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Gaby Dunn is an American author and journalist that is best known for her online work as a blogger.


For the longest time, Gaby Dunn was known for her efforts on the YouTube Channel BuzzFeed. It wasn’t until she exited BuzzFeed that Gaby’s work as a comedian, activist, and writer came to light.

The author has written for everything from The Huffington Post to The New York Times.

Gaby Dunn was born in 1988. A student of Emerson College from where she acquired her degree in Multimedia Journalism, Gaby’s foray into the entertainment business began when she joined a sketch comedy troupe while at Emerson.

Gaby had circled the Chocolate Cake City troupe for a while but fear kept her from auditioning for them.

When a former boyfriend got sick and lost his place with the troupe, Gaby was encouraged to try out for his spot. She delivered a successful auditioned, joined the troupe and began to refine her acting and writing skills.

Gaby’s foray into journalism began when she joined the Boston Globe as a crime reporter. This was during her sophomore college year. Her work involved driving to crime scenes in the dead of night and creating detailed reports of the occurrences she encountered.

It wasn’t until 2010 that the author’s name gained prominence in the public sphere. Gaby Dunn created a Tumblr Blog called ‘100 Interviews’ the purpose of which was to publish transcripts of a hundred interviews within the span of a year.

The project was met with mixed opinions. Gaby lacked the credibility necessary to access the celebrated personalities she sought to interview. And she eventually garnered a reputation for the rather desperate and self-promoting social media techniques she deployed in her attempts to accrue interviews of note from the likes of R.L. Stine and Stephen Colbert.

While the ‘100 Interviews’ project was largely deemed a failure, Gaby Dunn got the recognition she sought. That recognition grew with the author’s efforts as a part-time writer and director for BuzzFeed Video.

Though despite the attention it brought her way, Gaby was forced to abandon BuzzFeed because she felt it stifled her creativity. She created her own YouTube Channel with fellow BuzzFeed Video Colleague Allison Raskin.

Their show ‘Just Between Us’ has them play two characters who give out advice on love in between sketches, and it has garnered quick success for the pair.

Many of Gaby Dunn’s fans also know her for ‘Bad With Money’, a podcast the author launched in 2016 to try and analyze the embarrassing money problems that many people face but refuse to talk about.

The podcast has seen Gaby talk about her own issues with money and debt. She talks about the perception that people have about YouTube personalities and their financial success. She tries to show the difficulty online celebrities face in their efforts to profit off of their fame.

The author only entered the literary publishing game in 2017 when she published ‘I Hate Everyone But You’, the debut novel she produced with Allison Raskin.

Gaby Dunn’s activism is a prominent aspect of her public and private life. Her goal is to increase queer visibility in popular culture and to show queer teens and youth that there is success and happiness to be had in adulthood.

Gaby is also very outspoken on the issue of sexual harassment. She constantly calls out male celebrities who use their position and power to bully and manipulate young women.

+I Hate Everyone But You

Ava and Gen are two best friends. This book provides a peek at the emails and text messages that fly between them as they prepare to go off to colleges in different corners of the country.

They talk about everything from first loves to mental health and heartbreaks. They document every aspect of one another’s lives even as change and growth creep into the equation and threaten to destroy their friendship.

Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin’s debut novel is designed to resonate with people who know and appreciate their personalities from YouTube. The book is short, straightforward and pretty lighthearted and it seems to embody the spirits of its authors.

The book is told through emails and text messages and that elevates the story being told. Portions of the book feel disjointed but that is intentional on Gaby Dunn’s part. These are not complete conversations and, as such, can feel like they have started and ended rather abruptly.

The book is written with teens and youth in mind. It tackles those issues that readers in that age group might grapple with. The central theme is friendship. The protagonists have grown up together.

They understand one another and the fact that they are living drastically different college experiences don’t change the supportive nature of their relationship.

This is despite the dynamic differences in their personalities. Ava is the perfectionist. She wants to make the people around her happy. She also struggles with anxiety and depression and she has been known to self-harm.

Ava starts this book having determined to have an accurate college experience. That means joining a sorority of girls she hates and engaging in a relationship with a boy who shows her no respect.

Gen has always been the proud feminist who sleeps with more partners than she knows what to do with. And going to college allows her to express her social ideals to their peak. This includes sleeping with teaching assistants and doing cocaine.

These two girls are designed to be as different from one another as possible and it is in their texts and emails that they attempt to find some sort of common ground.

+Maybe in Another Universe Volume One

This is a collection of essays from Gaby Dunn. An internet celebrity with a large following, Gaby has always been vocal about her opinions on social issues like bisexuality.

The essays in this volume attempt to show readers how she has changed as a person over the years. The essays are supposed to be witty, funny, and thought-provoking. Gaby has strong opinions and she lets them loose.

The author doesn’t attempt to bring anyone particular message across, or so she has said. Rather, she endeavors to present her truth as she sees it, leaving it up to her readers to make whatever interpretations they desire.

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