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Gaelen Foley is a Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author of historical romance fiction set in Regency England.

Gaelen was born in Pennsylvania and as a teenager, she went to the Fredonia-based State Univerisity of New York. It was located in the small and tranquil lakeside village where the author Mark Twain once lived.
It was at college that she began studying poets who penned some of the great romances such as Keats, Byron, and Wordsworth. It was at this time that she developed a passion for the Regency era in which most of her works are set.
Gaelen published “The Pirate Prince,” her debut work and the first of the “Ascension Trilogy” series in 1998. He now has more than 30 works of fiction to her name with more still in the works.

For her efforts, her novels have become very popular all over the world. They have been translated into more than sixteen languages and won many awards in the genre.

Some of the prestigious awards she has won include the Holt Medallion, the Bookseller’s Best, the Beacon, the NJRW Golden Leaf, the National Reader’s Choice Award, and the CRW Award of Excellence.

Foley was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at a time when her hometown was recovering from a period of massive decline nicknamed the “Steel Buckle of the Rust Belt.”
Pittsburgh was then going through a renaissance but it was a long way from becoming the most livable city in America.

While she was growing up, there seemed to be a constant craze over the American football team the Steelers, who achieved much of their success during the 1970s, where they won several Super Bowls.

In her teens, she attended a tiny Catholic school and was under the tutelage of some lovely nuns. At home, she always had to perform a lot of chores given that she was the eldest of her siblings.

However, once she was done with her chores and homework, she had all the freedom to do as she pleased. Gaelen Foley used her free time to explore the beautiful and thick woods nearby, building little makeshift cabins and climbing trees.
Still, the best thing in the world was to head into the woods with something such as a fantasy novel such as “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle or a Nancy Drew or Black Beauty novel.

After achieving much success writing romance fiction, Gaelen Foley ultimately transitioned to young adult fiction.

She had always loved reading works in the genre but what got her sassy side riled up was when she saw John Grisham and James Patterson making the transition.
She began thinking that if they could do so could she. If they could completely change their genres and nobody batted an eyelid, she thought she had the right to do it, even if she was a female author.
Since Eric her husband had always been interested in penning young adult fiction, she approached him to work together in a labor of love.

Gaelen has now been publishing young adult fiction with Eric her husband under the name E.G. Foley in 2012.

They were both very surprised when many of their novels went on to sell millions of copies across the world and be translated into more than 20 foreign languages.
Gelen Foley currently makes her home in western Pennsylvania alongside Eric her college sweetheart with whom she pens novels under the pseudonym E.G. Foley.

Gaelen Foley’s novel “The Duke” introduces the Duke of Hawkscliffe.

At the opening of the novel, he is driven to find out the truth following the death of his ladylove in mysterious circumstances. He is determined to unmask the killer no matter what it takes, even if it means putting his reputation at risk.
He engages in a scandalous affair with Belinda Hamilton an aloof and desirable woman and easily the most provocative courtesan in London.

She is an intelligent and witty woman who makes use of her charms to get into the good graces of the city’s elite. She does all this, even as she puts pieces of her shattered life back together.

What she now needs is a protector and as such when Hawk comes calling, she agrees to be his mistress but only in name. He has no need for her body as the only thing he wants is her help in entrapping the man who destroyed her virtue.
Together, they brave the wrath of a society that can be very forgiving only for their charade to transform into a dangerous attraction. Bel now needs to make a critical decision that could just ruin her last chance at getting love.

“Lord of Fire” by Gaelen Foley is the story of Lord Lucien Knight.

Following years of preparation, he believes he has baited his trap as well as he could. He has managed to lure many in London to what he calls the devil’s playground where he uncovers their secrets and earns their trust.
No one in the city suspects that Lucien Knight who happens to be the country’s most cunning officer and spy could be capable of such a thing. But then some intruder penetrates his fortress of sin and his well-laid plans are now in jeopardy.
Meanwhile, Alice Montague the innocent and beautiful woman has been taken by the wiles of Lord Lucien.

However, as he starts his attempt at a slow seduction intending to corrupt her virtue, Alice recognizes a man who is haunted by his own choices. He is a man that promises his undeniable passion and nothing else.

Gaelen Foley’s novel “Lord of Ice” is the story of the earl of Winterley Damien Knight.

He is an aloof and proud man that is tormented by memories of war. After living in seclusion he had been named the guardian to the ward of a colleague.

He was expecting a homeless waif only to realize that his charge is Miranda FitzHubert passionate and stunning beauty. The young woman had invaded his sanctuary and made him get back into society.
Struggling to maintain self-control and honor, he now needs to face desire, which is an even greater threat.

A free and bold spirit, Miranda has been a witness to the man’s deepest need for love and the darkest depths of his soul.

But Before she can thaw his cold as-ice heart, she will first need to deal with a terrifying and enduring nightmare of her own.

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