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We're Going to Need More Wine (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Got Anything Stronger? (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Dwyane Wade
Welcome to the Party (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shady Baby (With: Dwyane Wade) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gabrielle Union is a children’s book and memoir author that is best known for her first children’s picture book “Welcome to the Party” and the New York Times bestselling title “We’re Going to Need More Wine.” Aside from being a notable author, she is also a fashion designer for New York and Company, producer, activist and actress.

She has also produced and starred alongside Jessica Alba in L.A.’s Finest. Union has also executive produced several TV shows through her production house and for a time played the lead character in “Being Mary Jane,” the critically acclaimed BET drama.

She has also gotten starring roles in several movies including “Bring It On” and “Think Like a Man.” Gabrielle’s passion for acting is only rivaled by her tendency to champion causes close to her heart such as LGBTQ issues, fighting sexual violence and breast health.

Union was born in Omaha Nebraska in 1972, the daughter of business executive and military sergeant Sylvester E. Union and phone company manager Theresa Glass. When she was eight her family moved to California, which is where she spent the rest of her childhood and young adult years.
She was involved in sports and participated in track, basketball and soccer. Following graduation from high school, she went to the University of Nebraska for her college studies before she transferred to Cuesta College. She would ultimately end up at the University of California and Los Angeles.
It was while she was preparing for law school and resigned to life as a regular working woman that things started changing. While she was in her senior year she got an internship at a smallish modeling agency in Los Angeles.

She thought she could use that to earn some extra credits for college but what she did not know is that she had been noticed by headhunters at the agency. Once she was done with her internship, she was offered a contract by the agency. She accepted as she believed she could use it to pay off her college loans.
It was not long before her modeling agent realized that she was also a very good actor.

Gabrielle Union got her first job/audition without providing any headshots when she got a role on the 1989 film “Saved by the Bell. “Since then she has had several substantial but small film roles guest starring in several hit TV programs. She would then land the role of Dr. Courtney on the “City of Angels” medical drama on CBS.
On her way to becoming a superstar, she acted in teenage flicks such as “10 Things I Hate About You” and “She’s All That.” Since those early beginnings, Gabrielle has transitioned to blockbuster films and starred alongside the likes of Cedric the Entertainer in “The Honeymooners,” and Will Smith in “Bad Boys II.”
She has also worked alongside Idris Elba in “Daddy’s Little Girls” by Tyler Perry. She would get married to Dywane Wade in 2014 after her divorce from Jacksonville Jaguars basketball star Chris Howard in 2006.

“We’re Going to Need More Wine” by Gabrielle Union came out a month before the release of “The Birth of a Nation,” the highly anticipated film.
She had just shaken the world with an impassioned and vulnerable editorial, where she pleaded with society to be more compassionate towards sexual violence victims. This followed the rape allegations made against Nate Parker the actor and director.

Union would instantly become the outspoken and insightful actress which Hollywood needed at that time. With heartbreaking wisdom and honesty, she reveals her own trauma as a victim of sexual violence to make for an impassioned story.

This is a thought provoking and moving collection of essays infused with deep humor and wisdom. The author makes use of her legendary fearlessness to tell astonishingly true and personal stories about fame, power, feminism, gender and color.

Gabrille deals with a range of experiences from beauty standards, bullying and competition among women working together in the movie industry her parents divorce, spending summers in Nebraska with black relatives, growing up White in the suburbs of California, puberty and coping with crushes.
Perceptive and genuine, Gabrielle bravely lays herself bare as she uncovers a courageous and complex life of self discovery and self doubt, with brutal honesty and incredible poise.

Gabrielle Union’s “You Got Anything Stronger?” Is a wonderful memoir that follows the life of Gabrielle Union Wade from 2017 to the present.
The work is heartfelt and honest and at times difficult to read as it does not mince words. As a black woman, she tackles issues of prejudice and racism sharing her struggles to get a child and ultimately having to use a surrogate. She also talks about being married to Dywane Wade, the sports star.
Union comes out strongly to support her step daughter when she comes out as a transgender. In addition to all this, she also deals with issues on the struggles of being a mother and working wife. As much as she tackles serious themes, she also has humor as she shares some emotional and personal moments.
Gabrielle writes vulnerable stories that help one to get to understand her. She does not hold back on anything and this is what makes her so relatable. She has clearly been through some heartbreaking moments, but she shows that one can still find success in life despite their trauma.
She works to build an environment that allows women to work while still performing their motherhood duties.

“Welcome to the Party” by Gabrielle Union is a novel told in beautiful and poetic language that should be an essential love letter for mothers with newborn babies.

Right from the opening of the picture book that features a mother holding a newborn baby to the full family embrace picture at the end, it is a work full of celebrations. There are celebrations of meeting new family and friends, sleepy newborn struggles, new foods, bathtimes and dance parties.
The best thing about the story is that it tells the story of a newborn loving held by its mother without due regard to the road to motherhood and this is what makes it a tender tribute to the child.

Evans has some beautiful illustrations that will attract the eyes of young listeners and tug at the heartstrings of adults. Fun, bold and bright Evans captures the joy of Gabrielle’s words.

It is a perfect welcoming party for any new born baby and would also make a perfect first birthday, Father’s or Mother’s Day gift, new baby gift and Baby Shower gift.

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