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Publication Order of Gabriel Allon Books

The Kill Artist (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The English Assassin (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Confessor (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Death in Vienna (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prince of Fire (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Messenger (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Servant (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moscow Rules (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Defector (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rembrandt Affair (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Portrait of a Spy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fallen Angel (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The English Girl (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heist (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The English Spy (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Widow (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
House of Spies (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Woman (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The New Girl (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Order (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cellist (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Portrait of an Unknown Woman (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Collector (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Death in Cornwall (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gabriel Allon Biography:

Daniel Silva created the character, Gabriel Allon, who plays a leading role in his thriller and spy novels, focussing on Intelligence of Israel. The Kill Artists released in the year 2000 is the first book to feature Allon. The character was continued in the second of the series, The English Assassin, released in the year 2002 and then became a regular. The career of Gabriel Allon in Daniel Silva’s novel began in the year 1972.

During this year, Ari Shamron plucked Allon and several others including Eli Lavon were pulled out from their civilian routine lives and asked to partake in the Operation titled Wrath of God. This operation was being carried out to avenge the killing of Israeli athletes in the Munich. It involved hunting down and getting rid of all those who were responsible for the deaths of athletes. This operation is mentioned in the books of Daniel Silva throughout the life of the character, Allon.

As per author Daniel Silva, Gabriel is the Sabra (a Jewish person who is born in Palestine). Raised as Jewish, his first language is German. Brought up in a secular home situated in Jezreel Valley, Allon was not at all acquainted with the Shabbat candles. He came to know about them when he became an adult. Throughout his series of novels based on Allon, the author has established that an Allon’s mother had survived the grim Holocaust.

Allon’s mother never discussed her past with him. His mother’s reluctance to reveal her past with him attributes partly to Gabriel Allon being a remarkable spy and a governor of secrets. The books do not throw much light onto the character’s father. The readers just know that Allon’s father was born and brought up in Munich, survived the holocaust, just like Allon’s mother and that he died in a Six day war.

According to Ari Shamron, the mentor (character) of Allon, his (Allon’s) name has a reason behind it. It was his mother who named him Gabriel. She believed that while Michael remains the highest angel, Gabriel is the mightiest. According to her, he defends Israel from the accusers and that he is the angel of the judgement. Daniel Silva has described the character Gabriel Allon in detail. Several books within the series mention about Allon and his hold on different languages.

The books confirm that he speaks English, German, Hebrew, Italian as well as French fluently. He can even speak Good Arabic along with Spanish. His grandfather happens to be the most popular German Expressionism painter based in Berlin, who passed on this talent of his two daughters and then to his grandson, Allon, before being killed in 1943 at Auschwitz. In the series, Allon served on Israel Defence Forces’ Special Force.

He was even a student of Art in Jerusalem. It was during this time that Ari Shamron chose him for vengeance. Being the main assassin in this team, he was unable to paint due to the operation that lasted for three years. He decides to return to studies and thus starts restoring art in Italy. This role of his continues to become a major part of his life. The series mention that in January in the year 1991, he was on an assignment in the city of Vienna. His vehicle was bombed, which resulted in serious consequences. While his son dies, his wife, Leah, is inflicted with serious injuries. His wife survives and starts living in the psychiatric hospital at Mount Herzl, which is very close to the place, Mount of Olives, where her son with Gabriel Allon is buried. Allon desired to propose Chiara for a wedding. But, his first preferred making peace with the ghost of his son, which frequents them often.

Daniel Silva never explicitly mentioned the time and year of the setting of his books. However, at times they are references to the events of the real world like the change of the American presidency and other similar events, which gave a hint of the year. The team of Allon is known by a code, Barak, which serves as the name that stands for lightning in Hebrew. Most characters of his team are frequently in different books of the series. Various members of the team of Gabriel Allon are present in the series.

Of them, Ari Shamron is a Jew born in Poland, who survived the Holocaust. He plays the role of the mentor to Allon and is the same person who recruits him for the operation titled Wrath of God. Chiara Allon is one of the other members and later becomes his wife. He met her in the third book of the series. Uzi Navot, Eli Lavon, Shimon Pazner, Dina Sarid, Rimona Stern, Mikhail Abramov, Yaakov Rossman, Oded and Mordecai are the others who play the role of members of Allon’s team. The team members, trained in combat, help Allon during extremely physical and fatal aspects of the operation like hand to hand tussle, interrogations, kidnappings, executions, etc.

