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Publication Order of Gabriel Wolfe Books

Andy Maslen is a published author and the creator of Tyton Press.

Andy Maslen was born in Nottingham, in the United Kingdom. It does actually happen to be the same city known for being the home of famous character Robin Hood. The author has something in common with the character, as he also has practiced archery. He has even received an award for his skills!

This author worked in a variety of positions before transitioning to becoming a writer on a full time basis. Before being a fiction author, he was also a bartender, a shop clerk, a salesman of products that went to people’s doors, and even a cook in a restaurant.

He also worked in the field of marketing, selling business management type reports. He had a career in corporate business for some time, but after a decade of doing it, he went in a similar but more independent direction with it. Andy chose to open a writing agency called Sunfish that specializes in business writing. He has written for clients such as World Vision and Christie’s.

In addition to writing exciting fictional stories, Maslen has also put pen to paper and authored several books in the non fiction genre. These are on topics ranging from copy writing to freelancing. He lives in Wiltshire along with his family, which includes his wife and sons.

Andy Maslen is the mastermind behind the Gabriel Wolfe series. This thriller series brings all of the fast-paced action that a reader could ever want! Readers first met the main character Gabriel Wolfe in 2015 when Trigger Point was published for the first time. A second book, Blind Impact, came out shortly after. With several books in this series to check out and compelling plots, this is a series worth a look!

The debut book in the Wolfe series is titled Trigger Point. Readers get to meet Gabriel Wolfe in this first installment. The captain may no longer be with the SAS, but he has new interesting prospects coming down the pipe.

Whether these prospects are going to end up being worth his while is what Wolfe is going to have to find out. Regardless, he has a rough idea of who his most recent client is. Sir Toby Maitland is a billionaire and expects only the best. Presumably, that is why he called Gabriel.

Sir Toby would like nothing more than to employ Wolfe’s assistance in getting to political office. That’s what Wolfe has been told, anyway. However, Gabriel might just discover that Parliament happens to be the least of his wealthy boss’s ambitions.

Gabriel is not one hundred percent certain that this assignment would be worth it, but he might just have to give it a chance and find out along the way. Still, he’s keeping an eye on everything and nothing is escaping his notice. Every single detail is taken into consideration because he has a strange gut instinct talking to him about this one.

When he starts to put the pieces together, Gabriel immediately starts to suspect that Sir Toby might not be as honest and straight forward as he initially seemed. Maitland is definitely up to something and it’s all coming together somewhere behind the scenes.

With things gathering momentum, Wolfe is concerned that he might be somehow involved in the middle of a serious showdown. This assignment may end up pivoting and Wolfe ends up having to make some tough decisions if he is going to save a country and prime minister in the process.

He’s just as dedicated to his country as ever, but Gabriel knows he needs some help on this one. His sniper friend and former flame Britta Falskog is just the person to call. She’s a great sniper, tough, and the person that you want on your side.

They’ve got a number of challenges to face down and enemies to fight before they can get to the end of it all. Britta and Gabriel must face down secret cops and more in a desperate race to try and prevent a tragedy in the making.

Gabriel also has made some enemies along the way, and that isn’t helping when they start to be part of the equation. With danger gathering on every side and coming from what seems like every angle, Wolfe is starting to get desperate. The threats on not only mounting, but he is struggling to get a handle on his P.T.S.D.

The condition was something that he picked up from the last mission he ever completed as part of the SAS. When he was serving in Mozambique, something happened that still haunts him to this day. He has dreams where he sees Mickey Smith, even though Gabriel knows that he’s dead.

The past is never far behind, and Gabriel is more than tired of paying the price for what he has seen and those that he has lost. Now he must call upon the strength that he never knew that he had in order to complete an important mission.

Things are really starting to pick up. Can this private forces force of one and his reliable girl pal Britta be enough to foil an evil plan? Check out Trigger Point to discover what happens!

Andy Maslen released another thriller to follow the first in his action-packed Gabriel Wolfe series! In Blind Impact, readers get to follow along with the main character and security consultant on another wild ride.

Wolfe has returned, but he has ended up in a military hospital. This is all thanks to a run-in with a truck. Not the best situation to be in. But while he’s laid up in bed, Wolfe discovers some insider information.

It turns out that someone may be messing with top-secret RAF flights, and a performance-enhancing drug could be behind it all. The drug is quickly causing fatalities and Gabriel knows right away that the whole thing is out of control.

Wolfe has another case when Chechen separatists decide to abduct two English women. An airshow is quickly approaching on the calendar too. Can he find the women and keep pilots safe too? The clock is continually ticking. Check out Blind Impact to see whether Wolfe will succeed!

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