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Captive (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Descent (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfect Illusion (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow Kingdom (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captive: Special Edition (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Volvode (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Singularity (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hypothetical Arguments I've won in the shower (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gabriel Estres is an author of thriller, non-fiction and fantasy books. She’s also futurist, entrepreneur and investors best known for her criticism of Facebook. Gabrielle Estres has worked for a period of almost ten years for a leading global bank where she served as an asset manager and an investment banker. Estres also works as an advisor to Private Equity Firms and Vanture Capital. She has a great passion for writing which has been seen in the books that she produces which illustrate a lot of creativity and authenticity. She is also pointed out as a great entrepreneur from the ideas that she has brought and developed in her business world.

Gabrielle Estres writing is exceptional and details much creativity; her style of brings up a story that is mind-blowing and also nicely paced. Gabrielle Estre’s notable books include The Captive, descent, Shadow Kingdom and also the voivode. Estres interaction with people from different environments and culture has significantly been of been of great benefit to her books.


Captive is a book that brings out the aspects of power, betrayal and vengeance. The story tells about the prince of Wallachia, Vlad three who is at ache after being betrayed by some people that he once greatly trusted. He is wholly determined to defend his throne against the mighty Ottoman.

His determination to defeat and destroy Sultan Mehmed who previously was his closest friends he does the unimaginable. He descends into hell and in return for victory on this issue offers up his soul. His actions are fueled by bitterness and the thirst for revenge after the occurrence of a betrayal. Without knowledge and second thought, the prince crafts a diabolical plan that will have grave effects on both the guilty and the innocent. He cannot see the mess he is about to create as his mind is filled with the thirst for revenge against Sultan Mehmed.

Things however take a twisted turn when he spots an innocent girl, Kathrine and ends up falling in love with her. He finds himself in a dilemma between love and vengeance which makes him have a hard time deciding which path to follow. Every side wants the better of the prince, and it is at this point that he notices the consequences of his hasty decision. The story progresses to a turn of events that engrave the life of the prince and other people Wallachia.
Gabrielle Estres gives the readers creativity at its best in her novel, Captive. The unexpected turn of things, suspense and tormenting occurrences and situations in the book give the story an incredible taste. It is a book that can be described as moving, harrowing, thrilling, and emotional and utterly captivating.


Descent is another investigative and fiction book by Estres. The murder of a professor at Cambridge University sparkles light and search into a secret that has been hidden away by many influential people in the past for a period of six centuries. The extent of damage it is likely to course is overly dangerous and can cause grievous effect if it is uncovered.

Dr. Andrea Hendrick receives a parcel immediately after the death of her mentor. The contents are too dangerous and were heavily guarded by the popes, kings and emperors who were the authorities in the past. What makes it even more complicated is the note attached to the parcel telling her to be very careful. She takes over the research to connect facts from the information presented to her as she is convinced that the issue is connected to the death of her mentor. As she goes through this, she discovers that what was being followed by the professor is a secret that had been hidden away by the church in combination with the kings and emperors of that time.

The deeper she goes into the discoveries, the more dangerous it becomes as she even notices that she is being targeted. Unbelievable things come alive in the life of dr Hendrickson as she unravels huge darkness that had been regarded as myths and historical stories turn into reality.

Horror, mysteries and so much fear are some of the elements Gabrielle Estres has added in her book. The readers is transported right to the midst of all the events happenings and at the same time grabs the attention of the reader making them want to know more and more of the events that follow.

Shadow King

Shadow King is a fiction crime story set in the business world bringing out a mystery and the element of crime. Alex King is working for a major US bank as the head of investment and corporate banking. Through advising multinational funds and corporates, he has made for himself an incredible career.

One of his clients gives him a job and what he finds out turns to be a nightmare. Mistakes and irregularities that he finds in the books of this client put him into a global conspiracy. In short, he enters into a situation that has the potential to cost him, his life. He starts off on a regular job, but instead, he ends up in one of the biggest messes that a person in his position can find themselves. Things go from worse to worst as he seeks to unravel the matter to regain his career, but things are too hot for him already.

The author has created what can only be termed as excellent and which definitely hold your attention on beginning to read it out. The mystery put here make you ponder on the same along with king in the attempt to find that they are. It is emotional as one can almost fee; the problems that king is going through so as unravel the truth of this matter. Her setting is excellent, and also the choice of characters that she has in the book is also incredible. It has borrowed heavily from her long experience in the banking industry thus making it possible to come up with this book.

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