The recurring characters in the series by Daniel Silva are Sarah Bancroft, the CIA officer, Graham Seymour, the deputy general of MI5, Adrian Carter, the CIA director (operations) and Julian Isherwood, Isherwood Fine Arts’ owner. Daniel Silva released several books in the series featuring Gabriel Allon. The first one was The Kill Artist, which was released in the year 2000. Subsequently in the year 2002, The English Assassin was released. The Confessor was released in the year 2003.

Others were released in the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and the last one, The English Girl, in the year 2013. Gabriel remains one of the very memorable spy characters. An agent for the Government of Israel, he works under cover. He is mentioned to be a ruthless person who is cold in appearance during work. He is shown to be doing work that is necessary. His wife and son meant the world to him. His son’s death and wife’s injury brought his world to an end.

He passed through the grief struck period, towards the end of which he decided and did leave the secretive world. In order to make a living, he resorted to his previous love, art and design. Towards the end of the series, Allon is in his 50s, one of the best agents, committed to righteousness, and loyal to friends.

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21 Responses to “Gabriel Allon”

  1. Mahatma Coy: 8 months ago

    All of you who have said you will not read Daniel Silva because you say he is anti-Christian or anti-American are exercising your right to walk away. You are, unfortunately, weak in your Christian strength and possess a childlike understanding of realpolitik. We will pray for your maturity and growth.

    • Mary S,: 7 months ago

      How in the world could Gabriel’s character possibly be anti Christian, when in one novel we see that he is friends with the (fictional) Pope and his closest “servant,” and Gabriel literally takes a bullet for the Pope, after barely discovering the plot to murder the Pope and bomb the Vatican, in time to save his life. He is, in fact, clandestinely helping to establish relations between Israel and the Vatican, both as a secret friend and intelligence officer. (In another novel, Gabriel commits to something similar in agreeing to find the kidnaped daughter of the fictional Muslim Saudi Arabian prince, despite knowing the man was responsible for giving the orders to murder and dispose of a journalist who wrote opposing opinions and lived outside the Arab Emirates… obviously a fiction based on the real journalist Khashoggi’s murder). This theme of relationships with the Pope and the Vatican has carried through in several novels, including one where the former archbishop who served the Pope, becomes the newly elected and anointed Pope after the former one dies under suspicious circumstances. Gabriel is asked by the archbishop, to investigate the cause of death and discovers a plot among some secretly virulently antisemitic, white supremacist archbishops to take over the Church… and they had arranged to have the former Pope murdered. His servant contacts Gabriel as one of the few friends of the Church whom he can trust, to discover the truth… which Gabriel accomplishes. It puts the novel’s Vatican back on track, roots out the hateful minority of archbishops and stops their plot, so we can see that Gabriel’s character is far from anti-Christian. And frankly, I found the details of how the Pope is secretly elected, all the politics and rituals, to be fascinating.

      I don’t see anything anti Christian in this protagonist. I am impressed with the real-world details and documented facts that author Silva researches thoroughly and weaves into his novels. I’m very impressed with this series. It has depth of character and plot, made even more engrossing by weaving in past and recent world news. He does a ton of research on even how art restorers do,their job. And even the author’s epilogues, list of resources, bibliography and explanations at the end of the book are read-worthy.

      Chuckling… Silva’s series is far from anti Christian. Being a Jewish spy, whose mother was a survivor of the camps, working for Israel’s survival against overwhelming odds, doesn’t automatically make the protagonist anti Christian. One can be Jewish and not hate Christians… LOL! He’s a Jewish character with a Jewish Israeli viewpoint, Everything that’s said is researched thoroughly and based in documented history and facts. No Christian proselytization will be found between the covers, it’s a Jewish Israeli viewpoint, maybe that’s what disappoints that miniority of complainers. The people complaining who are unhappy, have a right to their own opinions. No one will twist their arms to read the series. But they’re missing out on some exciting stories, and interesting scenes.

  2. Mark: 11 months ago

    I am 174 pages into the Heist which is what prompted me to look up the character Gabriel Gabriel because I think the story was is great as is the character and I wanted to see if he was in any other books by Daniel Silva & lo and behold, a grip more! The 1st of his The Unlikely Spy I really could not get into past 20-30 pages and this is the only other book that I had and I I’m into and it’s really good.

