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Gabby Noone is an American published author.

In addition to being a fiction writer, Noone also aspires to be a contestant on a game show. She has written a lot and some of her writing has been showcased in publications such as SSENSE, the Cut, the Hairpin, Jezebel, Rookie, and several more.

Noone is also proud to say that her tweets on social media site Twitter have also been the feature of many different list articles. While she grew up in Pennsylvania in Abington, she now resides in Brooklyn in New York.

Gabby Noone first became a published author in print in 2020. This is when her full length fictional novel Layoverland made its publication debut. If you are a fan of the television show The Good Place or Dead Like Me or Pushing Daisies, this is a great and quirky well written book with the touch of romance that you may have been searching for! Heartfelt and gently sweet, Noone has penned a young adult romance story that is the perfect read for individuals no matter what age you are.

Layoverland has a totally unique premise that will have readers interested and hooked from the very start. This is the story of two teenage people that have passed over from the world of the living into what comes after. Most people say that you only know what happens after you die once you are dead, and that could not be more true in this slightly dark romantic comedy.

When these two people go to the afterlife, they may find that purgatory is more than just a place that is talked about in church. While one of them is determined to try and make up for the sins that they committed while they were on Earth and the other is dealing with their plans to go to heaven, it may end up being turned all upside down once they start to develop feelings for each other.

The main character in this book is Beatrice Fox. She’s a young woman that has ended up in the place that she least expected to be. If you asked her, she would probably say that she shouldn’t be going to heaven and should be going to hell instead. That’s what Beatrice believes. She woke up from a bad car accident that proved to be fatal and just like the people on LOST, finds herself seated on some random airplane.

Beatrice has no idea where the plane is going and doesn’t remember buying a ticket, much less boarding a plane to go jet set in the sky. She’s pretty confused. Somewhere in there she knows that she had a negative impact on Emmy, her younger sister, the last fateful day that she was alive on the planet. That’s a pretty big burden to carry, because she loves her more than any other person in the world.

The plane does eventually land and Beatrice is able to get out once it does. Safe on solid land, she then finds out some news that would shake stronger people to the core of their boots. Bea has officially found herself in purgatory. The good news is that she does have a shot at getting into heaven and walking through those pearly gates. The catch is that Bea is going to have to do a lot of local charity work in order to make it to that point.

If Bea actually wants to be able to take that plane ride all the way up to heaven out of purgatory, then she must take on a large task. She’s going to have to work to assist a total of five thousand souls and work with them to discover just what it is that is blocking them when it comes to moving on into the great beyond. It’s not going to be easy, but what other choice does she have if she wants to get to a place that is promised to be significantly better than the one she is in?

Bea decides to take this on but doesn’t anticipate that it’s going to be as tough as it is. For instance, she has no idea that one of the first souls that she is going to be assigned to work with is a guy named Caleb. He also played an important role in her life when she was alive, as he was the one who technically was responsible for causing that horrible accident that got her killed.

This does not escape Bea, and she notes in thinking to herself that he’s not exactly a person that she would be excited about assisting to the point that he goes to heaven. She’s still experiencing resentment for what happened while they were alive. On one hand, her lesser nature thinks that it might be better for him to go through purgatory. He can be an ear to the endless problems that souls have and deal with all of the details that make this place not as fun as the better one waiting upstairs.

On the other hand, she is starting to notice that Caleb might have merits outside of the reasons she has to dislike him. Bea continues to work with Caleb despite her personal misgivings. Along the way, she starts to pick up on the fact that he’s sort of attractive. He also has some sweet elements to his personality. She’s trying to keep the interactions professional, but could it be that she is starting to fall for this guy?

She can’t do anything about the fact that she’s already passed out of the land of the living. But if she keeps to the track of helping souls, then eventually she’s got to get into heaven. Bea is attempting to start things off on the right foot and make her time spent hanging out in purgatory count for something. Could her attraction to Caleb derail her plans to get out? Or will her feelings about his role in the accident overcome everything as she pursues revenge? Read Layoverland by Gabby Noone to find out!

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