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Publication Order of Galactic Liberation Books

By: David VanDyke, B.V. Larson
Starship Liberator (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battleship Indomitable (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flagship Victory (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hive War (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Straker's Breakers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hell's Reach (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Galactic Liberation by BV Larson

Galactic Liberation is a series of science fiction books by American bestselling author of science fiction, urban fantasy, and fantasy BV Larson in collaboration with David Vandyke. War looms the galaxy as the human beings face a foe with the resources that are almost a thousand times what they have at their disposal.

In search of answers, the starship under Carla Engels and Captain Derek moves into space to understand and solve this antagonism. The series features Captain Derek Straker as the main character. He is among the many seeking path to victory in a war that he will never surrender. Larson has authored several books that have hit the top ten Amazon Best Seller List.

Starship Liberator

Starship Liberator introduces the Galactic Liberation series. The relentless Hok has been attacking the human worlds for a long time, but the civilized world has managed to stand firm and defeat their enemies. They launch an attack with enormous resources having a thousand planets behind them this time round-will the Hundred Worlds survive this invasion.

This war has turned the appearance and functioning of the hundred worlds making them fortify themselves and spend heavily on building their military power. Almost everything is geared towards creating an army power that will stand against the Hok including the raising of specialized soldiers. Soldiers like captain Derek Straker have been genetically sculpted to fight the enemy.

People like Straker have committed themselves to this war without even understanding the logic and facts behind this antagonism. Behind this huge conflict, there is a lot that is hidden and which most of those that have committed to the course does not have a clue. Lieutenant Carla Engels sets out into the enemy territory in search of answers that might help them in bringing an end to this conflict. It turns out that one side is lying on the reason behind this war as The Hundred battles seem to have drugged their specialized soldiers into a war that they had their evil intentions. As the story rushes back in time and into the present, a lot is revealed on this war as Carla unravels so much that has been kept in the dark.

Starship Liberator is a solid military science fiction with plenty of space battles, strategy, and persistent combat. The reader takes a fun-filled ride in a spaceship into the outside world together with the characters through the mysteries, suspense, and action. As you discover the unknown, you become drawn into the story. The flow of the story is incredible.

Battleship Indomitable

Battleship Indomitable is the second book in the Galactic Liberation Series. The award-winning author, B V Larson brings another epic military space adventure. Commodore Straker is out on another adventure this time with an increased strengthens on his rebel group.

The rebel group has been noticed by the mutuality and made a target for destruction. This means the increase in the number and magnitude of the enemies that Straker is fighting. The Mutuality takes note of the liberator and prepares the best fleet to wipe them out before the already growing uprisings get out of hand. The battle ahead of Straker is way too hard and might end up with a defeat.

Behind Straker is a team of free planets and compared to the enemy that they face, chances of winning the battle is something that has minimal possibilities. Realizing this gap, some of the officers begin to withdraw from the rebellion. The rebellion under starker needs something big that will bring the mutuality government down to halt their evil plans. The group needs to hit the mutuality hard enough to make them weak and then seize the opportunity to overthrow them to regain peace in the galaxy. Straker’s best choice is capturing one of the largest enemy ships which will halt the war. The secrets that are hidden in this targeted ship could end up turning the tide of the war and almost dooming the human race. The rebellion will do anything to see that they achieve their mission.

Together with the characters, the reader goes through the battles in the outer space, discovering some dark secrets and victory of the heroes. The story is well paced with a candid choice of characters and lots of action keeping you engaged. The author has offered the reader fantasy at its best measure.

Flagship Victory

Flagship Victory is the third book in the Galactic Liberation Series that takes the reader alongside commodore Straker on another military space adventure. His empire is snowballing adding to the number of enemies that he faces from around his republic. War comes back and this time on two fronts-the mutuality end and the hundred worlds end.

War rages on as Straker and his fleet try safeguarding his empire from the hideous invasions. The mysterious Opters are also advancing towards him and try reaching to him on a diplomatic note. Believing them is not something that the Commodore is willing to do as he is unsure of their motive. However, the Optus are far way beyond them regarding military power as their technology is also overly advanced.

Keeping up a war on two ends is not an easy task for Straker keeping in mind that they have a tiny army. All they can do is use the best military techniques that will see them win over their enemies. They are dealing with military powers that have established themselves for a long time and thus have a huge military power capable of wiping them out completely. Determination and discipline, however, keep the new republic going to win this war — the battle for freedom by the human race against oppression and colonization by outside forces. Human beings are also presented as people who are determined to free themselves at whatever cost it takes them with their undefeatable spirit.

Galactic Liberation is a true page-turner from start to finish. It is crafted with excellent characters, awesome protagonists and great heroes and heroines. BV. Larson is imaginative creating something that seems too good to be fictitious.

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