    Should use their fiction books as a platform for their beliefs & ideals. I will hunt the other books in the series down I find them.

    The other thing that most religions have in common is that before there was transatlantic flight, shipping and the internet many, cultures around the globe had religious beliefs and most of them spoke in similar tones with very similar messages: love thy neighbor & not covet his wife. Don’t steal, kill, overeat, be lazy, treat others the way you would like to be treated (respectfully) This leads me to believe One Creator with the same messages.

    Usually a subject I stay away from & do not share however I just thought I’d have to say my piece. And I agree he’s a good author but he’s going to say things like that he should write a book about it a standalone book and leave it at that.

    • Marcia: 10 months ago

      Like you, I stumbled across a book about Gabriel Allon (a book sale) but it was four years before I got around to reading it.
      I then discovered I’d read book 8 in the series so had to search for the others.
      It was the first time I’ve managed to stick with an entire book series and thankfully I’ve found the last ten I needed on Amazon.
      I’ll be very sad to reach the end and only have three to go.
      The one thing I admire about the author is the way he weaves truth into each story.
      If you read his notes at the end of each book, Mr Silva discusses at length how, “if it was true” it would be similar to….and he goes on to state real occurrences, with names, dates, various governments.
      In other words, the books though fiction, may well have a grain of truth hidden throughout them.
      They’re definitely not all to do with religious beliefs and practices but more with the influences of religious beliefs on government and various countries.

  3. Contrary: 2 years ago

    I also love Daniel Silva’s books and I’m sorry that so many people have been upset about his recent writings. He, as all of us, has a right to his own beliefs. You can choose to read them or not. I am not a Jew but I can appreciate their history and suffering throughout mankind. I believe there are many paths to heaven and Mr. Silva does an amazing job in all of his research. To me, many of his writings are thought provoking and can push people into their own research, etc. The bible was written a few hundred years after the death of Christ, so do we really believe that everything in it is absolute. It would be nice if people were more open minded and looked at and/or studied on their own. All religions have one thing in common, there is a greater being throughout all of them, even though they may go by different names. Could it be that different religions are taught for the many different countries and peoples of the world. Who can truly say Christianity is the one and only true religion. Think about what Christians did to the American Indians of our country.

  4. Grace Malone: 2 years ago

    I began reading the Gabriel Allon series after being given a few books during the first wave of lockdown, I now have the complete set and have been reading them in order, I have been enthralled by each book , love the storytelling, don’t want them to end, keep going Daniel you are an amazing writer, these are books that I would gladly re read, love love love them x

  5. Nancy Campbell: 2 years ago

    I am absolutely addicted to Daniel Silva’s books. The Gabriel Allon series is so exciting & fast paced & has me on the edge of my seat, can’t wait to read them all. I don’t care about Mr. Silva’s views on Christianity nor his views on politics etc. His opinions don’t bother me in the least as I have my own views. As long as I am entertained with a great read I am happy, keep them coming Mr. Silva. Incredible writer.

    • Srinivasan: 2 years ago

      Love his books. They are fast reading and gets you engrossed in the characters. While it is mostly about Israel it is also mixed with other international politics. Mixed with some facts but mostly fiction his books are a pleasure to read. I am a voracious reader having read many different authors – same genre – I have come to like him. Highly recommended if you like spy fictions

  6. Mike Wilson: 3 years ago

    OOOOODOOOOOOOOOOO don’t some of Daniel S’ readers have thin skins!!! It’s fiction and if the USA readers believe in a democracy, though one could be excused and worried that a disturbing proportion of that country’s citizens don’t. No one stuck a gun in your ear and forced you to read the comments. Christianity and every civilized nation in the world has blood on its hands. I’m English, we stand guilty of cruel treatment of people the length and breadth of the world. If Siva’s pompous critics believe that their country is beyond reproach, then they’re deaf, blind and daft. Can’t wait for the next Gabriel A novel – just do it Daniel, soon.

  7. Ann Bernstein: 3 years ago

    I and my husband, a retired attorney, love Silva’s boos. We’ve read all of them and look forward to his next book. Such a good read!

  8. Jo Anne Torkildson: 3 years ago

    I agree with Louise Barbin. I enjoyed the earlier Allon books for the most part, but the author’s political opinions and bashing of Christianity has infiltrated his writing to the point that it is no longer enjoyable to me. I will not be reading any more of these books past The Order.

