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About Gabriella Burnham

An American author who’s a citizen of both Brazil and the United States, Gabriella is an author who draws from a wealth of different sources. Writing from her own experience, she inflects her work with both vivid and illustrious prose, bringing the reader in through her seductive and evocative style. Giving her work her own unique voice, she really brings her subjects to life off of the page, giving them a fully tactile and grounded sense of realism.

The worlds she creates are also fast becoming well known for their imaginative and colorful style that really resonates. Taking in large grand themes of class and sexuality to name but a few, she’s managed to tell stories in a way which definitely says something too. Reaching a worldwide audience of readers from all across the globe, these stories and characters are proving to be hugely popular, as she’s gone on to become a big success.

Early and Personal Life:

Graduating from Nantucket High School in 2005 where she was raised for a large portion of her life, she would go on to pursue a career as a writer. Highly interested in literature as an art-form, she would always have a lot to say ever since she first started out, continually reading and writing. This would progress over time, as she would constantly be sharpening her skills as an author throughout her higher education.

Later receiving an MFA at the prestigious Writer’s Foundry, based in St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, she gained a qualification in creative writing. This has been backed up with fellowships which she gained at the Yaddo Corporation, along with the MacDowell Colony. Following her work she would go on to undertake a number of jobs too, all the while continuing to write at a regular and consistent pace.

Along with working as a reporter, Gabriella Burnham would also work as a creative writing teacher, as well as in immigration law. This would provide her with a vast pool of experience with which to draw from in the following years to come. Alongside her already published work, this would help to fully establish her reputation as a writer with something to say.

From living as a child in São Paulo, many from her family still live there today, something which she continues to reflect in her work. Not stopping either, she’s still writing to this day, with her first novel having been a massive success with the critics and the general public alike. Still putting out work at a regular and consistent pace, she’s a writer who will carry on for quite some time to come yet.

Writing Career:

Making her debut onto the publishing scene in 2020, Gabriella Burnham would arrive with the book ‘It Is Wood, It Is Stone’, which would make her name for her. This would establish her as an author with something important to say, showing an in-depth knowledge of her characters and the way they thought. It would also see her become a well sought after figure in the industry, with many singing her praises both far and wide.

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Burnham would work as a reporter, which provided her with a lot of material that would feed back into work. This would help her to establish her voice writing for a large audience too, giving her the tools she needed to find her own style. Coupled with her time growing up and her own background, she would bring her stories to life, allowing the reader to fully invest themselves in them.

Her themes would reflect issues of gender, sexuality, race and shared histories, all of which would tell important stories. Seen through the eyes of her expertly drawn characters, she would set herself apart, creating protagonists that truly spoke to the reader. This is something that’s set to continue, with a lot more books planned for the future, as she becomes an international success worldwide.

It Is Wood, It Is Stone:

Published through the ‘One World’ publishing label, this would originally come out in 2020 on the 30th of June. It would be a stand-alone title, not being a part of any long-running series, but it would be the first title that introduced Gabriella Burnham as an author. Celebrated by numerous critics from across the world, it would build an international appeal that many would relate to. Featured in many publications, it would quickly gain the eye of critics everywhere, with outlets such as Buzzfeed giving it a positive write-up.

Taking place over the course of a single year, the story follows three women, as their lives intersect with one another in São Paulo, Brazil. Linda is nervous as American staying in the city for a year as her husband undertakes a professorship there, leaving her feeling remote and adrift. Meanwhile Marta, her maid, has more claim to the home, and looks on with annoyance as she struggles to cope with her own countries troubled history. Then there’s Celia, a mysterious artist who charms them all, taking them on an adventure that they’ll never forget. Where will their journey take them? How will they get there? What will they learn as they see it is wood, it is stone?

Other Writing:

Working as a reporter for some time prior to publishing her first novel, Gabriella Burnham would produce work for a number of different publications. Starting out with the ‘Inquirer and Mirror’, or ‘The Inky’, which was Nantucket’s local newspaper, she would begin to hone her style here. This would continue to progress, as she would go on to work for numerous other publications throughout her higher learning.

With work appearing in The Nantucket Today too, she has made a name for herself as a writer with a strong profile. Articles of hers have also been featured in The Battersea Review and The Attic as well, all building upon her body of work. This continues to grow, as she makes more of a name for herself through her work, with more and more critics discovering her everyday.

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