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Gabe Habash is an American author that is most commonly known for ‘Stephen Florida’, his debut novel. The book delves into the dark aspects of wrestling.

Gabe’s foray into publishing isn’t the biggest surprise. After all, the author graduated from the New York University MFA program. Gabe Habash is also an editor for Publishers Weekly. So he understands literature better than most people.

Gabe knows what works in the industry and what doesn’t work. So it might come as a surprise for some of his fans when they learn that he encountered over sixty rejections during his efforts to get a book published.

Unlike most authors, Gabe Habash was not an avid reader as a child. In fact, as a high school student, the author thought that he would spend the rest of his life making movies. So much of Gabe’s time during those years was spent making silly little movies with his friends.

And when he wasn’t dreaming about making movies, Gabe was playing video games. Sufficing to say, Gabe had little interest in the musings of literature’s greatest authors. And it wasn’t until he got to college that Gabe discovered the wonders of the written word.

‘Sometimes a Great Notion’ was the first book to truly astound the author. And it wasn’t long before Gabe moved on to ‘All the King’s Men’ and then ‘Letters to Yesenin’. By this point in time, there was no better pass time for Gabe than reading stories.

Pretty soon, the author had set his sights on the MFA Program which, in turn, set him on the path to joining Publisher’s Weekly as an editor.

+Literary Career

Gabe Habash did not initially set out to write books for others to read. Gabe thought he had what it took to write a book. But he needed proof. So he sat down and began putting a few ideas down. Gabe remembers writing specifically for his own personal use.

He had no intention of revealing the story he wrote to anyone. He didn’t even tell anyone that he was writing a book. However, his determination to succeed was such that, even in the absence of pressure from friends and family, Gabe kept hacking away at his book, never neglecting his work in this arena.

Gabe Habash is most commonly known for ‘Stephen Florida’. However, ‘Stephen Florida’ was not Gabe’s first novel. In fact, it was the frustrations surrounding his previous attempts at getting a publisher that drove Gabe to work so hard on ‘Stephen Florida’.

Gabe had the foresight to realize that the manuscript of his first book was bad. So he never even attempted to get his published. With his second novel, Gabe was a little more confident. He went looking for publishers but no one was interested.

And after thirty-seven rejections, Gabe gave up and decided to write another book. So technically ‘Stephen Florida’ is Gabe Habash’s third novel, though it is definitely the author’s first successful writing project.

It takes a special kind of writer to follow in Gabe’s footsteps. Even though he knew his first novel was terrible, the idea of his second novel being rejected so many times still stung for Gabe. The fact that no one wanted to read his second writing attempt should have broken Gabe’s confidence.

However, Gabe only grew more frustrated. He learned to focus that frustration into his third novel. He was determined to prove that he was the writer he always presumed. Interestingly enough, Gabe had to deal with thirty rejections for ‘Stephen Florida’ before a publisher came in at the last moment and saved Gabe from what would have been a deadly blow.

Gabe has suggested that his rejections made him a better writer. He learned to use the pain and frustration of his real life in the stories of his novels. So much of Gabe’s negative memories manifested through Stephen Florida.

Gabe’s debut novel was praised for the thrilling insight it provided about Wrestling. The fact that Gabe can make wrestling sound so interesting is an amazing feat, especially seeing as the author knows very little about the sport.

In fact, the only sport Gabe has ever cared about is basketball. Gabe had to watch hours upon hours of wrestling matches on Youtube in order to get an intimate understanding of the activity. And even then, making the actual wrestling a worthwhile read wasn’t the easiest task. Gabe had read plenty of sports-related novels by then and most of them suffered when it came to describing the actual goings on of their sport.

Gabe seems to have a knack for bringing to life the grace and power behind wrestling in a few short words. The author has a way of not growing stale with his descriptions. He also makes the reading of dark and depressing material compelling, even amongst audiences that generally do not gravitate towards that sort of content.

Gabe Habash is generally expected to become the next big thing in publishing.

+Stephen Florida.

Stephen Florida is a college student approaching his senior year. Stephen has always been enthusiastic about wrestling. So when he sets his sights on the Championships, he is determined to win. There is no place for losing in the athlete’s plan. And he is more than ready to bleed for his dreams.

However, things do not exactly go according to plan.

Gabe Habash’s debut novel won him the adoration of fans everywhere. His book takes a difficult look at the life of an orphan striving for excellence.

Stephen’s life is spiraling. Not only is the death of his parents are never ending source of confusion but he doesn’t always do a great job of controlling his impulses. Stephen is only ever at peace when he is wrestling.

Stephen used his three years at school to stand out as a wrestler. However, that recognition does little to quell Stephen’s desire for success on a larger stage. Stephen wants to win the Division IV NCAA championships.

However, life takes a bleak turn when Stephen suffers an injury and is forced to contend with the idea that everything he has worked so hard to achieve might go down the drain. Stephen does not respond well to the possibility of failure. This book is told from the first person perspective. Stephen is the narrator.

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