    • Patricia: 2 years ago

      I have enjoyed the Gabriel Allon books. I believe the opinions and beliefs of Mr Silva should NOT be included in a work of fiction. Knowing his ties of his wife with fake news CNN and his hatred of America I will no longer be reading his work. The US will be imploding and circling the drain. Enemies from within!!!!!

  9. Louis Barbin: 3 years ago

    I have read and enjoyed the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva.

    I just finished, “The Order”, which I also enjoyed, except for his decision to use this novel to attempt to cast doubt on the origins of my Christian faith. The Gospel of Pontius Pilot. Of course, this book is pure fiction as all Mr Silva’s novels are.

    However, after he finishes his fiction, “The Order”, Mr. Silva takes it upon himself to present his thoughts on a case against the Christian Faith, even casting doubt on Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

    If Mr. Silva wishes to cast doubt by presenting his opinions on writings by non-believers, it is criminal in my opinion that he tossed his thoughts on this matter into his work of fiction. His unsuspecting readers are slapped in the face by Mr. Silva’s case against the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and his apostles gospels detailing the story of Christ’s life and death.

    If Mr Silva needs to attack the Christian Faith, let him write a separate, non-fiction book about his feelings against the accounts of Christ’s life written by his apostles, and title it as such. I for one am not interested in his opinions about my Christian Faith. Mr Silva is indeed, Satan Personnified.

    Shame on him.

    NOTE: Thus website is refusing to post my opinion about disliking Mr Silva’s decision to use his fiction platform to include after the end of the novel, The Order, a strictly non-fiction case against the authenticity of my Christian Faith, saying that I’ve already posted this opinion or something similar. This is a blatant lie! (Unless there is another Louis Barbin in the “bazarro world” of this website.)

    Sincerely, Louis Barbin

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      “NOTE: Thus website is refusing to post my opinion about disliking Mr Silva’s decision to use his fiction platform to include after the end of the novel, The Order, a strictly non-fiction case against the authenticity of my Christian Faith, saying that I’ve already posted this opinion or something similar. This is a blatant lie! (Unless there is another Louis Barbin in the “bazarro world” of this website.)”

      We weren’t refusing. We just manually approve every comment due to spam.

    • Larry Hairston: 3 years ago

      I have read 17 of Mr. Silva’s Gabriel Allon series, plus The Unlikely Spy which I have read twice. However, based on Mr. Barbin’s complaint, I will not be reading any more. I, too am a Christian, and I will not knowingly contribute to someone who bashes my faith. Sad, because I am a strong proponent of Israeli and my faith teaches me that there is a wonderful future for all Jews in their native lands.

    • Robert Colburn: 3 years ago

      I will not read Silva’s latest book, based on recent reviews and his attack on Christianity.
      A shame, as I’ve enjoyed the Gabriel Allon series.

  10. Carol: 3 years ago

    Just discovered the Gabriel Allon books. I have plenty of catching up to do. Nothing like great books! I’m hooked.

  11. Jim Reilly: 3 years ago

    Sophisticated prose, intriguing plots. Have read 18 books thus far, will read the next three, and hope Silva continues the masterful series.

  12. Oswaldo Reyes: 6 years ago

    I have been reading books avidly and writing reviews for numerous websites for 16 years and I have to honestly say that the Gabriel Allon series is definitely one of the GREATEST book series i have ever read.

  13. Hemlock Row: 8 years ago

    The Gabriel Allon series is by far the best of this genre. Beyond just fascinating descriptions of spy tradecraft and great action, the writing is very accomplished, and the characters are all memorable and interesting. Lee Child is a good storyteller. Stephen Hunter is that too, and a fine writer. But Daniel Silva is a above and beyond. I am on book 9 of the series and look forward to reading them all. Then, I am sure, I will read them all again.

    • Rebecca Givens: 3 years ago

      I agree with those who stated Mr. Silva’s writing has become very anti-christian. He apparently is very anti-American as well. This last book, The Cellest was good until the end where Silva spends whole chapters bashing America and the Conservatives who live here. His retelling of Jan 6th is completely wrong, as well as, irrelevant to the overall story. I also was disappointed in his weaving Covid into the story. I read fictional books to escape real life; not to have it thrown in my face.


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