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Publication Order of Galactic Gladiators Books

Publication Order of Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone Books

Galactic Gladiators is a series of science fiction romance books by Anna Hackett. The series features Raiden Tiago and some of the strongest gladiators in space as they fight for love, freedom, and honor. They fight for the women they love in the Kor Magna Arena.

Hackett’s Galactic Gladiators series is in a school of thought: aliens are human, only bigger and sexier. So, if you want a sci-fi romance series that feature aliens, then this series is a great start. Each book in the series features more than just sweet and sexy romance. You should expect epic action and adventures. The heroines aren’t just maids, they are feist and capable, and most of them serve as warriors, so you should expect lots of ass-kickings. Others are great scientists who at times come in aid for the gladiator gang.

You’ve probably heard or watched the Spartacus Television Series, one that’s loosely based on the event of the slave’s rebellion against the Roman Republic.
Now imagine such type of series set in space where men fight for love, their lives, corruption of their leaders, and nothing is it seems. Anna Hackett re-imagined the idea of outdated aggression of the Roman Colosseum in outer space, where the spectators come from the far end of the galaxy to watch the fighting for entertainment and sport.

The first book in the series introduces us to a space marine named Harper. She’s a gladiator in her own right, working on a space station offering protection to those who work and live there. But when a wormhole suddenly appears out of nowhere, bringing with it tons of alien slave traders, Harper and everyone else in the ship are taken captive.

Harper is sold to one of the houses that train people to become gladiators and eventually fight in the Kor Magna Arena. Harper is a brave woman, amazing, and full of fire. She pulls herself together, and despite her small size compared to the aliens, she’s able to take down most of them. She is an incredible fighter, one that you wouldn’t want to end up on the wrong side of her. But besides her ass-kicking abilities, Harper is a kind-hearted woman who cares for those around her. She is a woman to be admired by many.

And then there’s Raiden, the hero of the fighting arena, Kor Magna. He is an undefeated gladiator who’s spent most of his years fighting for his life in the arena. There’s more to the hero than life in the arena. He is an honorable man and cares for those he’s close to him, just like Harper. Raiden and his fellow gladiators are involved in more than fighting in the arena. But Raiden has closed his heart from caring and loving because he’s carried anger and revenge in his heart for a very long time. It’ll take Harper’s unique abilities and bright spirit to penetrate the stone wrapped around our hero’s heart. You will greatly get along with Raiden, the brusque, demanding and commanding the main character. He is also protective and has a softer side that he never reveals to anyone.

Besides the action-packed adventure, you will fall in love with the protagonists and the exotic settings. The first book in the Galactic Gladiators series also touches on the meaningful themes of having a sense of belonging, being closed off to those around you, and realizing what truly matters and what’s important in life. In most cases, we take life and those we care about for granted, and it’s through narratives like these we are often reminded of what truly matters.

After being rescued from alien slavers, the ex-cop Dayna wakes up from her slumber to find herself a host to an alien symbiont, and the only man capable of saving her is a strange and lethal casino owner Rillian.

Dayna has spent her life protecting others, and now that she is no longer a slave at Zaabha, she now wants to help the last of human women kidnapped by the Thraxians. But now, she has to deal with the powerful abilities and intense hunger of the alien life inside her, with Rillian forcing her to confront her new reality.

Rillian has achieved his way to the top of the food chain in the no man’s land of Carthago. He has his heart shielded and only keeps the lethal power in his heart- no time for love. But one stubborn human woman, tough and fascinating Dayna, soaks herself under his skin, and soon Rillian finds himself obsessed with offering her protection. But as dead bodies begin pilling on Casino, danger also closes on them.

With an alliance from the gladiators from the House of Galen, Rillian and Dayna find themselves in a fight for survival on all fronts. On the hunt in search of the lost humans, they will face slavers, murderers, and the deadliest of all the aliens living within them.

In fantasy, science fiction, and many other fairy tales, a woman is often the reward that a man gets after finishing his quest, whether it involves finding a treasure, surviving or fighting evil.

But in Galactic Gladiators, Anna Hackett takes a different approach, and it feels like it’s the gladiators that are the rewards that the refugees get after surviving all the crap they have had to endure since the slave traders abducted them and took them to the fighting arena.

In Guardian and most stories in the Galactic Gladiators series, the human is female, and the male is a native to the Kor Magna side, but in this 9th entry into the series, the hero isn’t a gladiator. However, not that Rillian can’t fight with the best of the gladiator, but his powerful skills and abilities lie outside of the fighting arena.

This doesn’t stop him from joining forces with the gladiators from the House of Galen to help eliminate slave travel and illegal fighting rights that it feeds, especially now when one of the rescued humans is an ex-cop and under his care.

The ninth book in the series is particularly interesting as neither Rillian nor Dayna follow the series’s usual pattern.

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