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Publication Order of Gabriel De Sade Books

Many authors prefer to write books that transcend genres. On the flip side, this often leads to bibliographies that are a mish-mash of genres and it does not necessarily mean suchlike authors are proficient in all of them. Luckily for Eric Meyer, he specializes virtually exclusively in the mystery-thriller niche.

First of all, Eric Meyer is a penman and he was born in London upon England. In the context of undergraduate education, Meyer schooled at Cardiff-based University of Wales whereby he took political studies. Thereafter, Meyer joined the Senior Service wherein he served in different units including Commandos and Royal Marines Reserve. During his stint, Meyer also worked in various Special Forces colleges in the position of an instructor.

Eric Meyer: Inspiration and Background
Eric Meyer conducts research on historic military conflicts, the reasons that caused it and how it developed. Meyer’s military service coupled with his findings on military engagements, has motivated a considerable part of his literary work. Gabriel De Sade series is somewhat connected with his research, particularly the Afghan War—at least from the perspective of protagonist Gabriel De Sade.

Led by the United States hard on the heels of the September 11 attacks, the Afghan War was a military invasion wherein American forces stormed into Afghanistan in October 2001 and evacuated in December 2014 after a period of 13 years; the objective was capturing famed terrorist Osama bin Laden. Generally, the war pitted US forces and other NATO member countries most notably Canada and the UK against especially Afghanistan, Taliban, ISIL, and Al-Qaeda.

In this light, Gabriel De Sade is a war veteran of the Afghan War. During his military service in the Middle East country, De Sade was attached to Delta Force; by the way, Delta Force is a unit within the United States Army that is made up of Special Forces military men and among the military engagements that it has been involved in since its conception includes the Iraq War and the Afghan War. As such, De Sade is a battle-hardened man in virtue of seeing combat over and over again.

Gabriel De Sade: Section on Books
Eric Meyer’s bibliography comprises of especially series of books. Presently, there are three books ranging from an ongoing 1-book series, a tetralogy, and a 9-book series. In this light, the quartet is titled Gabriel De Sade series. On the one hand, Gabriel De Sade refers to the title of the said literary series. On the other hand, it denotes the name of the central character in the book series.

To labor the point, Gabriel De Sade series comprises of four books. Currently, there are five editions of the earliest book in the Gabriel De Sade series. The first edition was initially published in September 2011, entitled Killing Faith; and the novel is categorized as mystery, thriller, fiction, crime, and suspense genres.

As aforementioned, the protagonist in Eric Meyer’s Gabriel De Sade series is named Gabriel De Sade. De Sade, who has since been discharged from the military, is presently a homicide detective attached to the New York Police Department. He has some Russian ancestry; as a youthful man, De Sade was a religious person; by then, De Sade’s faith was affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church, something that augurs well for his sleuthing activities later on in the book. All in all, De Sade is a focused and daring sleuth who dares to venture into places wherein others trend softly.

The launching pad of the plot in the first book in the serialized Gabriel De Sade, Killing Faith, is a series of gory murders. The presumed serial killer is a renowned merciless murderer man called Grigory Gordieva. Gordieva is a Russian but is domiciled in the US. He is a well-off mafia don who enjoys police protection in his home country Russia thanks to his wealth. Gordieva leaves the US in a huff and travels to Russia, prompting Gabriel De Sade–alongside an FBI special agent named Faith Ward– to get out of his comfort zone and go after the fleeing suspect in a bid to arrest or kill as a last resort. Once in Russia, Gabriel De Sade’s sojourn is fraught with problems the worst being the eventual abduction of his partner by Gordieva. The ensuing story as De Sade delves into his Special Forces training to face the enemy in a foreign region lives up to its mystery-thriller niche.

Best Gabriel De Sade Books
These are the three best books in the Gabriel De Sade series. The first one is Killing Faith and has just been mentioned. The second is Loss of Faith. This is the second book in the Gabriel De Sade series and was originally published in 2011. Hereby, Gabriel De Sade has been loaned to the CIA due to his impressive achievements. When his working partner and heartthrob Faith Ward disappears, a fellow war veteran comes to his aid and together the duo embarks on an action-packed globetrotting.

The other notable book is named Death of Faith; this is the fourth book in the Gabriel De Sade series and was initially published in 2012. Hereby, Gabriel De Sade is up against well-placed, cunning, and well-heeled antagonists who have instigated gory murders that shake New York to the core.

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