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Publication Order of The Fallen Books

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Gabrielle Sands
Gabrielle Sands is a writer that loves writing romantic stories with strong heroines and dark themes. Her characters take control of their own lives and wind up finding love in the process. Her heroes are powerful mafiosos and her heroines always keep these alpha men on their toes. Gabrielle enjoys traveling and often writes her favorite destinations into her books.

Gabrielle, as an avid reader, is inspired by books across a multitude of genres: paranormal romance, high fantasy, reverse harem, science fiction, contemporary romance, science fiction, fantasy romance, literary fiction, grimdark fantasy, and so much more.

Gabrielle spent almost a decade in business, before she became an author, and she learned all about spreadsheets and strategy. She enjoys traveling and living in new places with her husband. Her favorite countries to visit are France, Mexico, and Spain. Wherever she finds herself, she enjoys exploring the city that she is in. When she is not busy writing or planning her next trip, she is probably drinking wine and eating something with cheese on it.

“Taut Strings” is the first novel in the “River Valley Rebels” series and was released in 2021. Adeline has learned a hard lesson in her twenty-one years of life. Dreams are fragile things and easily broken.

She once thought that she would become a professional musician, and look how that turned out. Orphaned at nineteen. Rejected from Julliard. Now, her dreams extend as far as putting her younger sister through college. She really shouldn’t be disappointed. Nothing really great has ever come out of River Valley. Nothing besides them.

When Bleeding Moonlight left from this town a decade ago, they were this promising local band. Now, they are gorgeous heavy metal legends. Successful, fearless, and talented. Everything that Adeline will never be. They have returned to town in order to bury their bandmate, and they are staying until they record the last album that he ever wrote. The kicker is that they have asked Adeline to be his temporary replacement. Four weeks to earn the money that she so desperately needs. She will be fine so long as she does not get tangled up in old dreams again. So long as she doesn’t get all tangled up in them.

This is a well written debut novel that is both swoony and sexy in equal measure. Gabrielle does an excellent job of allowing the reader to get to know each of the characters and watching each of their bonds grow with Ade. Some readers particularly loved the connection she had with Abel. It was the most meaningful and difficult. Their connection was the strongest musically, and possibly even romantically.

“Pretty Words” is the second novel in the “River Valley Rebels” series and was released in 2021. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Ivy Abbott falls in love with a rock god. Green-eyed and light-haired, not to mention carved to heavenly perfection. Oliver, the guitarist of Ritual Disruption, and he writes these songs which are just as devastating as he is. Who would’ve thought that Ivy would be able to capture his attention? On tour with her brother’s band, Bleeding Moonlight, Ivy can hear what they say about her. Shy, boring, and straightlaced. She is nothing special, compared to her famous sibling. But they’re wrong. After all, what is more special than getting chosen by a god? However where gods go, demons will follow.

Jamie’s shared the stage with Oliver for years now, however they are nothing alike. He is dark where Oliver is light. Jamie claims that his bandmate is nothing but a fraud that wants to use Ivy and then toss her aside. She doesn’t believe him, no matter how much he insists that he just wants to help her. Jamie is an addict that steals kisses and spreads his dirty lies. Or so Ivy tells herself.

Gabrielle’s writing is so immersive that it feels like you are living the lives of her protagonists.

“When She Unravels” is the first novel in the “Fallen” series and was released in 2022. Damiano is the most powerful man in all of Ibiza, and he will do anything in order to make Valentina his. Valentina has been raised to be the perfect mafia wife, however when her marriage turns into this horrific nightmare, she has no choice but to leave it all behind and begin a new life. Valentina finds that she is all alone in Ibiza, a place which swallows innocent girls like her alive.

She is robbed the day that she arrives, left without anything but a few euros and the clothes she’s wearing. Her desperation leads her to Damiano De Rossi. He rules over the island with his iron fist and under his strikingly handsome face lies this wicked darkness. Valentina asks him for a job. He gives her much more than that: jealousy, degradation, and toe-curling lust.

Valentina’s resistance to him is all but gone, a secret gets revealed, and they fall apart just like a house of cards. She knows exactly what she has to do: run. However when she tries, she learns that he has already got her bound.

“When She Tempts” is the second novel in the “Fallen” series and was released in 2023. Martina De Rossi is forbidden, innocent, and eighteen. She is off limits, and not only because her brother will soon become the Don. When Giorgio agrees to protect her as he is out waging this brutal war, it is not just out of loyalty. It is because Martina is the perfect pawn in his game of revenge. But she is also temptation personified, unfortunately.

A body to die for, innocent eyes, silky blond hair that just begs to be wrapped around his fist. Giorgio is a master of remaining in control, however with each passing day she spends with him inside the walls of his remote Italian castle, he is able to feel his resolve cracking. His gaze begins to drift, and his touch begins to linger. And once she tempts, he realizes that this game that they’re playing may not be one he wins.

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