personal choice for her. She loves all the American movies, TV shows, and books, and also loves to visit the US for holidays. Todd didn’t have to carry out a lot of research work before writing her novels. Most of her preparation was theoretical as she had to learn about the theories and psychology about human consciousness and inner voices. The major influences in Todd’s life and career have been the works of authors like Matheson, Vonnegut, Wyndham, and King. When Todd is not busy with her writing projects, she likes to unwind herself by playing LEGO. She considers it an exciting hobby to switch off & relax. She looks forward to publishing her future novels and making new fans. Todd hopes to achieve a lot of success in the years to come.

G.X. Todd’s debut book entitled ‘Defender’ was released by the Headline publication in 2017. It is an imaginative thriller set in a new world in which mankind faces its biggest threat from the voices coming from their head. The story opens by showing that drinks are quite short in supply in the new world. When a stranger is told by his inner voice to purchase lemonade from a girl sitting nearby, he gets locked to her permanently. This makes them realize that the inner voices are dangerous. Those who listen to it try to keep it to themselves. In a similar circumstance, Pilgrim gets acquainted with Lacey. They realize that the voices have some purpose, but they exactly know what those purposes are. So, they set out to get to the bottom of this intriguing mystery to save themselves and other humans from the dangers.

The next book of the series is known as ‘Hunted’. It was also published by Headline in 2018. Author Todd has mentioned the lead characters as Albus, Lacey, Ruby, and Pilgrim. This story also opens by depicting that a man gets driven by an unknown voice. He struggles with it and tries to save his sanity before he ends up taking his own life as many others. When he learns that he must find a girl whose voice matches his own, he sets out to accomplish this single goal. In a remote inn located near the coast, a boy without tongue gathers team members to tackle the voice. Albus looks to find Lacey as soon as possible and complete the mission started by his sister. Just like the previous novel, this novel also depicts the raging battle between the Good & Evil with the hope that humanity will prevail against all odds.

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    I need to order the last 3, Hunted, Survivor. Not sure of last title.

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      Ghosts is the final book in the series. Just a note we only list books we don’t sell them.


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