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Feeding the Demons (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Gabrielle Lord
Gabrielle Lord was born February 26, 1946 in Sydney Australia, and has been described as Australia’s first lady of crime, and has won two Ned Kelly Awards.

She survived being ‘razed’ by the nuns, and was able to somehow acquire an education despite this. And after working in many fields: sales, brick-cleaning, peach-picking and packing, teaching, and in the Public Service as an employment officer, began seriously writing when she was thirty.

Gabrielle’s first two manuscripts wound up composting the tomatoes in her market garden, another of her attempts to make a living for herself. However the third one, called “Fortress”, was picked up internationally and made into a feature length film that starred Rachel Ward.

One of her later novels, called “Whipping Boy”, was made into a telemovie and starred Sigrid Thornton. The film rights money, which coincided with her daughter leaving school, allowed her to quit her job. Instead of waking at 4:30 AM and writing for many hours before she went to work, she could write full time and lead a much more normal life of a writer. Things such as: doing work experience with a busy private security business, badgering forensic anthropologists (she studied a bit of Anatomy at Sydney university), and hanging around with detectives and scientists. And obviously doing the actual writing.

Gabrielle believes that research is everything. From her contacts with experts she gets not just the fine-tuning which is necessary for the savvy readers of today, but also some fantastic images and incidents which enlarge and enrich her work.

Her interests are rather simple. After her misspent youth, she doesn’t have too many brain cells left. So she enjoys chatting with close friends, feeding her goldfish, being with her family and grandchildren, singing, walking, meditation, gardening, keeping up to date with enlightened psychotherapy and bodywork.

“Spiking the Girl” is the third novel in the “Gemma Lincoln” series and was released in the year 2004. Private Investigator Gemma Lincoln agrees to investigate one missing student from the exclusive ‘Netherleigh Park Ladies’ College’, she finds herself getting pulled into a double murder case that is surrounded by a wall of silence. Her best friend, Detective Sergeant Angie McDonald assists, however Angie is crazy in love, overworked, and unsupported by her incompetent superior officer.

Her other cases include a grieving widower still wanting to know what happened with his wife’s remains, this woman whose former husband continues to terrorize her at night, and a young lady that wants DNA material from one famous sporting figure that might be her dad. And there is the elderly mom of Gemma’s piano instructor, that swears that there is ‘an animal’ in her second storey flat and wants a surveillance camera put in so she can prove it. Every instinct warns her that she is the one that is under surveillance.

Gabrielle has written the “48 Hours” series, the “Conspiracy 365” series, the “Jack McCain” series, and the “Gemma Lincoln” series, as well as some stand alone novels. Her books for young adults and adults.

“January” is the first novel in the “Conspiracy 365” series and was released in the year 2010. On New Year’s Eve, Cal gets chased down the street by some crazed guy with a lethal warning: They killed your dad. And now they will kill you. You have to survive the next 365 days. He is forced into a life on the run, Cal finds he is being hunted by some ruthless criminals and the cops.

Somehow he will need to uncover the truth about his dad’s mysterious death and solve the Ormond Singularity, which is a secret from the past, before the year’s end.

But who could he possibly go to when the entire world appears to want him dead? The clock’s ticking. And any second could very well be his last. Callum Ormond has been warned. He only has 365 days. The countdown’s started.

“The Vanishing” is the first novel in the “48 Hours” series and was released in the year 2017. A cold case. A kidnapping. Two amateur investigators. Just 48 hours to solve this crime.

Anika, Jazz’s best friend, has been kidnapped. She is unable to call the cops, so she forges a fragile truce with Phoenix, her brilliant nemesis, to help her out with the investigation.

Together, the find clues and the crime scene evidence. The results are rather shocking. Could this really lead to some twenty-year old murder case? In a race against the clock, they have just 48 hours to gather the evidence, profile the kidnapper, and locate where their classmate is, or Anika’s going to die. Clock’s ticking.

There is plenty of action in this fast paced novel, and the excitement and thrills were incredible. Readers liked how Phoenix and Jazz work together in order to solve this fantastic mystery.

“Sisters” is a stand alone novel that was released in the year 2018. The life of Greta Maitland, a Sydney screenwriter, crashes when a postcard from Crete arrives. It tells her that her sister, named Xanthe, has been missing since May and the cops have no trace of her.

She flies to Crete immediately to continue this stalled investigation, however while there, runs into deceit, as the Cretan cop mistranslates her questions on purpose. Xanthe’s lover tells lies. And there are more and more disturbing facts that come out about her sister and Greta’s building suspicions about her husband appear to be confirmed.

In the ancient house the sisters inherited, where Xanthe was first living, Greta spots a faintly penciled phone number that is surrounded by a love heart, which the cops missed. This leads her off to the beautiful Etz Hayyim synagogue in Chania, as well as to her sister’s secret lover.

Using just Xanthe’s damaged paintings and artist’s journal as potential leads, and with some earthquakes threatening, she has to uncover the extraordinary events which led her to her sister’s vanishing. However will her marriage survive such a betrayal? And can Greta even survive the earthquakes in Crete, both physical and emotional, as well as their shattering consequences?

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